The Lord’s Empire
1723 Yellow Springs
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1723 Yellow Springs

Following this, the three other sides sent messages that with the 500 million reinforcements on each side, they had successfully defended against the attackers, forcing the attackers to temporarily stop attacking.

Zhao Fu started to think about how he could defeat them. Even though he had the power of nine worlds and using his Nation Armament would have terrifying effects, he was still unable to fight against a few billion soldiers by himself.

As such, Zhao Fu could not just charge in and instantly kill everything by himself.

This time, Zhao Fu did not bring any beasts and had only brought Great Qin's ordinary soldiers.

As for War God's Fury, he had fused the Earth Soul into it, and it could now give off terrifying destructive power. However, it was as big as a region and he could not bring it into the Underworld or Outer World, and he could only use it in the Heaven Awaken World.

Of course, since Zhao Fu had not brought any beasts, he had brought other things to make up for this, including some things he had never used before.

Now, if they could bait the other side into attacking again, he would be able to use those things. When Great Qin had been previously attacked, the situation had been too hurried and Great Qin had not made adequate preparations, so they could only beat back the attackers and had not used those things.

Zhao Fu waited for a day, but none of the attackers attacked again. The situation had fallen into a stalemate, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed. He had been waiting for the other side to attack so he could swiftly get rid of them.

Currently, the attacking factions had gathered together, discussing how to deal with the Yellow Springs Kingdom.

A skinny and weak-looking elder looked at everyone and said carefully, "Now that the Yellow Springs Kingdom has received powerful reinforcements, there is only a difference of 500 million soldiers on each side. Moreover, they have the edge as the defending side, making it impossible for us to break through. I think we should stop attacking."

A powerfully-built man resolutely rejected this, "How long has the Yellow Springs Kingdom been around for? Only a few months, yet it has become a super Kingdom that has territory equivalent to two worlds and has 40 billion people. If we don't destroy it now, it'll be us who will be destroyed soon."

A scholarly-looking young man sighed and said, "I wonder what the Yellow Springs Kingdom's background is; the speed at which it has grown is simply terrifying. Also, we completely surrounded it – where did those reinforcements come from?"

A cold and eerie-looking woman said, "I heard that they're from the Heaven Awaken World. Those soldiers seem to be from the Human Race, not the Death Race. It's possible that they're from a terrifying Human Race Kingdom that has been secretly supporting the Yellow Springs Kingdom, which is why they've been growing so quickly."

A middle-aged man in black said angrily, "A Human Race Kingdom dares to stick its hands into the Underworld? We should gather even more factions to destroy it."

The scholarly-looking young man replied, "It will be very difficult! The others will not benefit from it, so why would they be willing to participate and suffer losses? Also, since we understand that the Yellow Springs Kingdom has a powerful Kingdom backing it, that means we really will not be able to destroy it. Now, we should be thinking about how to defend."

The skinny and weak-looking elder gave a trace of a smile and said, "I agree. Since we can't destroy it, we should immediately start preparing to defend and limit its growth."

Hearing this, everyone fell silent and nodded.

In order to attract the attackers to once again attack, Zhao Fu had the City gates opened, but he found that the other side still did not do anything.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to withdraw to the second defensive wall. This was very dangerous, as it was equivalent to giving up one defensive wall. If this was not done well, their defenses could be easily destroyed by the enemy.

However, even though this was dangerous, Zhao Fu had the confidence to defeat the other side, and it would be very beneficial for his side.

Seeing the Yellow Springs Kingdom, the attackers felt quite tempted and wanted to charge in. Perhaps they would be able to break through all of the Yellow Springs Kingdoms' defenses and destroy it in one fell swoop.

They did not know who the Commander for the Yellow Springs Kingdom was; such a tactic was incredibly daring and was directly challenging and taunting them.

Some people wanted to take their soldiers and attack, but they were stopped by others. This was evidently a massive trap, and once they fell into it, they definitely would not be able to return. Now that they had guessed that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had a powerful Kingdom supporting it, they would not do something so stupid like this unless they had enough confidence. As such, they still did not attack.

Instead, they went with the plan they had discussed and built defensive structures nearby in order to prepare to start defending.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; even this was not enough to bait them in; it seemed that the other side was quite disciplined. Seeing them build defensive structures, Zhao Fu quickly realized their goal and did not hesitate, gathering the army to prepare to attack.

If they did not attack now, attacking after they finished building the defensive structures would be even more difficult, and their losses would be greater.

Attacking two billion soldiers with 1.5 billion soldiers was not very appropriate, so Zhao Fu brought over 200 million soldiers from each of the other three sides. He had 2.1 billion soldiers in total and had the other three sides continue to defend.

"Kill!" Countless soldiers roared as they gave off a powerful aura and flooded out from the defensive wall, giving off an all-destroying power as if nothing could stop them.

The allied side felt incredibly startled. They had stopped attacking, and now it was the Yellow Springs Kingdom who dared to attack. However, this was advantageous for them, and the allied side savagely laughed. Since the other side was seeking death, they would help them.

The allied side quickly formed a defensive formation and waited for the Yellow Springs Kingdom to rush up before they attacked.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Massive sounds rang out as terrifying arrows shot out from the Yellow Springs Kingdom army, seeming to cause the sky to explode. They gave off sharp lights and drew arcs in the sky before descending towards the allied side.

Facing those arrows, countless people's hairs stood on end and they could not help but tremble.

The Commander was greatly startled and yelled, "Shields!"

They were already in a defensive formation, so they did not have to get into formation in a panic. The Shieldbearers at the front raised their shields and exploded out with powerful auras, causing a semi-spherical gray energy barrier to appear.

Seeing this massive gray energy barrier, everyone let out a sigh of relief and felt that it would be able to defend against the attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Massive sounds rang out as the first wave of arrows slammed against the defensive barrier with great power, causing sharp lights to shoot everywhere. Massive gusts of wind spread out as countless cracks appeared on the barrier, causing everyone to feel incredibly shocked.

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