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The cold-looking young man looked slightly angry; very few people dared to speak to him like this. After all, he came from an Imperial Empire, and as an Imperial Prince, he was greatly valued by the Imperial Empire and might even be able to inherit the throne in the future.

However, this person had the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, so his identity was more prestigious than even some Emperors. Thinking about that, the cold-looking young man could only endure it.

The handsome-looking young man lightly laughed as he said, "My name is Qin Yue; may I have the fortune of getting to know sir?"

The people around them once again exclaimed; they evidently knew his name as well. He was also a famous genius and not only had terrifying power but a terrifying identity as well.

Zhao Fu was already quite displeased with these people, so he directly replied, "No need, I'm only passing by and am not interested in getting to know anyone."

Those words caused the friendly-looking young man, who was about to speak, to awkwardly stay silent, and the handsome-looking young man also felt quite awkward.

The cold-looking young man's fury exploded as he said coldly, "Brat, you shouldn't turn others down when they're trying to give you face. This is the Demon Domain, not your Devil Domain. Even if you're powerful, you'd best stay humble here, or else our Demon Domain's people who put you in your place."

Zhao Fu also felt somewhat angry, and he looked over at Jue Tianling. Jue Tianling understood and lightly laughed as she waved her hand, and a sharp sword light ferociously slashed towards the cold-looking young man.

The cold-looking young man had never thought that Zhao Fu's people would attack him first. Facing the incoming sword light, the cold-looking young man took out a saber and blocked in front of him.


The sword light slammed into the cold-looking young man's sword, causing him to slide back ten or so meters and for him to look serious. He found that that woman was not weaker than him at all.

However, the cold-looking young man's expression soon fell, as the women around Zhao Fu all released their auras; all of them were Extreme Divine Realm Cultivators.

The two other young men also looked shocked and had never thought that these nation-toppling beauties would have such terrifying power. They could not help but marvel in awe at Zhao Fu – this person with a supreme Emperor Star had such powerful female attendants; they could not compare to him at all.

Seeing so many Divine Extreme Realm Cultivators, the cold-looking young man did not dare to remain here and turned into a ray of light as he shot off.

The two other young men also decided not to stay and left as well.

The people around them did not even dare to breathe loudly; they knew how terrifying the power and identities of those three people were, yet Zhao Fu did not give them face at all. Only Zhao Fu would dare to do such a thing – if it was them, even ten lives would not be enough for them to survive.

"Husband, we should leave this place," Wu Jiu'Er looked at Zhao Fu and said worriedly.

After all, this was the territory of others and they would be able to easily gather experts, which was quite disadvantageous for them.

Zhao Fu thought about it and agreed; they definitely could not stay here. After all, more people would be attracted over by the Emperor Star as well.

"Owner, I can take you to where my sisters are," Long Hao'Er said happily as she smiled.

Zhao Fu had been planning to go to the Demon Sea for the Demon Sea Meeting. Long Hao'Er and her sisters also lived in the Demon Sea, so Zhao Fu nodded and agreed.

Long Hao'Er turned into her 10,000 meter long demon dragon form, and Zhao Fu and the others sat on her head as they flew into the sky.

Two days later, Zhao Fu and the others arrived at the Demon Sea. The water here was black and gave off traces of demonic qi, and the sea was incredibly vast. There were all kinds of demon beasts living in it and threats lurked everywhere.

"Roar!!" Long Hao'Er stopped above the sea and gave off a massive roar that reverberated in all directions.

Soon, four massive auras quickly sped over.

Countless smaller demon beasts were scared into running away upon sensing these terrifying auras. Soon, four 10,000 meter long dragons appeared in front of everyone.

These four dragons all had different appearances. The first dragon had fiery-red scales and four metallic-looking claws, and it only had one horn. The second dragon had black scales and gave off an intense demonic qi, and it had a pair of blood-red eyes.

The third dragon had silver scales and two white claws, as well as a pair of snow-white horns and gave off a cold aura. The fourth dragon had blue scales and sapphire-like eyes, and it looked quite pretty.

"You came quite quickly. I'll introduce you to my owner!" Long Hao'Er turned into her human form as she happily hugged Zhao Fu's arm and said proudly to the four other dragons.

The four other dragons also turned into human form. The first dragon turned into a woman with short, fiery-red hair, and a seductive figure; the second dragon turned into a skinny and gloomy-looking woman; the third dragon turned into a tall woman who had a proud aura; and the fourth dragon turned into a gentle-looking woman with blue eyes.

The woman with fiery-red hair said in surprise, "Hao'Er, you took an owner? That's not like you at all."

The proud-looking woman also said mockingly, "Taking an owner despite being part of the Dragon Race and being so proud of yourself? Don't you know you're losing face for our Dragon Race?"

The gloomy-looking woman did not say anything and waited for Long Hao'Er's response.

The gentle-looking woman slightly smiled and said, "With my understanding of Hao'Er, the matter definitely is not as simple as it seems. Hao'Er, quickly tell us what's going on."

Long Hao'Er smiled as she said earnestly, "My owner not only possesses the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star but also the Dragon Race's supreme bloodline, the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline."

Hearing this, the four women all looked dumbfounded and doubtful.

The woman with fiery-red hair pointed at Zhao Fu and said, "Was it him who released the Devil Race Emperor Star two days ago?"

Long Hao'Er smiled as she nodded, "Watch closely."

As she spoke, Long Hao'Er pressed a hand against Zhao Fu's chest and a massive wave of dragon qi entered his body. The Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline was instantly enlivened, and the four women felt the terrifying pressure from the bloodline.

"Owner, please take me in as well! Let us serve you together." After seeing it for themselves, the four women excitedly leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace, and the proud-looking woman hugged Zhao Fu.

In response, Zhao Fu laughed and nodded.

Following this, they all came to the four women's residence, which was a large palace at the bottom of the Demon Sea. Zhao Fu started to do it with the four dragon women and had a good taste of them, and the four dragon women were incredibly lewd in response.

Because the Dragon Race all liked collecting treasures, the five dragon women all had many treasures, which was a massive fortune altogether.

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