The Lord’s Empire
1722 Great Qin“s Soldiers
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1722 Great Qin“s Soldiers

The massacres caused by the beasts and devils infuriated and terrified the Mountain People, but they were unable to stop them at all. In the end, Great Qin successfully conquered the Mountain World.

Great Qin had killed five billion Mountain People and taken in 23 billion, while eight billion or so had escaped. Great Qin had also gained 60,000 Cities and countless other items and resources. Among them were quite a few good things.

Firstly, the Mountain People had large amounts of spirit medicines such as ginseng and reishi mushroom in the human world as they grew on mountainous areas. Even though these spirit medicines were not of much use to Zhao Fu, they were very effective for ordinary people.

There were also Great Mountain Stones, which were a type of treasure created by mountains. They were incredibly heavy and could be used both defensive and offensively, and they could cause a lot of destruction.

Great Qin had lost a few hundred million soldiers, but this was a small price to pay.

In total, Great Qin now had 465 billion people and 720,000 Cities, further strengthening Great Qin's foundation.

Now, there were three factions in this area that had nine worlds. All of them lacked one world to become a Royal Kingdom. Just thinking about three Royal Kingdoms appearing in this area could cause anyone to feel afraid.

The surrounding worlds fell into immense terror. Facing Great Qin, the Devil Horn Empire, and second Wind God Empire, they quickly formed an alliance to resist them, and there were about 30 or so worlds in total.

An alliance of 30 worlds was quite fearsome and its strength greatly exceeded any of the three factions. It could completely suppress the three factions.

Because of the formation of this alliance, Great Qin, the Devil Horn Empire, and the second Wind God Empire became much warier, as this alliance could completely annihilate them if they were driven to it.

This forced the three factions to change their plans, which was to conquer one more world and become a Royal Kingdom before attacking the other factions.

The alliance gathered countless forces to gather around the three factions, making it impossible for them to easily conquer any worlds. The three factions also sent large numbers of soldiers to their borders to defend, guarding against any sudden attacks from the alliance. As such, the situation was currently in a stalemate.

Zhao Fu listened to all of this as he sat on his throne. He was quite pleased with the performance of the Generals and gave out appropriate rewards to them as well.

As for the matter of the alliance, he could only leave it for now. With Great Qin's current strength, he could not butt heads with the alliance, as that was not beneficial for Great Qin at all. He would wait for a suitable opportunity to conquer a world and level up Great Qin to a Royal Kingdom.

After listening to these reports, Zhao Fu decided to head to the Outer World and the Underworld.

At that moment, a message came from the Yellow Springs Kingdom in the Underworld, saying that the factions around it were attacking and that the situation was quite dangerous. As such, it requested reinforcements from Great Qin.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile; this coincided well with his plans, so he headed to the Underworld and brought two billion of Great Qin's soldiers with him.

Seeing Zhao Fu return, the Yellow Springs 12 Empresses all smiled and flirtatiously gathered around Zhao Fu, saying, "Husband, you've finally come back. You have no idea how much we missed you; you have to make it up to us later."

Those words caused the palace attendants nearby to feel quite surprised. Not only were the Yellow Springs 12 Empresses peerlessly beautiful, but they were also the powerful rulers of the Yellow Springs Kingdom and were normally incredibly cold and proud. Anyone had to act carefully around them.

However, in front of Zhao Fu, these 12 noble empresses seemed to become like 12 lewd wives who were desperate for their man.

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged Huang Quanling and said, "I'll have a good taste of you all later. Tell me about the Yellow Springs Kingdom's situation, as well as information about the attacking factions."

Following this, the women started to tell Zhao Fu about the Yellow Springs Kingdom's development, as well as the problem they were currently facing.

The Yellow Springs Kingdom was at the boundary region of the Underworld. The factions here were not very powerful and with Great Qin's help, the Yellow Springs Kingdom had grown incredibly quickly. It was now as big as two worlds, and it had 40 billion or so residents. This was quite impressive.

For ordinary factions, it would take at least dozens of years of growth to reach this level. Seeing the Yellow Springs Kingdom develop so rapidly, the surrounding factions felt quite threatened. Under the leadership of a large Kingdom nearby, they started to attack the Yellow Springs Kingdom.

The Yellow Springs Kingdom was not weak and had around four billion soldiers. They were all high-quality soldiers who had drunk the Yellow Springs water, and they were stronger than ordinary soldiers.

What was also worth mentioning was that the Yellow Springs Kingdom's soldiers all wore yellow armor, and after obtaining Yellow Springs Power, their eyes became yellow. All of the soldiers looked like terrifying Yin Soldiers that had walked out of the Yellow Springs.

Yellow was the Yellow Springs Kingdom's main color; the 12 Empresses all had yellow pupils and wore yellow palace dresses, while Great Qin's main colour was black.

The factions attacking the Yellow Springs Kingdom were made up of the large and small Ghost Kingdoms in the surroundings. Of them, the four largest factions were the Ghost Tiger Kingdom, Mountain Spirit Kingdom, Great King Kingdom, and Left Tribute Kingdom.

All of them had eight billion people and one billion or so soldiers. Adding on the various other Ghost Kingdoms, they had around eight billion soldiers in total.

It seemed that Great Qin had not brought enough soldiers. The Yellow Springs Kingdom's four billion soldiers and Great Qin's two billion soldiers were only six billion soldiers in total, and the other side had an extra two billion soldiers.

Zhao Fu was unable to bring more soldiers as the outside factions were tying down large numbers of Great Qin's soldiers, and they also needed to defend Great Qin's territory in the Outer World as well.

However, even though there was a disparity of two billion soldiers, Great Qin would be able to make up for this with its foundation. Currently, the attacking side was attacking from four directions.

Zhao Fu split Great Qin's soldiers into four groups of 500 million to support the Yellow Springs Kingdom in each of the directions. Zhao Fu personally came to the most dangerous side, which was the West side.

This side was led by the Ghost Tiger Kingdom, and there were about two billion or so soldiers, while the Yellow Springs Kingdom only had one billion soldiers. The Ghost Tiger Kingdom's full assault caused the Yellow Springs Kingdom's forces to fall into danger.

However, after Zhao Fu brought his soldiers to join in, they quickly brought back the situation in their favor and successfully defended against the Ghost Tiger Kingdom.

The Ghost Tiger Kingdom's people were confused to see such a large group of soldiers come to reinforce the Yellow Springs Kingdom, and they were all wearing black armor.

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