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The first group to accept the evolution from the Evolution Cube the next day were the residents of the capital, Black Star City.

The spaceship with Han Xiao and Bennett and the others in it slowly passed from above the city. The energy released from the Evolution Cube covered the people below.

"Maybe this will be a new chapter for the Planet Aquamarine civilization." Bennett could not help but feel that way when looking at this.

He had already undergone the evolution the previous night and felt the effects of the Evolution Cube clearly. It was as if he had returned to his peak in his younger years. His body felt energetic, and his mind worked much faster. The enhancement the Evolution Cube provided to ordinary people was focused on strengthening their mind.

Turning to look at Han Xiao's back, Bennett had a lot of thoughts in his mind. Planet Aquamarine had been able to achieve the era it had all thanks to this old friend of his.

Twenty years ago, who would have thought that a traitor of the Germinal Organization could ever reach such an unbelievable height?

Galactic spaceships would take no time to go around a planet. Very soon, the process was completed.

Han Xiao did not pay attention to how overjoyed the people were. Bennett would take care of the aftermath. He would definitely promote what he had done and might even include this in the textbooks.

As Han Xiao was done with this task, he did not want to stay much longer on Planet Aquamarine and wanted to leave immediately. He got a message from Sylvia that the Crimson Dynasty's team were about to arrive at the Black Star Army headquarters, so he had to return.

As the spaceship returned to the dock, a gentle woman waited there, holding Nero's hand.

Bennett brought his officers to the dock, shared a few words with the woman, and pushed Nero's back a little, signaling for him to board the ship.

"Go, your future is in the galaxy. Black Star will take care of you," Bennett said slowly.

Nero's eyes were red. He had found out that he would be following his godfather into the universe the night before, and he almost thought that his daddy did not want him anymore. He cried and cried, and only after Bennett talked and explained it to him for very long did he accept this.

He had only read about the galactic society in textbooks and on the internet; this was his first time entering the galaxy. Thinking about those weird-looking aliens that existed in the universe, he was both afraid and secretly looking forward to it.

Nero climbed up the gangway tiredly with his tiny legs. Han Xiao stood beside the hatch and pulled him in.

Han Xiao exchanged looks with Bennett, and they both nodded at each other.

"Shut the gate," Han Xiao ordered.


The hatch closed slowly. Nero looked around. Through the gradually shrinking gap of the gate, he saw that Bennett and his mother were standing on the docks, waving goodbye to him.


The last gap disappeared. The hatch shut tightly as if separating the two worlds.

"Follow me."

Han Xiao shook his head and brought Nero to the cockpit of the spaceship.

Through the porthole, Nero saw the city quickly shrinking below his feet and the sky above him turning from blue to black.

The spaceship trembled slightly and left the planet's atmosphere. The full look of Planet Aquamarine appeared in Nero's eyes. He stared at it with his eyes and mouth wide open. This experience was too marvelous for a kid like him.

He tightly grabbed Han Xiao's legs—this was the only support his tiny heart currently had.

Han Xiao stood beside him with a smile and did not move. After the spaceship entered hyperdrive, he brought Nero out of the cockpit and toured the entire spaceship while teaching him the general knowledge of the galaxy.

"These are the things you need to remember. Don't worry. With me here, most people in the universe won't be able to hurt you."

The two of them came to the hall. Ames, Hila, and the rest of the Black Star Guards were chatting casually. When they saw Nero, they all took turns to tease him with friendly and loving looks on their faces. They all quite liked this cute and obedient kid. Even Hila suppressed her cold aura, and her eyes looked gentler.

"So this is Uncle Bennett's kid." Aurora hugged Nero in her arms and could not let go. Originally, she was the youngest there, but now there was finally an even younger one. She was overjoyed. Furthermore, this was the kid of someone she knew.

Nero's face blushed completely. He stood in place stiffly and did not dare move.

Han Xiao could not help but pull Aurora away and say with resignation, "Stop hugging him. Do you want to suffocate him?"

Looking down, Aurora slightly blushed. She snorted softly and heavily bashed Han Xiao's waist, which, of course, was just a tickle to him.

