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After they finished doing it, it was already nighttime. A round and bright moon appeared in the sky and it was reflected in the water. An evening breeze blew, creating a peaceful scene.

Long Hao'Er, the demon dragon, lay in Zhao Fu's embrace as she looked at him with awe. "Owner, I never knew that you were a Young Lord of the Dragon Race. If I knew this, I wouldn't have dared to attack you, and I would have long since obediently submitted to you.

"Also, owner, your body is so powerful, and even as someone from the Dragon Race I'm unable to withstand it. When we reach the Demon Sea, I'll introduce a few sisters to you to serve you together. They'll definitely obediently submit to you too."

Young Lord of the Dragon Race? Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused and did not understand what Long Hao'Er was saying. When had he become a Young Lord of the Dragon Race?

Seeing that Zhao Fu looked confused, Long Hao'Er explained in a good-natured manner, "Owner, don't you know? You not only have the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star but also the Dragon Race's most higher-tier bloodline, the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline."

Hearing this unfamiliar name, Zhao Fu felt even more confused – when had he obtained such a bloodline? Moreover, he did not even know that he had this bloodline; how did Long Hao'Er know?

Seeing that Zhao Fu really did not know, Long Hao'Er was quite surprised and explained, "Owner, the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline has already fused with you, but it's very weak so you did not sense it. I only discovered it after doing it with you.

"Also, even though the trace of the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline is very weak, it's incredibly pure and can become stronger. However, owner, you haven't awakened it and it has been hiding in your body this whole time."

After hearing Long Hao'Er's words, Zhao Fu still did not understand how he had obtained the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline. He thought that he only had the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Bloodline.

Seeing that Zhao Fu still had not understood, Long Hao'Er felt quite confused. She thought about it and rode on Zhao Fu's body, starting to do it with Zhao Fu again.

After giving a loud moan, Long Hao'Er collapsed onto Zhao Fu's chest and said strengthlessly, "Owner, this is your Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline."

Zhao Fu saw that his chest was giving off silver light as a mark appeared, and he instantly understood – it was the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark.

It seemed that this Ten Thousand Dragon Mark's origin was not simple at all. After awakening the Devil Race's Emperor Sar, Zhao Fu had not paid it much mind. He had never thought that it had such a terrifying origin and was the Dragon Race's supreme bloodline.

"Owner, Hao'Er likes you so much; being able to serve you is my greatest joy." Long Hao'Er lay in Zhao Fu's embrace as she looked at Zhao Fu with infatuation.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and had never thought that he would be able to subdue her so easily. She had called herself 'your granny' before and seemed incredibly vicious, but now she was incredibly gentle and flirtatious.

The other women were once again dumbfounded as they heard that Zhao Fu had the Dragon Race's supreme bloodline. Just who was Zhao Fu? And how much more was he hiding?

The women were now filled with boundless curiosity toward Zhao Fu because Zhao Fu's identity now seemed far too mysterious. It was also extremely terrifying, and each thing they discovered about him made them feel like their hearts were going to stop.

However, the more terrifying Zhao Fu's identity was and the stronger he was, the better it was for them. Now that they had become Zhao Fu's women, he was their greatest support.

Nishi's face was quite red as she understood why the godly spirit who she respected so much would submit to a man; this man was simply too terrifying in all respects. Now, she felt that she was being conquered as well.

Bai Niao and the other women also looked quite jubilant. With their strength and looks, they could not compare to the others. All of the other women were stronger than them and more beautiful. Fortunately, Zhao Fu had been interested in them, allowing them to become his.

With such a powerful and prestigious person like Zhao Fu as a support, it was something that they could only dream of.

Moreover, Long Hao'Er also could not become an Evil Flower Emissary, as Zhao Fu found that only those who were from the Demon Race could become Evil Flower Emissaries. Mo Qianmo and Nishi would have fulfilled the requirements, but they had godly spirit Constitutions. Long Hao'Er also would have fulfilled the requirements but she was from the Dragon Race.

After cuddling for a while, Zhao Fu and the women went outside, and countless people looked at them with admiration and respect. Everyone could understand that Zhao Fu and these women had terrifying identities and were not people who they could offend.

The captain smiled and came up as he handed over a spatial ring and said, "Thank you sir for saving our lives; this is a small token of appreciation, please accept it."

Zhao Fu looked at the spatial ring and looked through it, and he found that it had 70 or 80 million gold coins. Zhao Fu was not very interested in this money but for the sake of the captain's face, Zhao Fu accepted the ring and smiled.

Seeing Zhao Fu accept the ring, the captain was ecstatic that he could obtain the goodwill of such a major figure. He laughed and called out, "Serve the best wine and food to serve this sir!"

The people around them also came up to try to curry favor with Zhao Fu, which Zhao Fu did not like much. He had Jue Tianling give off a powerful aura to scare them off.

Suddenly, three people giving off powerful auras landed on the ship and caused the atmosphere to become heavier, and everyone looked over.

Three men appeared in front of everyone. One was handsome and wore green clothes, one had a cold-looking face and wore white robes, and one looked friendly and wore red clothes.

The three of them had been drawn over by the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star. They walked into the building and their gazes fell on Zhao Fu's body – after all, within the hall, Zhao Fu's aura was the most extraordinary.

"Is sir the one who possesses the Devil Race's Emperor Star?" the friendly-looking young man asked courteously as he cupped his hands.

Since these people had come because of this, Zhao Fu naturally could not hide it and nodded.

The cold-looking young man looked quite delighted as he said, "My name is Nan Jiangyi. I heard that your Devil Race Emperor Star is incredibly powerful and came to consult. Would sir have a competition with me?"

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless. His cultivation was only at the Earth Realm, while this young man's cultivation was at the Extreme Divine Realm.

He also seemed to be quite famous. Once he said his name, the surrounding people gasped and evidently knew of him.

However, Zhao Fu was not interested in competing and said, "Apologies, I'm not interested."

Nan Jiangyi seemed slightly displeased as he said, "I know that sir only has Earth Realm Cultivation. I'm willing to suppress my cultivation to the Earth Realm Cultivation; is that satisfactory?"

Zhao Fu felt somewhat annoyed; he had said that he was not interested and yet that person insisted, so he said coldly, "I said, I'm not interested!"

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