The Legendary Mechanic
906 Exchanging Blows
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The Legendary Mechanic
Author :Chocolion
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906 Exchanging Blows

In the universe, her force field was able to accelerate an object without any limits, and this was the battlefield most suitable for Ames. Her Force Field Esper Ability leaned toward defense and control, and it was extremely powerful in Ames' hands.

Under the control of the force field, Floating Dragon's speed continued to increase, and its gigantic body was like a super large scale attack. If Han Xiao allowed Floating Dragon to speed up without limit, it would be incredibly difficult to avoid it and become extremely powerful.

However, Floating Dragon still was not fast enough, and it was like a tortoise in Han Xiao's eyes. He had more than ten different ways to avoid the attack.

However, Ames was not an individual who only knew how to use bricks to smash others. Her eyes glowed brightly, and she released a force field to trap Han Xiao's body and pull him toward Floating Dragon.

Force Field: Gaze of the Dragon!

The space around him seemed to have frozen up, and Han Xiao's body endured a tremendous amount of pressure. He found it difficult to even lift his arm, and he was dragged toward Floating Dragon.

"I used this attack before in the past…" Han Xiao's mouth contorted.

With his current strength, he was not afraid of Ames' control ability and could easily break free from the force field. However, he was not planning on avoiding this attack. He wanted to obtain combat information through this attack and test the upgraded effects of his health and mana conversion.

Floating Dragon approached him rapidly, and Han Xiao could already see the various structures on the surface of Floating Dragon.

A powerful pressure assaulted him from the front, and he could feel a sense of danger approach him.

Han Xiao raised up his arms, and nanoparticles flowed on the surface of his mechanical suit to form a shield generator. A blue psionic shield then appeared in front of him, and he took a defensive posture.

The next moment, Floating Dragon smashed down on his shield and sent him flying far away while being stuck to Floating Dragon.

Ames then twisted her palm, and Floating Dragon's trajectory was aimed at the nearby planet, prepared to smash Han Xiao into the planet.

At the same time, the mechanical army led by Psionic Prime approached Ames and began to open fire.

Ames' ten satellite bricks were not idle either. Six of them surrounded Ames in different directions and were covered in a layer of force field to form a defensive formation.

The gaps of the defensive line were filled up by her force field and it can be said that her defensive formation didn't have a single blind spot.

The other four satellite bricks were then shot toward the formation of the mechanical army under Ames' control.

The mechanical soldiers were not so gentle toward the satellites and unloaded their firepower without restraint. The satellite bricks were immediately riddled with holes and craters with scrap metal floating around. These scrap metals then formed a metal whirlwind under Ames' control and roamed unhindered around the mechanical army.

The Apostle Weapons ignored these attacks and rapidly approached Ames' defenses. Psionic Prime waved his spear and struck the force field shield to create a hole in it.

The very next instant, a new force field filled up the hole. Just when Psionic Prime was about to continue attacking, Ames raised her finger, and a force field engulfed the Apostle Weapons and threw them out. Following which, an even more powerful force field was formed, and the mechanical army formation was split in two like Moses parting the red sea.

Ames' Force Field Esper Ability could restrict the Human Wave Tactic to a certain extent.

Right at this moment, a light flashed behind Ames, and Mad Sky Hunter appeared behind her. He opened his mouth and revealed his alloy teeth, biting down at her waist.

However, he only managed to bite air.

A white, sleek finger then tapped on Mad Sky Hunter's head. Ames avoided the attack by using Void Hyperdrive. After being strengthened by the Evolution Cube, her mobility had increased by a great deal.

Violent force field energy then entered Mad Sky Hunter's body through her finger.

Force Field: Seismic Wave!

Cracks immediately began to form on Mad Sky Hunter's body, and a large amount of spare parts dropped out from his body. His body was severely injured, and he immediately ran away in fear.

The Force Field Esper Ability had a wide range, but the strength of the force field would be more powerful the closer Ames was to the target.

All of a sudden, Ames felt fluctuations in the Void Dimension. Looking up, she saw Han Xiao, who was originally stuck on Floating Dragon, disappear.

Han Xiao swung his slightly numb hands and was shocked by the combat information.

"She was actually able to deal Crushing Force damage to me. Only a pugilist like Heber would be able to use his head to smash Floating Dragon up."

Although the damage was high, Han Xiao did not mind at all. There was a limit to how powerful Ames' AOE attack was.

His recovery speed was extremely high at the moment, and as long as the enemy's burst damage did not reach a certain extent or deal him a [Severe Wound] status, he would not be afraid.

Floating Dragon did not continue smashing down toward the planet but turned around to hammer down on Han Xiao. Its gigantic body brushed past the side of the planet and formed a huge sandstorm.

