The Lord’s Empire
1718 Barrier
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1718 Barrier

If he did not have a pure Outlander bloodline, they would not fully acknowledge him. After all, as the Outlander Race's King of Kings, he had to have a pure Outlander bloodline. Now, they were not sure what the King of Kings' attitude towards the Outlander Race was.

The Outlander experts felt quite surprised, and the God Race, Water Race, and Spirit Race experts felt even more so. Of the Heaven Awaken World's Eight Major Races, five of them now chose to protect that person, as if they had some kind of connection to him.

Now, only these three Races did not have any connection to Zhao Fu, as he did not have their Emperor Stars.

However, from how things seemed and how things had been going, that person would one day awaken those three Races' Emperor Stars as well.

When that time came, he would have the Emperor Stars of eight races, and adding on his own Fate Star, he would have nine Emperor Stars in total. This was quite terrifying.

Only a small portion of the experts were on Zhao Fu's side, as most people had come to kill Zhao Fu and get rid of his threat. Now, they were even more interested in Zhao Fu and wanted to kill him to obtain the various secrets in his body.

A ferocious-looking big man loudly laughed, "Since you're all of the opinion that we shouldn't rush to kill him, I'll agree with you as well. However, shouldn't we first destroy that barrier so that he doesn't escape?"

Most of the experts agreed with this.

Right now, the barrier was what was providing the most protection. Without the barrier, if so many people charged in, the Outlander Race's people would not be able to stop them.

When that time came, the situation would spiral out of control. Killing or not killing, or even taking by force, would be up to anyone. As such, most of the experts of the other Races wanted to break open the barrier and make sure that person could not get away.

Di Jiang understood what those people were thinking; once the barrier was broken, they would not be able to stop them at all. He laughed as he said, "I think it's best to wait outside. After all, this is Outlander Ten College's territory, and we should at least give them that much face."

Feng Qianhuang lightly smiled and said, "I feel the same. As one of the Seven Great Colleges, Outlander Ten College is an ancient and prestigious college, and we should show it the respect that it deserves. As such, we should wait until those abnormal signs disappear and that person comes out."

Feng Qianhuang wanted to let Zhao Fu off this time; if the barrier was destroyed, facing so many experts, Zhao Fu would definitely die.

The cold-looking woman with dragon horns said icily, "I agree. We shouldn't offend Outlander Ten College too much and should wait for that person to come out."

The cold-looking woman was also planning on letting off Zhao Fu this time. After all, if so many people charged in, she would not be able to protect him. As such, it was better to let him escape; perhaps she would be able to find him again in the future.

Perhaps he would head to the Devil Domain one day because of the legacy and find her himself, saving her the effort of looking for him.

The ferocious-looking man coldly laughed, "You didn't seem all that respectful just then, so why are you putting on a show now? Everyone, let's attack together and destroy the barrier."

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Massive explosions sounded out as the experts did not hesitate and exploded out with powerful auras and ferociously attacked the barrier. Some people tried to stop them, and the battle once again resumed.

The attacking side still had a great numerical advantage, and a portion of them tied down the defenders while the rest attacked the secret realm's barrier with great power.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Terrifying power blasted against the barrier, causing it to slightly tremble. As the barrier that protected the King of Kings Sword, it was incredibly powerful, and facing so many experts' terrifying power, it only lightly trembled. Ordinary barriers would have long since turned to dust.

However, the many experts continuously blasted the barrier, and it started to tremble more and more. If this went on, the barrier would still be shattered sooner or later.

At that moment, the six Emperor Stars in the sky gradually receded, the abnormal signs settled, and the world returned to normal.

Holding the King of Kings Sword, Zhao Fu returned to normal and awakened from that massive transformation. His eyes gradually opened and a ray of green light shot out as an extra green pupil appeared in his eyes.

Adding on that green pupil, his left eye now had ten pupils, and his right eye's cross-shaped pupil had an extra green layer to it.

In the distance, countless people looked at Zhao Fu in shock. The surroundings were completely silent and no one dared to make any noise. Zhao Fu ignored them, because through the Emperor Stars, he knew what was going on outside.

Right now, the most important thing was to get away from here. Zhao Fu did not plan to bring anyone else because that would only make escaping more difficult, and in the end none of them would be able to escape.

Fortunately, he had gathered everyone and left them in the care of the Dragon Princess and Elf Princess; they would take care of everything, so Zhao Fu would not have to worry about them. Right now, his biggest problem was how he would get away from here.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu grinned and took out the teleportation medallion and tried to use it. However, he found that he could not use it, making him feel quite startled.

Soon, Zhao Fu thought of the reason – it was likely because the battle between the experts was too terrifying, causing space to become chaotic and for unimaginable power to blast out everywhere.

As such, Zhao Fu could not use this teleportation medallion, as it could not pass through the chaotic and destroyed space.

What should he do now? Zhao Fu felt quite startled, and seeing the barrier tremble more and more, many experts would soon rush in. When that time came, Zhao Fu would not be able to survive even if he had a thousand lives.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Loud explosions once again sounded out as terrifying attacks continuously landed on the barrier and powerful winds containing destructive auras spread out.


A clear cracking sound rang out as a small crack appeared on the secret realm's barrier, and Zhao Fu's expression became incredibly unsightly. He did not know what to do next.

Sensing the powerful auras attacking the barrier, the other geniuses' expressions became quite grim. They did not know exactly what was going on, but they understood that there was a large group of terrifying experts continuously attacking the barrier.

The geniuses all felt quite shocked and started to run; only by staying away from Zhao Fu would they be able to stay alive. After all, everyone realized that it was because of the terrifying ripples that Zhao Fu had given off when awakening the Emperor Star.

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