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"Alright, we will send these two knowledges to you as soon as possible. Remember to receive it." The Logistics officer then hung up.

Han Xiao left the quantum network and played with the black handgun in his hands while waiting for the arrival of the knowledge.

The handgun in his hands looked like a backward firearm, but it actually made use of dark energy with a mini energy furnace within it. It was mainly sold to the players as a long-ranged weapon but was no more than a toy gun to Han Xiao. It was pretty useless and was mainly made into such an appearance for old times' sake.

As his strength grew greater, Han Xiao's memories of the time when he was weak grew deeper. The many scenes of him fighting back on Planet Aquamarine flashed through his head. He was already a powerful character in the universe and had come a long way from the time when he found it difficult to kill even an ordinary warrior. He now had the ability to even destroy planets, and the number of things capable of killing him was decreasing.

"It has already been more than twenty years…" Han Xiao had a complicated expression on his face.

Psionic Prime stood beside Han Xiao and asked, "Master, what are you thinking about?"

"I only taught about the past." Han Xiao then turned around to look at Psionic Prime.

"I realized that you are becoming more and more curious."

Psionic Prime nodded his metal head. "Although I can obtain knowledge from the web, the emotions of a living being are boundless, and I am only able to understand some things after experiencing it personally. Thus, I enjoy communicating."

"This is a good thing. I'll need you to help me manage a Mechanical Life civilization in the future. You are the first Mechanical Life that I created, and if nothing goes wrong, you will be the leader in the future. As the leader of a civilization, you must learn to understand others and understand the thoughts of other Mechanical Lives."

Han Xiao then paused for a moment, and a helpless look could be seen on his face. "Enjoying communication is a good thing, but you should change your habits when talking on the web…"

Han Xiao used his Virtual Technology skills to keep a record of the Mechanical Life's web data. He realized that many Mechanical Lives including Psionic Prime enjoyed having side accounts to chat with the citizens of the various civilizations.

It would not matter if it was just a normal conversation, but most of the Mechanical Lives would have a few hundred or thousand accounts to chat with others at the same time with the contents of the conversation being extremely explosive. The most common one would be having dirty talk by mimicking the opposite gender.

In his eyes, the majority of the Mechanical Lives were like problematic children. They were like sponges absorbing the evil and kindness of numerous living beings, forming various different personalities.

Sizing Psionic Prime up, Han Xiao thought for a moment before saying, "Stand in front of me."

Psionic Prime obeyed obediently.

Han Xiao sat on the sofa, and a bluish gold Mechanical Force appeared on his palm.

"You are my first child, and after a long period of observation, I am satisfied in your potential. Are you willing to become my Apostle Weapon and obtain even greater strength?"

"I am willing to accept everything of yours, master." Psionic Prime knelt before him.

"Then accept this bestowment. Also, do not call me master in the future…"

Han Xiao's lips curled up slightly.

"Call me Lord."

The next moment, the special Mechanical Force in his palms, which contained the 'Power of Lord's Dominance', entered Psionic Prime's body. This was the skill of the Lord Mechanic, [Apostle Life Creation].


Psionic Prime's energy furnace began surging and bolts of bluish-gold Mechanical Force extended out from within the mechanical body as though the bolts of electricity were alive.

The magnetic field that contained a strange aura enveloped Psionic Prime's body, and the mechanical structures and parts within Psionic Prime's body began to change. The surrounding alloy began to shake as though they were about to be sucked into Psionic Prime's body.

Han Xiao then stretched out his arms and sent a large number of nanoparticles toward Psionic Prime. These nanoparticles revolved around Psionic Prime like a star ring. The revolution gradually picked up speed, and the nanoparticles transformed into a metal sea that entered Psionic Prime's body to provide raw materials for the upgrade.

Han Xiao then sat down on the couch by the side and played with the dark energy handgun while admiring the scene before him. The special effects of [Apostle Life Creation] were much more dazzling than [Emperor's Gift].

There was a limited number of slots for his Apostle Weapons, a mere ten or so.

After a while, Psionic Prime's transformation had finally ended, and his appearance had transformed greatly.