Ames, who was far away, used Gaze of the Dragon again, and Han Xiao could feel the force field restricting him again. He had already obtained the combat information and was not prepared to receive the attack again. He then placed his palms together.


His mechanical suit vibrated and generated an endless stream of energy to form a small field around him.

This field successfully blocked Ames' force field on the outside, and Gaze of the Dragon became ineffective.

This was 'anti-Dragon Emperor' equipment that he had created especially for this.

This was equipment after all and had a limited effect. However, the strength of Ames' force field could be increased further, and she would definitely be able to break the field if she had enough time. Thus, Han Xiao did not plan on approaching Ames but played hide and seek with her from afar while controlling his mechanical army to attack.

Upon seeing that Han Xiao did not dare approach her, Ames took the initiative to move and flew toward Han Xiao while dealing with his mechanical army.

Upon seeing that, Han Xiao also retreated and maintained the gap between them. After getting out of the control of the force field, Floating Dragon Island was not able to catch up to him, and his mobility was higher than Ames'. Thus, he had the initiative.

Upon seeing that a single Floating Dragon Island could not do anything to Han Xiao, Ames' palms turned into claws, and she performed a grabbing motion toward one of the satellite bricks attacking the mechanical army.

This satellite brick then froze in place as though it was being trapped, and the layers of force field began to contract rapidly, which made the satellite brick vibrate violently.

Ames pulled her arm back slowly, and the force field continued to contract, accumulating a powerful rebound force. The next moment, her eyes shone brightly, and she clenched her fists. Like an arrow being shot out, the rebound force accumulated within the satellite brick exploded forth!

This satellite brick shot out toward Han Xiao at high speed!

Force Field: Satellite Cannon!

The terrifying acceleration took off a layer of the metal shell and almost disintegrated the satellite.

Han Xiao saw the satellite brick approaching him rapidly but did not bother dodging the attack.

At the same time, Silver Flash, who was waiting in the distance, transformed into his Planetary Obliteration Cannon main body and opened fire at the satellite.

The thick silver light accurately struck the satellite brick and penetrated through the satellite like a knife slicing through a meatball!

The next moment, the satellite began expanding from the inside, and a brilliant red light exploded from within. It exploded right in front of Han Xiao like an orange!

The satellite was instantly melted by the high heat of the Planetary Obliteration Cannon, and all the fragments transformed into red colored molten metal like orange juice spraying in all directions.

With the gigantic satellite exploding in front of him, Han Xiao casually avoided the molten metal spraying in all directions.

This seemed to have been a signal. A few more satellite bricks reached the limit of their durability, and another three had been destroyed by the mechanical army.

The number of satellite bricks that Ames had left was six. They were also riddled with damage and looked as though they would disintegrate at any moment.

"What will you do next?" Han Xiao muttered to himself, looking at the scene from afar.

Ames' attacks were extremely ferocious, but they did not cause much damage to Han Xiao. After many rounds of upgrades, his mechanical soldiers were extremely tough and no longer the inferior products easily crushed by the force field. Although Ames seemed to have the initiative, Han Xiao still had plenty of tricks up his sleeves and was in control of the battle.

Ames could also feel this, and her eyes narrowed.

My attacks aren't able to do anything to him and have all been neutralized…

She could tell that Han Xiao was on the defense and did not plan to attack. He was obviously going easy on her.

But even so, she could not do anything to him!

Has he grown to such a stage?

Ames' eyes narrowed, finally understanding Han Xiao's strength. The gap in their strength was already extremely obvious, and Black Star was much stronger than her.

However, she was not too affected by this revelation. The battle had not ended, and she would not give up halfway.

Ames then grabbed toward the planet, and the asteroid belt became her new weapon.

Force Field: Dragon's Breath Shooting Star Fist!

The asteroid belt was a large weapon stash!

No wonder she chose this place as the battlefield, Han Xiao thought to himself.

The asteroid belt became her weapon and smashed down toward the mechanical army. The mechanical army also destroyed the incoming asteroids, and the battle became a drawn-out battle under Han Xiao's commands.

Just when both of them were battling around the planet, a fleet was parked far away from the battlefield. This fleet belonged to Floating Dragon.

Because their base was taken by their boss as a weapon, these battleships could not remain on Floating Dragon Island. As such, it ferried everyone to watch the battle by the side.

Although house prices on Floating Dragon were extremely low because of the high risk, there were still some who would purchase property on Floating Dragon Island. At this moment, they watched as the property that they spent money to buy was being used as a weapon in the fight, and many of them could not help but be extremely anxious in their hearts.

In the main flagship, the Floating Dragon officers were looking at their leader fall into a passive state, and all their expressions were ugly.

It was true that Black Star was an ally, but they naturally wanted Ames to win since they were members of Floating Dragon.

