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The entire world heard of this news, making them feel incredibly shocked. They had never thought that Great Qin would be able to single handedly fight against the entire Fish Scale world and directly chase them out of the human world. Just how had Great Qin accomplished this?

Following this, more and more information flowed in, making everyone feel even more shocked. Great Qin had gone all out against the Fish Scale people in the Southern Continent, slaughtering billions of them and striking terror into their hearts.

Great Qin's power was so great that it did not even need any of them to act. No matter how dangerous it was, just Great Qin was enough; they did not have to worry about anything.

This was a cause for great celebration. Back then, the Fish Scale race had been incredibly arrogant and had said things like they could destroy the human world at any time, and they said that the humans were a low-grade race that they wanted to make slaves. Now, they knew to fear the humans.

As such, after hearing this news, some people could not help but cheer, and everyone smiled.

The 30% of people who had wanted to work with the Fish Scale people had bitter expressions on their faces. Now, they felt quite regretful; they had just wanted to stupidly destroy Great Qin. Now, they seemed incredibly naïve and ridiculous.

If they had participated, their outcome would have been like the Fish Scale people; they too would have been hunted down like sheep.

"Great Qin is mighty! Our human world does not have to worry anymore; Great Qin truly is a blessing to our human race." These people were incredibly thick-skinned and started to praise Great Qin. They remembered what they had said before, so if they did not change their stance, Great Qin might come and seek them out. The consequences would be unimaginable.

Everyone understood what these people were thinking, and they felt quite condescending but did not say much in response.

Tina Pendragon and Geoffrey soon recovered from their shock. They had never expected Great Qin to actually succeed and create a legend of resisting a world by itself. This was almost impossible, yet Great Qin had actually done it.

Thinking about how terrified and panicked they had been when the Fish Scale world had invaded, and how Great Qin had easily resolved this without any help from them, Tina Pendragon slightly sighed. She no longer felt as confident; very few people in this world could make her feel such respect, and Zhao Fu was the only person in the world who she admitted inferiority to.

Over at the Southern Continent, Zhao Fu stood in the sky as he looked at the Fish Scale people kneeling in front of him, a slight smile on his face. This plan had gone extremely smoothly, and he had also captured four billion Fish Scale people.

This was because the white magic formations only sucked out the oxygen from their bodies, making it seem as if they had died but not actually killing them.

Moreover, the white magic formations could only be used against people from the Water Race, as it was a method to suppress all people from the Water Race, but it was useless against other Races. This was because the white magic formation was created to target the bodies of people from the Water Race.

However, it could only be used on land; if the Fish Scale people entered the water, the white magic formation would be useless against them, as water could counter it.

Otherwise, Zhao Fu would not have waited for the Fish Scale people to invade; he could have directly rushed to their Fish Scale world and destroyed them instead of waiting like this.

Back then, after Zhao Fu had come out from the Heaven Spirit Stele, this was the reason why he had decided not to participate in the defense. It was something he had found using his Sovereign level account.

Because of the weakness of the white magic formations, Zhao Fu could only wait for a suitable time to act. Waiting for the Fish Scale world to take over the Southern Continent was the best way to deal a heavy blow to them while also easily obtaining the entire Southern Continent.

In actuality, the white magic formation was quite an outdated method of dealing with the Water Race, and it had been invented long ago. It was something that a talisman world had made to repel the invasion of a Water Race.

As long as the Water Race went on land, regardless if they were using things to help them breathe, the white magic formation would be able to extract the oxygen from their bodies. However, it was quite easy to counter if one found its weakness, and it could be countered by jumping into water or using a type of Water Oxygen Pill.

This type of pill not only provided oxygen but could also protect one's body and resist the suction force from the white magic formation as well. These Water Oxygen Pills were available in the outside world and only cost a few copper coins each.

However, the Fish Scale people did not know about this, and at the start, Zhao Fu did not know about it either. He only knew about this because of the information he had received from the Heaven Spirit Stele; that information had now proven to be incredibly useful.

That was the reason why Zhao Fu had stopped his army at the rift. Now that the Fish Scale people had returned to the water, the white magic formations would not be effective against them, so Great Qin naturally would not be able to attack them.

Now, it was time to deal with the four billion Fish Scale people. These people were all bound using ropes, and they all knelt with terrified expressions on their faces. Their bodies trembled, and all those who did not kneel or did not follow instructions would be directly killed. On the sides, there were small mountains of corpses.

Compared to the humans, the Fish Scale people were able to adapt to their circumstances better, and most people chose to submit, obediently kneeling in front of Zhao Fu.

Looking at those Fish Scale people, Zhao Fu felt that it would be too much of a pity to just kill them. Even though Great Qin had obtained the Southern Continent, it was essentially an empty shell, as there were barely any people there anymore.

If he could take in these four billion Fish Scale people, they would be of great help to Great Qin. After all, they had decent Cultivation and had greater battle intent than ordinary players. They could greatly increase Great Qin's battle strength. Right now, Great Qin greatly lacked people.

The various Ministers also suggested to Zhao Fu to take in these Fish Scale people, as there were massive benefits. In the end, Zhao Fu decided to accept them.

However, Zhao Fu did not trust the Fish Scale people very much, and there were four billion of them, which was nearly half of Great Qin's overall population. They had to be on their guard against these Fish Scale people.

As such, they had to control them properly, and a certain item became very useful. This was the Hidden Evil poison that Great Qin had obtained very early on, and Great Qin had greatly invested into it. This poison had helped them easily take down the Orc City.

Now, they could use the Hidden Evil Pills to control the Fish Scale people. That way, they would not have to worry about an uprising.

However, Zhao Fu was quite displeased with everything the Fish Scale people had done when they had conquered the Southern Continent. Even though Zhao Fu did not want to keep slaves, he decided to establish a citizen hierarchy.

The first level was Great Qin's ordinary residents who received full benefits, while the second level comprised of the low-class citizens.

For example, the four countries that had caused Great Qin to take a great loss had been listed as Level 1 Criminals. The Fish Scale people had dared to make humans slaves, which displeased Zhao Fu even more, so he made them Level 2 Criminals.

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