"By the way, Uncle Han Xiao gave you a gift. I shall give you one too." Aurora's eyes suddenly brightened. She extended her palm, and a clump of golden energy appeared in her hands. She pressed it into Nero's chest.

"Wha—What is this?" Nero was shocked. Then, he suddenly felt a sense of warmth and comfort all over his body, as if an infinite amount of strength was suddenly born inside him.

He touched his chest confusingly as if he could not understand how that clump of golden energy entered his body.

Aurora blinked and proudly said, "This is my Esper Ability. I gave you some concentrated vital energy, which will make you never sick and continuously vitalize your cells. Your body will gradually be enhanced, and you'll be even taller and stronger."

Not only could her Esper Ability heal people, but it could also give people buffs and stimulate the growth of beings.

For example, that fatty white bear who stayed in the Black Star headquarters and did nothing became a powerful individual after absorbing vital energy while being near Aurora for a long time. In more specific terms, Aurora's vital energy could give someone stronger attributes.

Seeing this, Hila, who rarely talked, spoke up. "Then I'll give you a present, too."

She snapped her fingers and shot out a red energy bullet, hitting Nero's back of his hand.

"Ah!" Nero suddenly felt a burning sensation on the back of his hand. He yelled with pain and rubbed his hand with droplets of tears in his eyes.

He looked down and saw a bright red pattern on the back of his hand that extended to his wrist, like a tattoo.

"This is a Dead Spirit Mark. For every creature you kill, this mark will absorb its remaining soul and enhance your psychic power." Hila's tone was casual and normal.

Although it was not really appropriate to mention murder to a kid, the people there were all used to it. Almost everyone there was a Calamity Grade who had killed hundreds of thousands, so they were not keen on painting 'the world is a fairy tale' image to a kid. Furthermore, since Nero would be guided by Black Star, he would definitely not be ordinary in the future. Therefore, they did not avoid this topic.

Nero was a little scared. He carefully pulled his sleeve and tried to cover the tattoo.

"Then I'll give you something too." Feidin smiled. His overflowing friendliness made Nero feel relaxed immediately.

Feidin released a wave of invisible psychic energy into Nero's mind, forming a Calamity Grade psychic barrier, preventing others from hurting him through psychic means.

The various other Black Star Guards were not petty and took out things to gift to Nero one after another. Although they were not worth much in the eyes of Calamity Grades, every single one of them could be considered a treasure in the eyes of lower-level Supers.

Looking at this, Han Xiao felt a sense of familiarity.

Why does this… look so familiar?

Isn't Nero exactly one of those types of blessed protagonist type characters who is loved by a bunch of old men from a young age‽

So, it's this type of Advanced Luck Glow, Han Xiao thought it was funny. Having received so many treasures, this kid's path ahead is wide and bright.

Lastly, it was Hadavy's turn. He searched his body and realized that there was not anything that was worth gifting.

Seeing that everyone was staring at him, he thought for a moment and took out a set of Wayne Cards from his pocket with a chuckle.

"How about I teach you to play cards?"

"Piss off!"


Han Xiao moved like lightning and instantly kicked Hadavy onto the ground. Nanoparticles turned into cuffs and tied him up tightly.

Nero was startled and backed off hastily while the other Black Star Guards looked around as if the environment outside was marvelous.

"Hmm…" Hadavy's mouth was sealed by alloy. Not a single muscle on his body could move, leaving only his eyes moving around frantically.

"Stay on the ground and reflect!" Han Xiao was furious.

Teaching someone Wayne Cards is an unforgivable sin!

Never mind the fact that you're not giving my golden leek fertilizer, how dare you poisoning it‽

Do you want my golden leek to walk Herlous' path and fall deep into the abyss of achieving nothing‽

Ames caressed her chin and looked at this with a light smile on her face. Suddenly, she waved and signaled Nero to come over.

Nero obediently walked over to Ames. He was a little nervous. Although Ames looked just as friendly as everyone else, she felt very different from the other Black Star Guards to him. It was as if she possessed a unique sense of nobility. In front of her, Nero subconsciously felt restrained.

