The Lord’s Empire
1719 Outlander Ten College
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1719 Outlander Ten College

Moreover, even if that was not the reason, just those six Emperor Stars would cause countless experts to rush in and want to capture Zhao Fu in order to figure out what terrifying secrets he possessed.

The Sun Elf and young man with blood-red hair were tactful and also stayed away from Zhao Fu. In front of so many terrifying experts, they were completely helpless and might die here.

The other geniuses also looked at Zhao Fu sympathetically or with pity before quickly getting away from him. They did not have the strength to change anything, and even if they died at the hands of those experts, their factions would not be able to do anything about it.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Massive sounds continuously sounded out as the experts continuously used monstrous power to attack the barrier. Shocking auras spread out and more and more cracks appeared on the barrier. Soon, they would most likely break through the barrier.

Zhao Fu's heart sank, unable to think of any way to escape.

Seeing more and more cracks appear on the barrier, the experts grinned and attacked even more ferociously.

At that moment, within a house in the innermost depths of Outlander Ten College, a silver-haired elder slowly opened his deep, white eyes and looked out. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce everything, and nothing could stop it.

Immediately, the experts' bodies froze and they felt a chill in their hearts, as if there was an incredibly terrifying monster looking at them.

The silver-haired elder slowly raised a hand before pressing it to the ground, and a massive magic formation appeared as terrifying ripples spread out.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Shocking explosions sounded out as the 34 statues in front of Outlander Ten College gave off intense ten-colored light and exploded out with terrifying auras, creating a massive storm.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Rays of rainbow-coloured light shot out of the 34 statues, bringing with them terrifying power as they rushed into the sky and creating massive explosions. They formed 34 massive rainbow pillars of light, standing between the heavens and earth.

Boundless Heaven and Earth Power continuously gathered, flowing into the 34 pillars of light, and they quickly moved and surrounded the countless experts. A terrifying sealing power spread out, seeming to turn the heavens and earth into a cage.

The experts felt a terrifying sealing power seal their bodies, making it so that they could not move at all. They felt greatly startled and understood who had acted. Such a terrifying person was definitely Outlander Ten College's most powerful expert, the Headmaster.

This was a terrifying existence countless people revered. However, since the experts had acted, they were naturally prepared. They did not believe that the Headmaster could seal so many experts just by himself. Even though they were not higher-beings, they were quite close to that level.

They immediately joined forces and exploded out with terrifying power to resist that massive sealing power.

Outlander Ten College's Headmaster's expression did not change, and an unimaginable wave of power flowed from his body into the magic formation.


An even greater sealing power landed on the countless experts' bodies, causing their bodies to sink. The experts burst forth with even more terrifying power, and aura flames appeared around them.

At that moment, an ancient voice sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind, "Hurry and use the teleportation medallion to leave. I can't suppress them for too long, and there are some truly terrifying people heading over."

Hearing this, even though Zhao Fu did not know who this elder was, he understood that he was helping him. He felt delighted and thanked the elder before using the teleportation medallion.

The teleportation medallion gave off boundless silver light and covered Zhao Fu's body, causing him to turn into a silver ray of light and shoot into the sky before disappearing.

Seeing the silver light, the countless experts felt quite startled before feeling furious. They understood that that person had escaped under the Headmaster's cover.

In the end, they could not do anything to Outlander Ten College's Headmaster as he was most likely a Half-Step Celestial, and he was even more powerful in his territory, Outlander Ten College.

If they started to fight, who knew how many of them would fall here? Since that person had already escaped, there was no reason to fight.

Following this, some of the truly terrifying figures descended, so the experts could only choose to leave. Otherwise, they would be in great danger. Those figures were people who stood at the peak, and even higher-beings had to take them seriously.

After those truly terrifying figures descended, a terrifying battle unfolded, after which everything settled down.

Not many people knew the details about the battle, because even ordinary higher-beings could not participate. That showed how terrifying it was.

As the teleportation medallion's silver light covered Zhao Fu's body, he flashed past countless worlds. By the time the light dissipated, he was in the inner Domain; he had travelled past countless worlds, and it seemed this teleportation medallion was quite powerful.

After successfully escaping, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. However, he did not stay here; after flying for a while and confirming that he was safe, he became at ease and took out the golden sword.

After taking out the sword, Zhao Fu only received some basic information about it. He knew that it was called the King of Kings Sword but did not know anything about its abilities or information. He needed to continuously stimulate this sword's power.

Zhao Fu was not an Outlander and had never heard of the legend of the King of Kings before, so he did not know much about this sword. However, he knew that it was not ordinary, because even that person with the Emperor Star or that Outlander Holy Son could not pull it out. If he could stimulate its power, he would definitely have unimaginable, world-destroying power.

Zhao Fu looked over the King of Kings Sword carefully before putting it away. He came to a Kingdom and asked around about this sword, and he was shocked at how terrifying the King of Kings Sword was.

Zhao Fu also asked someone to send a message to the women he had left behind in the Outlander Domain. Apart from the women with him in the secret realm, there were many other women waiting for him, such as Hu Shan, Niu Liuyun, etc.

Now that he was in the inner Domain, he naturally would not go back, so he asked them to meet him here.

A few days later, they arrived, and they looked at Zhao Fu with adoration and worship. The entire Outlander Domain had been shaken by Zhao Fu's actions, and there was not a single person who did not know about him.

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