The Lord’s Empire
1720 Zodiac
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1720 Zodiac

"Husband, you're so powerful. You became the Outlander Race's King of Kings, and now we can't help but worship and respect you," Niu Liuyun said with a beautiful smile.

"Right after I met husband, I knew that he would definitely become a major figure who would shake the world," Hu Shan said as she hugged Zhao Fu.

"That's right! Thinking about how our husband is the King of Kings, to be able to serve him every day, we're so blessed. We're simply too lucky!" Lu Yu said happily.

The Centaurs all looked at Zhao Fu in worship and excitement. They had never expected Zhao Fu to become the second King of Kings.

The Centaur Prince felt quite shocked; back when his ancestor and father had told him to become Zhao Fu's servant, he had been extremely unwilling. Even despite Zhao Fu having a Divine Bloodline, he was not willing.

However, Zhao Fu was now a high and mighty figure, the leader of the Outlander Race in name. He did not feel unhappy at all, and he had completely accepted his position as Zhao Fu's servant.

At the same time, he was quite amazed at his ancestor's foresight, being able to tell that Zhao Fu was such a terrifying person.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Alright, I'll bring you all to my empire. However, it might be different to what you've been expecting. In actuality, I'm just the ruler of a small boundary Kingdom, not the legatee of some powerful Holy Empire."

Those words caused everyone to look quite startled; they had never thought Zhao Fu's true identity to be something like this. However, they quickly smiled because they had already chosen to follow Zhao Fu no matter what.

Following this, Zhao Fu spent a bit more than one week travelling with his group before they arrived at Great Qin and concluded this Outlander Domain expedition.

This time, he had made great gains. In terms of goddesses, he had brought back a Wolf person Goddess, Orc Goddess, Naga Goddess, Centaur Goddess, Pigman Goddess, Chicken person Goddess, and Monkey Goddess – seven Goddesses in total. Adding on the 12 that Great Qin had already, Zhao Fu now only lacked five to open the Godly Spirit Door to the Godly Spirit World.

Zhao Fu also wanted to gather goddesses corresponding to the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, which were rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, lion, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, and pig. Currently, he only had the Naga Goddess, Centaur Goddess, Pigman Goddess, Chicken person Goddess, and Monkey person Goddess. He still lacked seven goddesses; perhaps he would gather them in the future.

Apart from the goddesses, there was also the Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring, Stage 8 Splendor Night Silver Dragons, medicinal pills, Heavenly Kingdom Protection, and the King of Kings Sword.

Even though Zhao Fu had not obtained a great number of things, all of them were incredibly precious, and their quality made up for the lack of quantity. This was especially so for the King of Kings Sword. If he used its power against Outlanders, it would have unrivaled effects and was the most valuable thing he had obtained this time.

Zhao Fu first came to the Flower Region. There were countless different flowers there: red ones, yellow ones, green ones, and black ones. There was an incredible variety and they formed a boundless flower sea. The air was filled with the fragrance of flowers, and adding on the blue sky, white clouds, and colourful butterflies, it looked like a beautiful wonderland.

This place would be able to bring out the greatest effects of the Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring, so Zhao Fu came here to build the Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring.

He first dug out a large hole that was 100 meters wide and dozens of meters deep. He used jade bricks to line the floor and walls, and he carved them with runes that gathered large amounts of flower energy. He also placed beautiful and exquisite statues around it.

All of the statues were of women, and they looked incredibly realistic. They were not only there for aesthetic purposes but also to protect the spring.

Zhao Fu came to the bottom of the hole, took out the spring pearl, and placed it at the center. The pearl slowly fused into the floor, and the runes in the jade bricks came to life as the flower energy in the surroundings flowed into the hole.

Spring water containing a dense flower fragrance started to rise from the floor, and Zhao Fu flew back to the surface. The spring water continuously flowed out and quickly filled the spring.

"Ye'Er, is it done?" the 12 beautiful madams asked Zhao Fu, looking quite excited. As women, they were quite interested in the effects of this spring, and they hoped that it could make them even more beautiful.

Moreover, even though Zhao Fu had told them his real name, they still liked to call him Mo Ye. After all, this name held a special meaning to them and they were used to it.

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "It should be ready now. Please go and try its effects."

The 12 madams smiled and nodded before taking off their clothes and entering the spring. They immediately felt a mysterious power nourishing their bodies, and they gave happy and beautiful smiles.

The Flower Fairy came to Zhao Fu's side, and Zhao Fu smiled as he brought her into his embrace and asked, "Do you want to try the spring's effects as well?"

The Flower Fairy looked a bit shy as she replied, "As a Flower Fairy, the spring's effects on me will be quite weak. Also, did you bring back any Wondrous Flowers this time?"

Zhao Fu said apologetically, "I didn't encounter any Wondrous Flowers in the Outlander Domain. Also, doesn't the Heaven Awaken World have Seven Wondrous Flowers, one for each race? It seems that there's no Wondrous Flower for the Outlander Race."

The Flower Fairy smiled and nodded, "The Outlander Race's Wondrous Flower is incredibly rare, and barely anyone has ever seen it before. That's why everyone thinks there are seven Wondrous Flowers and not eight.

"This Wondrous Flower's name is the Godking Gold Flower, and it is a flower made of gold that contains powerful King's Power. Also, the ground around where it is planted will become gold. This power will spread and can turn an entire world into gold."

Zhao Fu could not help but chuckled; to ordinary people a flower like this would be a priceless treasure and give them unlimited gold. It was like an El Dorado that countless people dreamed of.

However, Zhao Fu was not too interested in gold. He was mainly collecting the Wondrous Flowers to help the Flower Fairy recover her strength. If Great Qin had a Celestial, Zhao Fu would be over the moon.

Following this, Zhao Fu left the Flower Region and found a vast, open space to set up the Splendor Night Silver Dragon Den.

Splendor Night Silver Dragons were a breed of Stage 8 dragons, and they were far more powerful than the Wyverns. Zhao Fu guessed that even a large group of Wyverns would not be a match for a single Splendor Night Silver Dragon.

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