Apart from the officers, there were another two projections watching the battle from afar. They were Hila and Aurora.

There was no need to make the battle a complete secret, and Vilna had informed Aurora and Hila. As Ames' students, they had a right to know.

"Our teacher isn't an opponent for Black Star," Aurora said with a bitter expression.

Hila also had a complicated look in her eyes and nodded.

Their status was much more awkward. They were the officers of Black Star and Ames' students. Both sides were people who they were extremely close to, and they did not know who to support.

Hila had followed Ames for ten years and was extremely clear just how powerful Ames was. She was filled with respect toward Ames, and upon seeing her respected teacher being suppressed by Black Star, she had a complicated feeling in her heart.

The energy fluctuations of the battle also made her understand that this was a battle that she could not interfere with. It was still far away from her current level. Regardless of how stubborn Hila's personality was, she could not help but doubt herself at the moment.

Beyond Grade As are truly too frightening, and a planet is only a toy to them. Can I really possess such strength?

Countless asteroid fragments and metal scraps floated in space. The battle between the two had lasted for a long time.

After utilizing her force field over such a long period of time, Ames' stamina and energy had been largely depleted, and her head was covered in sweat. She was obviously no longer in her peak condition, and the strength of her force field had decreased.

On the other hand, Han Xiao was still extremely energetic. He had [Advanced Energy Absorption], and his recovery rate was not something that Ames could compare to.

Since he did not lack any energy, he could use [Advanced Machinery Construction] and [Waste Modification] without any limit to revive his mechanical army and limit his losses.

As Ames began to slip up, Han Xiao gradually gained control of the battlefield. Ames' force field defenses had already been broken by the Apostle Weapons, and she had to deal with the harassment of the many Apostle Weapons. She could not even take care of herself and no longer had the strength to attack Han Xiao.

Psionic Prime then stabbed out toward her waist. Ames avoided the attack, and Psionic Prime's spear brushed past her force field to produce sparks.

Gold Sovereign then ambushed Ames from the front, and his punches were blocked by the force field.

Ames' leg then swung out like a whip, and her kick smashed a hole in Gold Sovereign's armor, sending him flying.

All of a sudden, another Apostle Weapon shot out a psionic cannon toward her. It shattered the force field at her back and struck her body. Ames' eyes then squinted as she felt the pain.

Upon seeing that, Han Xiao, who was watching the battle from afar, said, "That's enough. Her energy is already exhausted."

Right at this moment, Ames looked up at Han Xiao, who was slacking off by the side. A large suction force suddenly gathered toward her and sucked all the Apostle Weapons in her surroundings toward her.

Being caught off guard, all the mechanical soldiers were lumped together in a pile.

Han Xiao then felt fluctuations in the Void Dimension.

Without any hesitation, Han Xiao turned around and raised his arms to block the incoming kick from behind him. This kick came from Ames, who had used Void Hyperdrive.

"You actually dared approach me? Are you staking everything on a final, desperate attempt?"

Han Xiao's eyes glowed, and he pulled Ames' leg toward him with his other palm striking toward Ames' abdomen.


Ames gathered her force field to block Han Xiao's attack and chopped down at Han Xiao's neck with her palm.

However, her palm had not found its target yet when Han Xiao grabbed Ames' neck. The thrusters behind him then activated fully and smashed Ames into a nearby asteroid.

The asteroid was smashed immediately, but Han Xiao did not stop there. He grabbed her and charged into the asteroid belt while using her body to smash up every asteroid in their way.

Their bodies transformed into a ray of light and did a lap around the asteroid belt. Who knew how many asteroids they had destroyed along the way? In any case, Han Xiao could feel Ames' force field becoming weaker and weaker, and it almost disappeared.

Han Xiao slowed down and smashed into an asteroid. This time, the asteroid was not destroyed, and both of them stopped.

A gas ring then shot out from the mechanical suit and enveloped both of them. Han Xiao removed his helmet and shook his head.

"Your energy is almost all exhausted. You've lost."

Ames' brows were furrowed at this moment as she endured the pain from Han Xiao's attacks. Her skirt was cut in many different areas to reveal her fair skin. Her neck and legs were still being held by Han Xiao, and she could not struggle free.

Upon hearing that, Ames revealed a smile and said, "No, I still have the strength for one last attack."

"Alright. Let me see what other methods you have," Han Xiao replied calmly.

Ames then raised up her arm and flicked Han Xiao lightly on the forehead.

It was an attack without any strength.

A look of surprise could be seen on Han Xiao's face.

Ames then retracted her arm and dissipated her protective force field. She then said with a smile, "Alright, I used up my final bit of strength. You win."

Han Xiao let go of Ames's neck and rubbed his head helplessly.

"So mischievous."

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