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If he fused City Lord Seals into them, the Splendor Night Silver Dragons would be more powerful than even ordinary Stage 9 dragons.

It was a pity that City stats were continuously becoming weaker, causing the City Lord Seals to also become weaker. Otherwise, with the original power of the City Lord Seals, if they were fused into the Splendor Night Silver Dragons, they would be able to challenge Stage 9 Elite dragons.

Zhao Fu held the Den, which was the statue of the silver dragon, and chose to use it.


The statue exploded out with a powerful aura and gave off boundless silver light as it rose from Zhao Fu's hand. It hovered in front of Zhao Fu and massive amounts of silver liquid flowed out of it, forming a silver, octagonal stage that was three meters tall.

The statue hovered at the center of the stage and a silver light flashed as a 600 meter long massive dragon appeared in front of Zhao Fu. It spread its silver wings and gave a massive dragon's roar, causing wind to rush out.

This silver dragon looked the same as the statue. It was covered with silver scales and had incredibly sharp horns. It had a pair of black, obsidian-like eyes; a pair of massive, silver wings; and a pair of sharp dragons claws that had six toes each. It also had a slender and long tail.

It gave off a massive dragon's might that caused people to feel a trace of coldness, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

Looking at the powerful Splendor Night Silver Dragon, Zhao Fu grinned. If he nurtured them like the Wyverns, Great Qin would have another powerful force.

Zhao Fu handed matters here to people specialized in this area; he did not have to manage it himself.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Palace. By now, all of Great Qin knew of Zhao Fu's return, and everyone looked incredibly excited, as their emperor had returned.

The Ministers and Generals all looked excited and respectfully waited outside the Palace. Zhao Fu had changed into his black dragon robe and wore his black dragon crown as he sat on the throne.

"The Imperial Court is in session!" a cry sounded out as the Ministers and Generals orderly filed into the Palace and paid their respects, "We greet Your Majesty! Long live His Majesty! Long live His Majesty!"

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and asked, "What has happened in Great Qin during this long period of time that We have been away for?"

The Ministers and Generals took turns stepping forward to report on what had happened while Zhao Fu was not present.

Zhao Fu had primarily handed internal affairs matters to Li Si. He had done many things during this period of time, one of which was holding another Imperial Examination, selecting geniuses from various races to serve Great Qin.

They had also created many large rivers to make transportation even more convenient, splitting off countless tributary rivers to irrigate farmland.

They also began to encourage farming; crops planted and harvested by commoners would belong to them and not Great Qin, encouraging commoners to grow more food. Now that crop production stats had disappeared, food was an important issue for every Kingdom. Of course, Great Qin would collect some taxes.

They also promoted interactions among subjects and businesses, encouraging them to innovate and cause Great Qin to become even more lively.

People's representatives were also elected, and they would make various suggestions to the Imperial Court to express the residents' ideas and opinions. This was greatly valued by Great Qin.

This was all due to the hard work of Li Si and the various Ministers, and Zhao Fu gave appropriate rewards.

During the time Zhao Fu had left, no Kingdoms had attacked.

Whether it was the Devil Horn Empire or second Wind God Empire, they were all doing their best to develop their factions and stabilize their foundations. They had both attacked other worlds, and they now each had nine worlds. They were both one world away from becoming Royal Kingdoms.

Now, the two factions' population and military were quickly increasing and becoming incredibly terrifying, causing the surrounding Kingdoms to feel quite fearful.

Even though Zhao Fu had not been present, Great Qin did not fall behind. Under Bai Qi's command, they had also conquered one world.

Because Zhao Fu understood that he would be in the Outlander Domain for a long time, he had given Bai Qi and Li Si immense authority, allowing them to take care of all matters. In Great Qin, they could be said to be above countless people and only below a single person.

Of course, it was because Zhao Fu trusted the two of them the most that he would give them such great authority.

Seeing the two other factions develop so ferociously, Bai Qi had gathered the Ministers and Generals to make plans to also conquer another world.

With Great Qin's current strength, as long as the smaller worlds did not ally together and the two large factions did not interfere, it was quite easy to conquer a world.

The world that Great Qin had conquered was called the Mountain World and contained many mountains, making transportation quite inconvenient. It had taken Great Qin quite a bit of effort to conquer it.

The people who lived there were called the Mountain People and were an ordinary Human race. They had western looks and were quite tall and well-built. Because they lived in mountains and fought with beasts, they were quite savage.

When Great Qin had attacked the Mountain World, the Mountain People had used their familiarity with the geography to try to stop Great Qin's invasion.

Facing the complicated terrain and the Mountain People's attacks, it would be quite difficult to conquer the Mountain World with ordinary soldiers, and they would suffer heavy losses.

As such, Great Qin did not use ordinary soldiers but the beast army and the devil army led by Masanori Hano. With their abilities, the terrain was not a big problem and was instead beneficial to them. This was the benefit of having many different types of forces.

The beasts and devils were far more ferocious and savage than Great Qin's ordinary soldiers, and they caused a few terrifying massacres.

The beasts were not just too bad and simply ate people. Apart from creating a bloody scene and leaving behind broken corpses, they would not make their victims feel too much pain. However, the devils were much more twisted and savage.

The devils also ate people but liked to eat them in torturous ways. Some would skin their victims before eating their bloodied bodies, while others would rip open people's stomachs and eat their organs. Some devils liked digging out eyes and eating them before cutting their victims up.

They did not spare anyone, whether they were male or female, old or young. As the devils passed through Villages, Towns, and Cities, there would be no living creatures left afterwards, creating ghost Villages, Towns, and Cities.

There was blood everywhere, as well as fragmented limbs and organs. Some heads were hung on walls, with terrified and pained expressions.

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