Psionic Prime was even taller than before, about four meters tall. He had many new components, and his armor had many complicated but beautiful engravings on it.

With a round crown like metal on his head, Psionic Prime held onto a long, staff-like mechanical spear in his hands.

"How do you feel?" Han Xiao asked with a smile.

"I thank the Lord for your bestowment. I can feel my new strength," Psionic Prime said with a deep voice and held up the spear in his hands. Psionic energy then gushed out from his energy furnace, and he burst forth with energy.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and suddenly lifted his handgun, opening fire at Psionic Prime.

Boom boom boom!

A couple of dark energy laser beams struck Psionic Prime but were blocked by a layer of psionic energy. At the same time, the battle notification was triggered.

Han Xiao then looked at Psionic Prime's attributes, which were displayed on the interface, and nodded with satisfaction.

Psionic Prime was currently at level 215, and his various attributes were strengthened. He was now at a boss level, and his strength had exceeded all his other Mechanical Lives.

Without Han Xiao's Mechanical Force boost, Psionic Prime still had the strength of a Calamity Grade, and with the boost from his Mechanical Force, Psionic Prime would be able to exchange blows with a Beyond Grade A and would no longer be cannon fodder. His strength was similar to EsGod's doppelganger.

The spear in Psionic Prime's hand was a special Apostle Weapon from [Apostle Life Creation] and was called 'Psionic Prime Spear'. It could also split into a floating state and even enlarge or shrink. It had many different forms and could even be transformed into a psionic energy form. It could be used for both long- and close-range battle, and both a Mechanical Pugilist and Cannon Master was able to use it. The level of the weapon was above 200, and it was of the silver orange grade. The strength of the weapon would be increased when being used by Psionic Prime.

Apart from this, Psionic Prime also obtained a special 'Apostle Characteristic' and 'Apostle Authority'. His Apostle Characteristics were 'Stable' and 'Leader', which could strengthen the Mechanical Life around him during battle. His Apostle Authorities were 'Psionic Control' and 'Battle Boost', which gave him better control over psionic energy and higher combat power.

A satisfied smile could be seen on Han Xiao's face.

The strength of an Apostle Weapon was extremely impressive, but it was a pity that [Apostle Life Creation] had a long cooldown of a month. It meant that he would only be able to create twelve Apostle Weapons in a year. Of course, because of his talents like [Machinery Emperor] and [Elementary Grade Mechanical Sense], he could create more than twelve Apostle Weapons.

"Familiarize yourself with your new energy, my new Apostle," Han Xiao said with joy.

"I will not let the Lord down." Psionic Prime said.

Beep beep.

Han Xiao's communicator rang at this moment; the Crimson Dynasty had finally sent the two Ultimate Knowledges over.

Han Xiao spent twelve thousand Contribution Points to choose two Ultimate Knowledge.

Armed Branch: [Endless Material Science]

Control Branch: [Virtual Creator]

One of them belonged to his Virtual Mechanic branch, and he only needed eight Potential Points. The other was an important knowledge to Mechanics, and the Mechanic from any branch would try to learn it.

Resources and energy had always been the two largest bottlenecks to a Mechanic's technological skills, and the Armed Branch had a material-related knowledge at all levels. This allowed a Mechanic to combine more powerful materials and increase the basic attributes of a Mechanic. This was a core knowledge of the Mechanic Class.

Learning these two knowledges required thirty-two Potential Points and Han Xiao had thirty-three Potential Points on him.

Han Xiao smiled and immediately learned the two knowledge.



Successfully learned! You have learned [Endless Material Science]!


Successfully learned! You have learned [Virtual Creator]!

You have received the talent [Material Pioneer]!

[Material Pioneer]: The probability of success for merging new materials is increased, and the abilities obtained from special materials have been increased. For example, the self-recovery ability of machines when using memory alloy will be increased.

You have received talent [Virtual Lord]!

[Virtual Lord]: Your various Virtual Technology skills have been strengthened greatly. The total bonus is 2.5. When you enter the quantum network vision, your consciousness can jump to different quantum network nodes and increase your range greatly. You can let Virtual Life Forms submit to you. You have mastered all the various Virtual Technology skills, and the quantum network is your fortress.

