The Lord’s Empire
1724 Yellow Springs Beasts
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1724 Yellow Springs Beasts

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The next wave of arrows gave off terrifying power as they pierced through the gray energy barrier, and the gray energy barrier shattered. The arrows tore into the army, tearing through them and ripping apart their bodies.

Blood flew everywhere and broken corpses fell all over the ground. Countless cries sounded out, and the scene was incredibly gory, making people's hairs stand on end.

As the wave of arrows descended, the front of the army became a field of corpses. Blood dyed the ground completely blood-red and a gory stench spread out.

Countless people looked terrified; just what kind of arrows were these to have such terrifying destructive power?

These were Great Qin's Talisman Arrows. Because they were limited by Talisman Stones, Great Qin did not have too many Talisman Arrows. However, they had been stocking up on them, and after conquering the Mountain World, they had obtained many Talisman Stones, and Zhao Fu had brought a large number this time.

However, the matter was not over. The Desolate God and 12 women in blood-red clothes appeared in the sky.

The Desolate God gave off a cruel smile and said to the 12 women behind her, "Begin! Show them our power and don't let those bastards look down on us."

The 12 women in blood-red clothes nodded and stretched out their hands as a powerful aura exploded out. Countless runes flowed out of their hands as 12 blood-red figures appeared behind them, giving off an intense blood-red light. They then turned into blood-red images and descended amidst all of the corpses.

As the 12 images descended to the ground, they became 12 blood-red orbs that were two meters wide. They floated a few centimeters above the ground and exploded out with a formless suction power, causing the blood in the surroundings to flood together.

The allied side quickly sensed the danger and immediately gave the order to attack those blood-red orbs.

Swish, swish, swish…

Arrows shot out quickly and descended like rain, but they pierced through the blood-red orbs and did not have any effect on them, nor did they affect the blood that was gathering.

As the blood continuously gathered, they became 12 enormous orbs of blood – the Talisman Arrows had killed tens of millions of people, and the orbs of blood had gathered tens of millions of people's worth of blood.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The massive orbs of blood lined up and shot out countless blood-red tentacles. All of them contained massive power and tore through soldiers' chests; some pierced through dozens of soldiers' of chests.

Those soldiers directly died and their bodies quickly withered as all of their blood was sucked away by the tentacles. Countless people died in an instant, creating a horrific scene.

The allied side felt quite startled and had never thought that the blood-red orbs would have such terrifying power. As such they did not hold back.

"Roar! Roar! Roar…" Massive roars sounded out as magic formations were activated and boundless Yin Qi gathered, forming ghost tigers that were over 1,000 meters long. There were hundreds of them, and they gave off powerful auras as they charged at the blood-red orbs.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The blood-red orbs' tentacles gave off immense power as they shot towards the hundreds of ghost tigers incredibly quickly.

Some ghost tigers swiped with their paws, sending out terrifying blades of energy that slashed apart the incoming tentacles; some gave off massive roars that sent out monstrous sound waves that shattered the incoming tentacles.

Swish, swish, swish…

However, the tentacles that were slashed apart or shattered re-formed into blood-red blades that gave off terrifying power as they shot towards the ghost tigers, bringing with them blood-red sword lights.

"Roar! Roar! Roar…" Massive cries of pain sounded out as the ghost tigers were pierced by the countless blood-red blades, and their bodies dissipated into blood-red ghostly qi.

However, some ghost tigers erupted out with boundless gray flames that burned many of the tentacles. The Blood God Demons were immune to some physical attacks, but they did not have much resistance against energy attacks.

"Roar! Roar! Roar…" Massive ghost tigers once again condensed and gave off enormous roars as they rushed towards the blood-red orbs with boundless ghostly flames.

Even though the ghostly flames were effective against the blood-red orbs, the blood-red orbs did not seem to be afraid. They continued to shoot out countless tentacles to attack the ghost tigers. The tips of the tentacles crystallized, allowing them to create massive wounds, and the blood-red orbs also used the tentacles to attack soldiers and gain even more blood.

Swish, swish, swish…

Great Qin's soldiers once again shot out countless rays of light, and they flew with immense power, tearing apart countless soldiers' bodies. Countless cries once again sounded out, and blood dyed the ground red.

By now, the allied side's defensive formation had crumbled, and facing the Talisman Arrows and tentacles' attacks, the scene became quite chaotic.


At that moment, Great Qin's soldiers surged forwards like a tsunami, crashing into the allied army. A massive sound rang out and the battle officially began.

A Great Qin soldier held a spear and pierced through an allied soldier's throat, while another Great Qin soldier rushed up with his saber and swung vigorously, chopping an allied soldier's head off. Another Great Qin soldier vigorously hacked down with his axe, splitting an allied soldier's body in half.

The allied side was in complete chaos. After taking three terrifying blows, morale was incredibly low, and the soldiers were panicked as they defended.

Hearing that the Yellow Springs Kingdom was attacking on this side, the other three sides ferociously attacked the Yellow Springs Kingdom.'

However, the Yellow Springs Kingdom's forces on the three other sides were prepared and had been waiting for them.

The three other sides also had some Talisman Arrows. They did not have as many as Zhao Fu's side, as Zhao Fu's side was the main attacking force.

Even though they did not have as many Talisman Arrows, they were still able to create massive effects with them. The allied armies gave off terrifying auras as they flooded forwards towards the defensive walls, but as waves of Talisman Arrows shot out, they killed many people and greatly reduced their momentum.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Loud explosions sounded out as Great Qin's soldiers threw out Destruction Crystals, resulting in massive explosions. Even though there were not many of them, they were still able to create a lot of chaos in the enemy forces.

The three other sides also condensed many powerful ghost creatures that charged towards the defensive walls, while the Yellow Springs Kingdom's soldiers exploded out with terrifying auras, and their yellows auras formed Yellow Springs Beasts that fought against the ghost creatures.

Great Qin's soldiers also used their Corps Formations and created powerful creatures to support the Yellow Springs Kingdom's soldiers.

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