The Legendary Mechanic
902 Evolutionary Totem
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The Legendary Mechanic
Author :Chocolion
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902 Evolutionary Totem

A couple of days later…

Within his dedicated machinery factory, Han Xiao had constructed a production line for the totems and Ovitan Badges based on the instructions, and he had set it to run automatically. During the assembly, new products would be released all the time, and they were automatically delivered to the warehouse specially designated by Han Xiao. As for the Gene Collapse Missile, he has not put it into mass production for the time being but had just created a test product.

Han Xiao took out three samples for a test.

The Evolutionary Totem was a black cylinder with a height of five meters and a diameter of two meters. Its surface was inscribed with a silver energy circuit. At this time, it was in an inactive state because it was not charged.

The Ovitan Badge was the size of half a palm and the shape of a diamond. It looked unassuming at first glance.

Han Xiao used his finger to trace the pattern of the password on the base of the totem device. With the sound of gears connecting, the base rotated to reveal a black lacquered groove, which was the interface of the energy circuit where the fuel was located.

Taking out the Evolution Cube, Han Xiao activated it, and a thin stream of evolutionary energy flowed into the groove.

The next instant, the totem shuddered.


The totem device activated as fuel was put in, the silver lines lighting from bottom to up and beginning to slowly flash at a frequency like breathing. The evolutionary energy underwent an invisible process of dilution, which was then released in an invisible radiation wave with a constant output power.

"The current energy is enough to be used for more than ten days. The more fuel I put, the longer the duration, with an upper limit of twenty years of operation."

Han Xiao carefully scrutinized the operation mode. From his senses, he could see that the device had turned into a radiation source. It continuously radiated the diluted evolutionary energy, which would cover the entire Black Star Army headquarters.

He was included in the influence range, and his interface refreshed with a new buff.

[Continuous Genetic Optimization]: You are enveloped by evolutionary radiation, and your potential qualifications will slowly increase, which will add more options when sublimating into a new life level.

Han Xiao nodded to himself. Directly using the Evolution Cube enhanced the potential qualifications, and these were hidden attributes that were directly related to one's attributes. Each time they improved, their attributes got closer to perfection.

Because the totem device slowly altered one's genes, the advantage was that the effect was not restricted by one's strength level. Furthermore, there was no side effect like Exp Penalty.

As long as one was within the influence of the totem, the buff would not disappear.

Han Xiao stretched out his hands and touched the totem device, and a series of words popped out.


Evolutionary Totem (Active): A special product of the Evolutionary Civilization, utilizing energy of the Evolution Cube as fuel to optimize the genetic structure of the organism on a large scale. It enhances the potential of biological creatures and increases the awakening probability of Supers.

"While we have grasped the method of evolution, I firmly oppose the Vice President's concept of custom population and extreme evolution. Evolving should be done step by step, and big supplements are not as good as moderate supplements." — Usain, Evolution Cube Technology Institute, Project 'Totem' Supervisor


"This thing can be utilized on a large scale, but I need to first report this to the dynasty."

Following the division of EsGod's inheritance to many forces, the information of the Evolutionary Civilization was bound to be circulated. While it would not be disclosed in the universe, most advanced civilizations would be able to get their hands on the intelligence, so concealment was impossible.

Furthermore, as an ally, it was only natural to share it with the dynasty. Only then would he be able to gain greater support and attention.

The Evolutionary Totem technology, once spread out, would make the attractiveness of the Evolution Cube rise several times. Only by helping the dynasty would they then continue to help him block the people coveting it.

Selling the Evolutionary Totems to other civilizations would also have to be discussed with the dynasty. Both sides were allies, and he could not decide everything on his own. Large scale sales would cause dissatisfaction with the dynasty, as they did not wish to see their opponents enjoy the benefits provided by the Evolutionary Totem.

As he thought of this, Han Xiao picked up the Ovitan Badge, and another series of words popped out.


Ovitan Badge: The special product of the Evolutionary Civilization. Allows for Evolution Limit: Aberration to occur through extreme modification of the user's genes, and the user has a high probability of turning into a biological aberration, where their basic attributes have been greatly strengthened. When the duration of the energy ends, the user will be unable to suppress their own genes collapsing and will inevitably die.

"Countless failed extreme evolutionary experiments have cost us a lot of money, and the upper echelons have accused us of not producing results, so we created this based on the experience of our failures. Cr*ppy by-products they were, originally intended to deceive our investors, but they seemed to be very satisfied with this, causing our funding to increase by 40% the following year." — Banjadi, Evolution Cube Technology Institute, Vice President]


Han Xiao toyed around with it for a while before putting it back.

The side effects of this toy were too great, and he was not interested in testing it out himself.

The Ovitan Badge possessed no lethality to Beyond Grade As, who would control their own bodies extremely well. Even if the energy entered their bodies, they could excrete it given some time. Just like detoxification, this level of biochemical toxin was not even able to kill a Calamity Grade, let alone a Beyond Grade A.

Compared to the Evolutionary Totem, the value of the Ovitan Badge was far less, but it was still useful.

"I can change the appearance of the Ovitan Badge to serve as the new Black Star Army emblem. Other organizations' emblems are purely for decorative purposes, but mine has an added insurance within." Han Xiao stroked his chin. "I should first find a few players to test it out before selling it."

As for the Gene Collapse Missile, Han Xiao did not bother charging it, only looking through the introduction.


[Gene Collapse Missile]: A special biochemical weapon of the Evolutionary Civilization. It can cause the collapse of biological genes and is often used to occupy planets.

