The Lord’s Empire
1725 Earth Book
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The Lord’s Empire
Author :Shen Tianyi
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1725 Earth Book

By now, the attacking soldiers on the three other sides had reached the defensive walls and started to attack. They used various methods to scale the walls: some used ladders, some used grappling hooks, and some leapt up.

The Yellow Springs Kingdom focused on defending and continuously used arrows, heavy objects, and Yellow Springs water.

The Yellow Springs water was the water from the Yellow Springs. It did not harm Yellow Springs soldiers and instead brought them benefits, but it was incredibly dangerous to anyone else, as it could corrode their bodies and equipment.

However, ordinary Yellow Springs water was not very powerful; the soldiers on whom it was poured on would not immediately die, and they could use their energy to resist it.

This was the Yellow Springs Kingdom's goal, to weaken the soldiers so that by the time they scaled the walls, they would have to resist the corrosion of the Yellow Springs water while also fighting the Yellow Springs soldiers.

The Yellow Springs soldiers were focused on defending, and there were 1.3 billion soldiers on each side. With the items that Zhao Fu had prepared, they would be able to keep the attackers at bay and tie them down so that they could not reinforce the Ghost Tiger Kingdom's side.

The two sides quickly clashed, and the sounds of weapons colliding continuously sounded. Blood flew everywhere as people fell; the battle was incredibly intense.

Even though the enemy had superior numbers, the Yellow Springs soldiers and Great Qin's soldiers were stronger, and it seemed that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had the advantage.

Back on Zhao Fu's side, the battle between the two sides was incredibly intense. The allied forces were at a disadvantage because the previous few waves of attacks had sent them into chaos. They were unable to effectively defend against Great Qin's soldiers' attacks and could only rely on the soldiers at the back who were not in chaos.

The Desolate God raised a hand and a powerful aura spread out as bloody mist rose from the ground and formed bloody clouds in the sky. They gave off immense power and an enormous pressure spread out as blood-red light shot out from the clouds.

As the blood-red light fell on Great Qin's soldiers' bodies, Great Qin's soldiers felt a power attach to their bodies, making them stronger and causing their blood to boil, giving them even more will to fight.

The Desolate God's blessing made Great Qin soldiers even more ferocious, and as they attacked the allied forces, the allied forces were gradually pushed back.

Seeing that the allied forces were being suppressed, Zhao Fu gave a smile and disappeared.

The various Kings' expressions were quite grim. If this battle continued on like this, they would definitely lose. They did not have any power to change this – not only were the enemy's soldiers powerful, but they also had many tricks.

"Arghh!" A cry sounded out as everyone's hearts tightened and they turned to see a person in a black cloak appear behind a King. His sword stabbed through the King's heart, and blood leaked out of that King's mouth as his gaze became dim and he fell to the ground.

Even though they did not know who Zhao Fu was, Nation Armaments' powers blasted out as countless terrifying auras spread out, causing wild gales to blow out.

The enemy had dared to come here alone, and he only had Great Earth Realm Cultivation, causing everyone to coldly laugh; this was simply seeking death. This person most likely had an important mission from the Yellow Springs Kingdom, so the Kings did not think too much and gave off terrifying auras and rushed at Zhao Fu.

Seeing the incoming Kings, Zhao Fu smirked and exploded out with his Nation Armament's power. A powerful black aura flame blazed around his body, causing a powerful gale to spread out.


Zhao Fu slashed out and a massive blood-red sword light containing terrifying power slashed out, bringing with it a wave of blood-red sword wind. It cut apart five or six Kings' bodies, causing blood and limbs to fly everywhere.

The other Kings were greatly startled and their bodies froze as they looked at Zhao Fu with terror. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such terrifying power.

Zhao Fu had used his Nation Armament's power, which now had the power of nine worlds. It was only one away from becoming a Royal Kingdom, and it was not something that these Kings of tiny Kingdoms could compare to.

Seeing them all stand there in terror, Zhao Fu did not hold back and once again slashed out, sending out a sharp sword arc that seemed to slice the air apart, and a few heads fell to the ground as blood sprayed out of their necks.

Everyone else quickly came back to their senses. This person in front of them was a monster, and they immediately started to run.

Zhao Fu gave a cold smile as he chased behind the Kings. Some guards rushed up, wanting to protect their Kings, but they were easily slashed apart by Zhao Fu and were unable to stop him at all. The main army was tied down by Great Qin's soldiers, so they were unable to help either.

They were already losing, and now that their Kings had died, they lost even more morale. Some people even started to run away, and once there were a few people who started, more and more people started to run, causing their side to collapse.

Zhao Fu chased down the various Kings in the sky, while Great Qin's soldiers chased after the allied forces on the ground; Great Qin had won this battle.

However, Zhao Fu did not stop, and he ordered his soldiers to continue to charge and kill all enemies.

After hearing about the complete loss on the western side, the allied forces on the three other sides immediately retreated. They would not be able to break through the Yellow Springs Kingdom's defenses and already had suffered many losses. If they were pincered, they would definitely suffer a terrible defeat.

A few days later, Zhao Fu grinned as he looked at the 200 or so Nation Armaments in front of him. These Nation Armaments were from the Kingdoms that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had conquered, as well as from the allied forces on the western side.

These Nation Armaments all had ghost attributes and had the Underworld's Fate. They were not suitable to be used in the Heaven Awaken World, so it was best to use them for the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation.

Zhao Fu did not want to waste so many Nation Armament, so he planned to build a subsidiary formation for the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation here. After all, the Yellow Springs Kingdom in the Underworld was also a part of Great Qin and they could not just leave it out.

Soon, people had built towers in the Yellow Springs Kingdom, forming the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. It was not usable yet, and it required a portion of the main formation's power to be split off into it in order to use it.

Zhao Fu stood in the Yellow Spring Kingdom's main tower and started to split off some of the main formation's power. A massive formation appeared in Great Qin's territory and Heaven and Earth Power continuously gathered as a massive power entered the ground.


A powerful pillar of light blasted down from the sky and landed on the tower as a formless energy spread out. The entire magic formation was activated as the countless Underworld Nation Armament's gave off an intense light and enormous amounts of Underworld Power madly gathered, causing clouds to swirl.

Zhao Fu stood in front of the magic formation and the image of a book appeared. This was a subsidiary formation and did not need the actual core Nation Armament. A portion of the power of the core Nation Armament, the Book of God, was split here as well.

Massive amounts of Underworld Power flowed into the image of the book, causing it to give off a terrifying aura. It became more and more corporeal until it became a gray book. What made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised was that this book was called the 'Earth Book.'

At the same time, Zhao Fu received a system announcement that boundless Heaven and Earth Power had entered the Book of God and that its name had been changed to the 'Human Book.'

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