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Sensing the countless people's gazes of admiration, Lou Yuye gave a proud smile and withdrew his hand before looking at Zhao Fu condescendingly.

Zhao Fu's expression was cold, and before he did anything Mo Qianmo said softly, "Husband, can I go and try?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at her and his expression softened as he lightly nodded his head.

Lou Yuye had never expected Zhao Fu to send a woman whose beauty was not inferior to Jue Tianling's instead of acting himself. Seeing this, they felt quite curious; since she had dared to come out, she would have to have at least talent comparable to Jue Tianling's.

However, this woman's strength was incredibly weak, and she did not even have Stage 3 strength.

Mo Qianmo ignored everyone's gazes and slowly walked up as she lightly placed her hand on the dragon pillar.


An explosion sounded out as a massive aura spread out, causing ripples to blast out. The dragon pillar gave off platinum light that became more and more intense before it dissipated and a three-colored light appeared.

The dragon on the pillar seemed to completely come alive and gave off a three-colored light and a terrifying dragon's might, making people feel suffocated.

"Three-colored light!" Even though this woman's strength was weak, her talent was greater than even Lou Yuye's. Everyone looked dumbfounded and waves crashed in their hearts.

Lou Yuye also looked shocked; he had never thought that a woman by Zhao Fu's side would have talent greater than his. Moreover, even ordinary geniuses would not have talent like this; just who was this woman?

The dragon-robed young man felt a trace of fear; luckily, he had not been involved in any conflict with Zhao Fu. Just those two women by his side were scary enough.

As a Prince of an Empire, he reigned above countless people, while Lou Yuye was above him. Moreover, he was one of the most powerful Princes, and now there was someone even stronger than him, and it was just one of the women with Zhao Fu.

Nishi said proudly, "Husband, my mistress was a godly spirit that was on the level of a Godking. Husband, you need to treat her well in the future and not neglect us; mistress will definitely be of great help to you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; Godking-level godly spirits were stronger than ordinary higher beings.

Mo Qianmo returned to Zhao Fu's side and lightly hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she smiled warmly and said, "Husband, I didn't lose face for you, did I?"

Zhao Fu smiled and shook his head, and everyone else felt so envious they could die.

Jue Tianling was also quite surprised as she looked at Mo Qianmo; she had never thought that this demon godly spirit had greater talent than her.

"Relying on women proves nothing; compete with me directly if you dare!" Lou Yuye looked quite angry as he looked at Zhao Fu hugging women on all sides. He did not believe that Zhao Fu's talent could surpass Mo Qianmo's.

Zhao Fu looked at Lou Yuye and did not back down as he coldly harrumphed and said, "Watch carefully!"

Zhao Fu walked up to the dragon pillar and pressed his hand against it.


A massive explosion sounded out as the dragon pillar blasted out with an extremely terrifying aura. The people in the surroundings retreated in fear, and various colors shined out from the pillar, ten in total.

The ten different colored lights seemed to light up the world, and clouds swirled as the dragon on the pillar gave off a terrifying dragons' might and moved about on the pillar and gave off a massive roar, as if it was about to leave the stone pillar and fly into the sky.

Everyone on the island were given a big shock as they quickly gathered here. The host, the Demon Sea Financial Group, was completely dumbfounded as they knew what this meant.

Even someone with a supreme Emperor Star would only have at most seven colored light, and yet this person had released a ten colored light. This meant that this person's talent was many times more powerful than even those with a supreme Emperor Star; could such a terrifying person exist in the world?

Lou Yuye's expression became quite unsightly, as Zhao Fu's talent was greater than his by dozens of times, and he could only look up at him.

Seeing this, the dragon-robed young man now felt somewhat afraid. Zhao Fu's performance was much too shocking, and he was now glad he did not do anything, or else his outcome would have been quite terrible.

The countless people in the surroundings looked incredibly shocked as they stared at Zhao Fu. Now, they understood everything – no wonder he had two women how had such terrifying talent and were willing to submit to him.

It was not just these onlookers who were shocked; the women with Zhao Fu were also dumbfounded and had never thought that Zhao Fu's talent would be so terrifying. Jue Tianling originally did not think that Zhao Fu's talent surpassed hers by much, and Mo Qianmo was also quite surprised and happily hugged Zhao Fu.

However, thinking about what they already knew about Zhao Fu, they were not as shocked as the others. Their man should be someone with such terrifying talent.

At that moment, three people appeared; they had already gone into the third region, but they had come because of the ripples, and they were the three people who had come to visit Zhao Fu on the ship.

The cold-looking young man was quite shocked as he said with a grim expression, "He's the person who released the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star!"

"What?!" Hearing this, everyone once again felt shocked. They had not expected Zhao Fu to be someone from the Devil Race, but he did not give off very intense devil qi.

However, to be the possessor of the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, it was not too surprising to have such terrifying talent. They did not know that Zhao Fu had only caused such signs because he had four Emperor Stars.

Now, Lou Yuye could only hide his killing intent. Because of Zhao Fu's low cultivation, he had originally wanted to kill Zhao Fu to prevent any future problems.

However, after hearing this, he understood that he could not kill Zhao Fu. Someone like him definitely had a higher-being protecting him because he was simply too important to a faction.

Moreover, even if he were to kill Zhao Fu, he could not do it openly, or else the consequences of killing someone with the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star would be far too severe. It could even lead to a war between the Demon and Devil Races, and it would be unfavorable to his Empire.

He felt that he had no face staying here and did not want to become a laughingstock, so Lou Yuye coldly harrumphed, turned into a ray of light, and shot over the horizon.

Everyone else looked at Zhao Fu with respect. They now understood Zhao Fu's status, and some people came up, wanting to curry favor with him.

A beautiful female attendant wanted to go up but the middle-aged man who had mediated stopped her and smiled as he said to Zhao Fu, "Young Lord of the Devil Race, please allow me to bring you to the third region. Someone as esteemed as you coming to our Demon Sea Meeting is giving our Demon Sea Financial Group much face; this Demon Sea Meeting will be much more lively."

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless towards being called a Young Lord of the Devil Race. He saw himself as a Human, but because he could not explain this, he just nodded and followed the middle-aged man to a tall tower.

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