You have acquired [Ultimate Material Refinement]!

You have acquired [Endless Material Combination]!

[Endless Material Combination]: You can combine the specialties of any materials and attempt to create new material recipes. The higher the grade of the material and the more complicated the recipe, the lower the success rate. The basic success rate is determined by INT and Machinery Affinity. When you craft a new recipe, the strength of the new material will be increased.

You have acquired [Virtual Life Evolution]!

[Virtual Life Evolution]: You can transform an AI into a Virtual Life Form. A Virtual Life Form has more powerful infiltrative and defensive abilities.

You have acquired [Virtual Soul]!

[Virtual Soul]: You soul can transform into a Virtual Life Form and live within the quantum network. Total level, INT, and Virtual Technology skills will determine the strength after transformation in the quantum network. This effect can be cancelled.

When you use your Mechanical Force to connect to a target, you can temporarily virtualize your target's soul and pull it into the quantum network. Success rate is determined by total level, INT, MYS, and LUK. If successful, the target won't be able to control their body temporarily, and attacking the target in the quantum network will cause mental damage.

Cooldown: 15 min.


Han Xiao looked through the notifications and nodded with satisfaction.

"The effects of these talents are extremely powerful. Endless Material Science allowed me to improve the quality of my machines and create new materials. Virtual knowledge allowed me to have new battle tactics."

With the two Ultimate Knowledge in his hands, Han Xiao was extremely satisfied. He did not make use of his remaining six thousand Contribution Points to exchange for new knowledge but kept them for the Political Asset effect.

Just when he was about to go to the battle room to test Psionic Prime's new strength, his communicator rang. Tarrokov was calling him, revealing some information which truly baffled him.

Han Xiao replied with an odd expression.

"You're saying that EsGod wants to work with the dynasty temporarily and send some manpower to help us stop the Arcane Church?"

"That's right. Our forces that chased after the Fallen Ark troops captured an empty battleship with EsGod's doppelganger inside. He didn't fight back and allowed himself to be captured, saying that he wanted to talk to us."

Tarrokov was truly surprised.

Han Xiao frowned and felt that this matter was truly suspicious. There was no need for EsGod to do this. EsGod was extremely mobile, and he was not one to bother about his subordinates. Thus, he would be able to escape even without the help of the dynasty. Furthermore, the dynasty's main target was not him. Why would EsGod bother making such an unnecessary move to anger the Arcane Church? Could it be that he thought that he would be able to make the dynasty happy by doing so?

After thinking for a moment, Han Xiao asked, "Chief commander, what are you planning to do?"

"Er… EsGod wants information about the Arcane Church's coordinates, and it won't really matter if we give it to him. The Arcane Church's fleet will leave our security perimeter very soon, and we will lose track of them very quickly. This piece of news isn't secret, and it won't matter who we tell.

"Even if EsGod isn't truly sincere, we wouldn't suffer any losses. But if he really wants to let Sagman and the others be his scapegoat, we will definitely earn big. As for him working together with the Arcane Church to ambush us, we can always settle the score in the future."

"Then let us go according to your plan."

Although Han Xiao felt that EsGod's decision was extremely strange, Tarrokov was the commander. Since Han Xiao could not think of a problem, he would not interfere in Tarrokov's decision.

Right at this moment, Tarrokov said, "There is something else. EsGod's doppelganger would like to meet you."

"Meet me? Alright. Since the dynasty fleet that is giving chase to EsGod doesn't have any Beyond Grade As, I will split out a portion of my mechanical army to meet him and also monitor his doppelganger in the process."

Han Xiao was certain that EsGod probably wanted to 'thank' him for the evolution energy.

After pausing for a while, he continued.

"As for the Arcane Church fleet… even if they leave the security perimeter, I have some means to locate them…"

As a Virtual Mechanic, how can he not leave something behind for the Arcane Church fleet during the battle. Although the firewall of the Arcane Church fleet was strong, he still had the ability to leave a little something behind.

Han Xiao's eyes gleamed.

Choosing to learn the [Virtual Creator] knowledge at this moment was to chase after them!

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