"Don't be nervous. I'll give you something too."

Ames smiled lightly. Suddenly, she took off the obsidian necklace on her neck and placed it into Nero's hands.

Han Xiao was a little surprised. This necklace did not have any special functions. It was just an ordinary accessory. However, Ames always wore it. Han Xiao wondered what story it had.

"Take care of it," Ames said with a light smile, not planning to explain the meaning of it. Then she faintly glanced at Han Xiao.

Nero hastily nodded and carefully pocketed the necklace.

After all the 'old men' finished sending their gifts, Han Xiao called Nero over and said with a smile, "I promised your father to raise you to be a powerful Super. You've definitely learned about Supers in school on Planet Aquamarine. Do you still remember how many types of Supers there are, right?"

"Yes." Nero nodded heavily. Then counting with his fingers, he said, "There are five—Psychic, Esper, Mechanic, Mage, and Psychic!"

"Now, it's your time to choose. What kind of Super do you want to be?" Han Xiao asked with a smile.

He did not know what kind of Super talent Nero had, so he asked him directly.

Everyone became quiet.

Choosing a Super system was the decision of a lifetime. Black Star seemed to want to strongly raise and teach Nero, so his choice was very important.

Nero hesitated for a while and looked up at the hovering guard flowing above him. His eyes became firm.

"Godfather, I want to be a Mechanic!"

"Haha, good choice!"

Han Xiao was overjoyed. Since Nero had chosen the Mechanic class, he would rightfully become his student. In the Shattered Star Ring, he was the peak of the Mechanic class. No one was more qualified than him to teach others.

Hearing that, many Black Star Guards secretly sighed.

Alas, why did you choose not to live like a human being?

Han Xiao activated Nero's Mechanical Force right on the ship. With his current strength, the method used to activate Mechanical Force in others was no longer the 'electric chair' that Sylvia had once experienced. It became safer and painless.

Planet Aquamarine was very close to the Black Star Army's headquarters. Han Xiao and the others returned not long after.

One day after, the Crimson Dynasty's transport team finally arrived.

The enormous fleet shrouded the sky. It was as if an eclipse was happening on Planet Golden Gate.

The army's headquarters became more boisterous.

The first batch of resources given by the Crimson Dynasty was unloaded and transported into the army's warehouse.

The first batch of dynasty elites to accept evolution also stepped onto the Black Star Army headquarters' docks.

There were four captains, representing elite members of their own faction respectively. Teny was one of the captains. He represented the dynasty military's Youngsters Faction.

These elites followed the army's receptionist into the hall, looking straight ahead all the way.

Upon arriving in the hall, the elites of the dynasty saw Han Xiao, who was waiting on his throne, immediately.

"Your Excellency Black Star."


The tens of thousands of dynasty elites did a dynasty military greeting simultaneously and instantly. Their boots stomped the metal ground and made a crisp, loud sound.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. He walked down from the throne. The four captains stepped out of their formation and came to shake hands with Han Xiao one after another.

These four were all renowned NPCs in the previous life, among whom, Teny was the most famous. Almost no one in the Crimson Dynasty Faction did not know this renowned dynasty marshal. This was also the person whom Han Xiao paid the most attention to.

Compared to his appearance in Han Xiao's previous life, Teny was still very young. He gave off a very sharp, energetic vibe.

When it was time to shake Teny's hand, Han Xiao stared closely at his face and suddenly gave a mysterious smile.

"Teny Amenos, I've heard a lot about you."

Teny was stunned.

Black Star did not say anything when shaking the others' hands. Why did he just speak to me?

Heard a lot about me… has my name already spread to the Shattered Star Ring?

Then, the intelligence he had collected in the past few days flashed through his mind. A few days ago, he had discovered one of Black Star's abilities from this data.

This person has some kind of foresight ability.

There's definitely a reason for him to only speak with me!

This thought flashed through Teny's mind, but his face did not express any change. He shook Han Xiao's hand firmly and let it go.

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