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After their real bodies fused with their bodies in the Heaven Awaken World, almost all of the players had at least Stage 1 Cultivation, and most had Stage 2 Cultivation. Some of the more powerful ones had Stage 3 or Stage 4 Cultivation; this was the Dark Demon world's powerful advantage.

Even though the soldiers on the defensive walls held up their shields, arrows from Stage 2 players could still send them back a few steps. Arrows from Stage 3 players could directly blast them back.

The formations on the defensive walls were immediately broken, and the Shieldbearers were unable to protect the soldiers behind them. The Night Dynasty's soldiers started to shoot out arrows as well, and many of the people on the defensive walls were hit, crying out in pain, resulting in many injuries and casualties.

The 20 Corps Formations also wreaked havoc on the defensive walls. A demon crocodile that was hundreds of meters long opened its mouth and crushed thousands of people into meat paste with a single bite. A demon sword gave off powerful demonic light as it flew about, killing a large number of people.

A demon ox madly rushed about. Even if there were countless Shieldbearers ahead, they were completely useless and were sent flying.

The losses on this side were quite severe, so everyone immediately sent reinforcements. At that moment, Dark Demon City Lords started to attack. Geoffrey left some people here to kill the demon beasts and defend against any more Dark Demon people, and Geoffrey led the City Lords to face off against the Dark Demon City Lords.

They were quite surprised to find that the Dark Demon people looked Asian. If it wasn't for the demonic qi flowing out of their bodies, they would have looked just like normal Asians.

There were about two billion soldiers and 20,000 City Lords in the air, and some of their auras were especially powerful. The other side had already established a Kingdom and had 20 Corps, so the human side was at a great disadvantage.

What made everyone quite nervous was that this was not even the main force of the Dark Demon world. It was possible that the majority of the Dark Demon people were still waiting for their chance to deal a fatal blow to the human world.

The Northern Continent had already sent most of their forces, and the situation was quite grim. They could only hope that the forces from the other Continents would quickly arrive, or else everything would be finished.

On the battlefield, they did not have much time to think. Geoffrey had the soldiers counterattack and had some City Lords deal with the Corps Formations before leading the other City Lords to attack the Night Dynasty's City Lords.

Ye Cang held a demon sword as he flew towards Geoffrey. Even though Zhao Fu knew Geoffrey and had a good impression of him, in circumstances like this, he would not hold back, and he attacked Geoffrey with his full force.

Geoffrey did not dare to be careless, and he held a spear that gave off brilliant white light as he started to fight with Ye Cang.

Terrifying ripples spread out, and the sounds of the clashes were deafening. The stench of blood was incredibly strong, and corpses were strewn over the defensive walls and the ground. The Northern Continent was at a great disadvantage, especially the soldiers, and it was continuously being suppressed by the Dark Demon world.

At that moment, thousands of Dark Demon people wearing black robes and holding staffs walked out. They summoned a black mist that gave off a darkness aura and caused people to instinctively feel fear.

The black mist drifted towards the defensive walls, and the soldiers who were covered in it howled pitifully. The soldiers were completely devoured by the black mist, leaving nothing behind. This caused a lot of panic and chaos.

Seeing this, Geoffrey felt that this could not go on, or they would definitely lose. As such, he ordered people to use that terrifying thing.

A group of barefoot people dressed in white robes walked out with serious expressions, and they gave off holy auras. The person at the front was holding a holy statue made of glass. The statue was of a man dressed in white robes, and he looked quite kind.

The person in the lead raised the statue and started to chant, and those behind him followed in suit.


A powerful aura swept out, bringing with it wild gales as the holy statue gave off an intense white light and flew into the sky. It broke with a bang, and a massive image appeared.

Instantly, an incredibly massive might covered the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers. An image that gave off an immense amount of Holy Light power appeared, and it was 1000 meters tall. The sky also gave off a searing white light that was quite blinding.

Sensing this power, Ye Cang's expression fell. He wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

The image stretched out a hand towards the sky, and all of the light in the world seemed to gather. The sky was now so bright that people could barely open their eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

100 massive rings of light floated out and flew to the ground. Enormous explosions rang out as the ground continuously trembled.

After everything settled, 100 gigantic black rings appeared on the ground. These rings carved dozens of meters into the ground, and everything within them was black as well as if massive fires had been burning there. There were countless charred corpses, and this attack had caused the Night Dynasty to lose roughly ten million people.

After unleashing this terrifying attack, the image in the sky gradually faded, and everything returned to normal.

Seeing so many of his people dead, Ye Cang felt quite angry as he attacked Geoffrey with his full power. A black sword light flashed out, and Geoffrey blocked with great difficulty, feeling quite shocked at how powerful Ye Cang was.

On the other side, some people from the Night Dynasty walked over to the corpses of the demon beasts and started to activate magic formations. A formless energy absorbed all of the blood, causing the demon beasts' corpses to wither.

The blood was used to form demons that gave off ear-piercing howls as they attacked towards the defensive walls. There were only a few million blood demons, but they were able to scale the defensive walls quite easily.

Any arrows shot towards them passed through their bodies and were completely ineffective. Only the arrows with the white talismans were slightly effective.

Most of the Northern Continent's army was focusing on the Night Dynasty's main force, and there were not many soldiers left here. Moreover, they did not know how to deal with these blood demons.

Those blood demons climbed up the defensive walls quite easily and started to fight with the soldiers on the defensive walls. However, these blood demons were incredibly difficult to deal with and were unaffected by ordinary physical attacks. Even though the soldiers desperately tried to find ways to deal with them, they were continuously slaughtered, and their blood was sucked out.

The battle was incredibly intense, and people continuously died. The Northern Continent's side was at a great disadvantage, and this was only with a single wave of Dark Demon people. There were even more Dark Demon people who had not yet come.

After hearing about the situation at the frontlines, the expressions of the Northern Continent's people became quite grim, and a wave of terror started to spread.

Those responsible for receiving the factions from the other Continents felt incredibly worried because after waiting for so long, not a single person had come.

What was going on? Why was no one coming to defend against the Dark Demon people? Were they not afraid of the Dark Demon people conquering the Northern Continent and moving on to the rest of the world?

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