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"Yuan Ziyuan, you're not angry anymore?" Long Erniang gave a happy smile as she asked seeing that Yuan Ziyuan had already accepted Zhao Fu.

Yuan Ziyuan said in a somewhat aggrieved manner, "Wet nurse, I trusted you so much and treated you like my own mother, and yet you did this to me."

Hearing this, Long Erniang looked quite guilty and apologetic and wanted to say something.

However, Yuan Ziyuan spoke first and said, "Forget it, I'm not angry at you, wet nurse; I've already accepted this. In the future we need to rely on each other; who knows how many women this bad guy has."

Long Erniang happily nodded and said, "Yuan'Er, I definitely won't let the Young Lord neglect you, this I can promise. I'll always stand on your side."

A trace of a smile appeared on Yuan Ziyuan's face, and her face became a bit red with shyness as she said to Zhao Fu, "Bad guy, I wasn't able to properly enjoy myself just then because I was unconscious; hurry up."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and the three of them continued to go at it together.

Now that he had found the eleventh Evil Flower Emissary, someone who had incredible talent and status, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased. Now, he only needed one more to gather the twelve Evil Flower Emissaries.

What also made Zhao Fu delighted was that Yuan Ziyuan was an Emperor Heaven Realm expert, which added to his forces.

Thinking to back when he had been bullied and suppressed by various Emperor Heaven Realm experts at Emperor Path College, now that he could have an Emperor Heaven Realm expert panting under his body, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought the women and left the Demon Sea, and he continued to head towards the historical remnant.

A few days later, they arrived at a large plains. They heard that there were large numbers of wild boars here and that there was a terrifying Wild Boar King. Zhao Fu needed demonic creatures and large amounts of blood and flesh to create another Evil Flower Demon, and this place would be able to provide them.

There were massive herds of boars and all of them were at least three meters long and were covered with black fur. They each had two harp tusks and blood-red eyes.

Zhao Fu let out the nine Evil Flower Demons that were 2,000 meters tall, and they gave off massive auras and dense demonic qi, which could cause anyone to feel a chill in their hearts.

Right after the Evil Flower Demons were released, countless wild boars felt terrified and ran away.

The nine Evil Flower Demons opened their mouths and exploded out with a massive suction force, causing the escaping boars to be sucked into the sky, and they cried out as they were instantly digested in the Evil Flower Demon's mouths.

The sight of countless wild boars being sucked into the sky was quite grand, as if the sky was filled with flying pigs.

"Roar!!" As large numbers of wild boars were devoured, a furious roar sounded out. The ground violently trembled as an enormous aura ferociously flooded out as the Wild Boar King appeared.

The Wild Boar King's appearance was quite surprising – it was not beast-shaped but humanoid, and it was 10,000 meters tall. It had a black boar's head and was covered with black fur. It had an extremely big belly and two sharp claws, and it gave off a terrifying aura.

However, Zhao Fu and his group did not feel any fear at all because this Wild Boar King only had Extreme Divine realm strength, while they had ten or so Extreme Divine Realm experts and one Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

Zhao Fu did not bother moving and said, "Kill it and give me its heart."

The women exploded out with powerful auras and turned into rays of light as they shot towards the Wild Boar King.

The Wild Boar King looked furious, raised a claw, and swatted at the women, sending out five black arcs of light. 

Yuan Ziyuan drew a long saber and slashed out, sending out a massive violet saber light that contained world-destroying power.


The Wild Boar King was sent flying back and crashed with a massive explosion. There was now an incredibly deep gash on its chest, from which black blood flooded out.

Jue Tianling also slashed out with her sword, sending out a sharp sword light that struck the Wild Boar King's body. The Wild Boar King's thick body was easily sliced apart and blood continuously flowed out, causing the Wild Boar King to roar in pain.

Long Hao'Er and the other demon dragons each held a dragon spear and stabbed at the Wild Boar King, causing the air to explode.

The five dragon spears stabbed into the Wild Boar King's body, and the energy they contained tore apart the Wild Boar King's body, causing blood to fly everywhere. The dragon spears contained immense piercing energy and continuously stabbed deeper into the Wild Boar King's body.

"Roar!!" The Wild Boar King gave a pained roar and could not resist at all. It understood that it was not a match for the women, so it decided to run away.

However, Yuan Ziyuan was already cutting off its path of retreat. Her saber slashed out as a massive violet saber light tore through the sky as if it could cut the heavens and earth in two, and it gave off a massive sound. This was the power of the Emperor Heaven Realm.

The Wild Boar King looked terrified and used its arms to block in front of its body, and it exploded out with massive amounts of demonic qi to defend.


The demonic qi was slashed apart by the saber light, and its arms were also cut off, causing blood to spurt everywhere as if it was raining, causing it to howl.

However, the howl quickly stopped as Jue Tianling appeared behind its head and her sword gave off a ray of sword light as it shot into the Wild Boar King's head.

The Wild Boar King's body stiffened and instantly died. Its massive body slammed onto the ground, opening up a large crater and causing shockwaves to blast out.

After the Wild Boar King was killed by the women, Zhao Fu smiled and had the nine Evil Flower Demons eat its body, while Yuan Ziyuan brought over the essence of the heart to Zhao Fu.

It was better to have more people; from the start, Zhao Fu had not done anything and had just waited.

Zhao Fu took the essence of the heart, which was a piece of flesh that gave off a black light and started to eat it. He found that it was quite tough.

A terrifying wave of demonic qi flooded out of Zhao Fu's body, causing an expression of pain to appear on his face.

The demonic qi continuously condensed until it formed a three meter tall monster. It had two ugly boar heads and two massive mouths that were filled with sharp teeth. It was quite fat and was covered with black fur, and it had a pair of sharp claws.

This was the tenth Evil Flower Demon, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower now reached its tenth stage. The ten Evil Flower Demons could now become 2,000 meters tall and Zhao Fu could control them within 10,000 regions.

Now, Zhao Fu only lacked two Evil Flower Demons and one Evil Flower Emissary. They were nearly at the historical remnant and Zhao Fu greatly looked forward to awakening the Demon Star.

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