"This weapon is suitable for clearing the resistance of a planet's surface but is useless in interstellar wars. In contrast, I still prefer the small portable gene collapse bombs." — Molin, Evolution Cube Technology Institute, Head of Weapon Research and Development


Taking out his communicator, he sent the Evolutionary Totem's report to Urranrell's private number, and his communicator rang after a short while.

After connecting, Urranrell's long distance projection appeared in front of Han Xiao.

"Black Star, you've created the Evolutionary Totem?"

"Yes, and I've tested it. It works perfectly. This is my reason for contacting you."

"Very good!"

Urranrell was overjoyed, but her face did not reveal her happiness.

She paused for a while, as though suddenly realizing a problem, and her tone grew solemn.

"There are many organizations that have obtained EsGod's inheritance."

"That's right, but there's only one Evolution Cube that can supply the energy." Han Xiao nodded. "I'll send a batch of Evolutionary Totems to the dynasty, and I'll only begin sales of the Evolutionary Totems to other civilizations but on the premise that they will not harm the dynasty's benefits. I'll mainly sell to the other civilizations that have a closer relationship with the dynasty."

Urranrell's eyes lit up.

"That's great. I understand."

The Evolutionary Totem would be a great attraction to all civilizations, and the dynasty had the ability to hoard it all, but doing so would only incite resentment, which was unfavorable to Han Xiao."

Han Xiao's intentions were for the Evolutionary Totem to be used as a bargaining chip. The civilizations that wished to obtain it must be part of or allied to the dynasty, and this would attract more political allies, which would also allow him to harvest more contacts and money.

Rather than restricting it, the dynasty would have the meat, and its allies would get the soup. If they opened a channel for the other civilizations to obtain, then the pressure would be a lot less.

Furthermore, this was not a one-off transaction. The Evolutionary Totem required fuel to operate. Otherwise, it could not be used, so the civilizations that purchased this would have to maintain long-term cooperation to renew the contract with Han Xiao again and recharge the totem. This created a passive income flow for him. In addition, even if the Evolutionary Totem appeared on the black market, the civilizations that purchased it could not use it forever.

Urranrell considered it for a while before accepting the proposal.

After all, the Evolutionary Totem was not some mass weapon of destruction, and it was something that would benefit the people. All advanced civilizations studied genetic technology, but it was not as powerful as the Evolutionary Civilization. Thus, the totems would not be a need but a want. While it was good to keep it for themselves, the dynasty was not the strongest civilization, with the Federation of Light and the Arcane Church on the same level, so it was better to consider an option that would be a win-win.

After disconnecting, Han Xiao thought about it before opening the faction interface and releasing a task.


Trial Tester Needed

Mission Introduction: Black Star has manufactured a new product and requires volunteers to help test out the product (risk of death).

Mission Requirements: Help Black Star test out the new product.

Reward: 100,000 Experience, 500 Black Star Army Contribution Points, and 50,000 Enas.

Remarks: The mission is only restricted to 10 people. The test will begin in three hours. If not present by the testing time, -1,000 Contribution Points and -20 Black Star Favorability.


Because only ten people were needed, the moment the mission was released, it was immediately snapped up.

Three hours later, the ten players arrived at the venue, guided by Phillip, looking around.

One of them was Bun-Hit-Dog.

The Fall of EsGod had made him smell a scoop, so he immediately ran back to the headquarters in hope of meeting Han Xiao and managed to come across this mission.

"Bun-Hit-Dog, you're also here."

"You piece of sh*t, hurry and update your stream!"

"Will you be afraid if I pull out my blade and threaten you now?"

The other nine players greeted Bun-Hit-Dog passionately.

Because the Black Star series had gone through so many updates, it had long attracted many fans, and Bun-Hit-Dog was like a celebrity in the eyes of these players.

After bantering around, the door suddenly opened, and Han Xiao walked in with his hands behind his back.

"Good day, Army Commander!" Bun-Hit-Dog immediately pulled himself away from all the others and saluted Han Xiao with an ingratiating smile.

"Oh, it's you. Long time no see." Han Xiao patted him on the shoulder.

Bun-Hit-Dog could not help but feel touched at this camaraderie.

Han Xiao then turned to the rest and dryly coughed. "Since everyone has arrived, let's begin. But let me warn you. The side effects are pretty severe this time."

As he spoke, Han Xiao took out ten fully charged Ovitan Badges with the Black Star Army emblem on it.

The ten players took a badge each, browsing the item introduction.

Seeing the introduction, the eyes of Bun-Hit-Dog lit up, and he began the recording function.

The players also knew that the Evolution Cube was in the hands of their own Army Commander, but Black Star did not allow the players to use it freely. The appearance of the Ovitan Badge could be an omen that the Evolution Cube was going to be spread to the players soon.

"Whenever you're ready." Han Xiao nodded.

Everyone looked at each other and did not hesitate, pinning the badges on.

While the introduction told them there was a high risk of death, the reward was 50,000 Enas, which was no small amount for the players. It was worth it.

The first player who activated it underwent a heaven shaking transformation.

His flesh multiplied, and bone spurs burst out from his body as he swelled up like a balloon. He quickly turned into a biological aberration more than five meters tall, looking like a monster with sarcomas all over his body. The muscles all over his body and face were torn apart.

The other nine players were stunned and unconsciously stopped their activation.

Before they could speak, the transformed player noticed his appearance and yelled, "The f*ck! Just what sh*t did I transform into‽"

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