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Zhao Fu was not very confident as to whether or not he would actually be able to obtain an entire Continent. All he could do now was wait and make preparations for a counter-attack from the Fish Scale people. After all, Zhao Fu was not 100% confident in these white magic formations.

The ambassador returned to the Fish Scale world and told the leaders everything that Zhao Fu had said. Hearing that Zhao Fu had directly asked for an entire Continent, they felt quite angry, because not a single person in the Fish Scale world owned an entire Continent. And yet, Great Qin had asked for a Continent without even doing anything; that was one-seventh of their territory, and they felt quite angry that such a demand was being made. They were not being taken seriously at all.

Those gifts, such as the five billion gold coins, treasures, and top-tier beauties, were all gifts that they had spent a lot of effort to gather. Not only had they suffered such heavy losses, but they had also given money, treasures, and women; how could they not feel angry?

Great Qin's Legatee had accepted all of those things, but he still was not satisfied; he still wanted those Cities, the captured people, and an entire Continent. He was simply going too far.

"Great Qin's Legatee is being too outrageous; putting aside all of the money, treasures, and women we sent over, he still wants an entire Continent. He might as well be robbing us!" a Fish Scale person said.

However, others quickly rebutted him, "Even if he is robbing us, what can we do about it? If we don't want him to destroy the Fish Scale world, why do we have to act so pitifully; we should just attack Great Qin and kill everyone in Great Qin!"

"What should we do? Do we really have to give him an entire Continent? How could we do that?"

"That's right, how can we cede an entire Continent? That's not a decision for us to make."

"If we don't want to cede a Continent, we'll have to defend against Great Qin's invasion. We can use gifts to stall them, but Great Qin can still attack at any time. Don't tell me you all want to die together."

"How about we go all-out against Great Qin? We'll set up a large number of traps somewhere; worst comes to worst, we'll die together with Great Qin. At least that way, we won't have to suffer this kind of humiliation."

The people in the hall continuously debated as to what they should do. If Zhao Fu had asked for less, they definitely would have agreed in order to preserve their safety. However, Zhao Fu had asked for simply too much, making it so that everyone's opinions were quite divided. Some people wanted to compromise while others wanted to die with Great Qin.

A robed elder cleared his throat and coughed a few times. This elder was quite famous within the Fish Scale world, and hearing his coughs, everyone settled down and looked towards him.

The elder said, "I think we can agree to Great Qin's Legatee's demands. The Netherwater Continent is the Continent closest to the human world, and it is in great danger right now anyways. People are continuously escaping from there, and if we spread news that Great Qin will commit a slaughter in the Netherwater Continent, there will naturally be no people there anymore.

"That way, we can cede the Netherwater Continent to Great Qin but also increase everyone's hatred towards Great Qin in order to make a counter-attack in the future.

"Moreover, the Netherwater Continent only has 5,000 or so regions, and because it is the smallest Continent, it will not be a great loss.

"We also received a piece of useful news: Those four billion people are not dead and have instead submitted to Great Qin. However, do you really think so many Fish Scale people would have completely submitted to a human? This is not very possible, and we can use them to destroy Great Qin in the future together. Furthermore, even though the Netherwater Continent will be given to the humans, the power will still be in our hands.

"Of course, the main issue is right now. As long as he signs a Blood Contract, one of the highest-grades of Contracts in the Heaven Awaken World, it will be almost impossible for him to break it, and the Contract's power will be passed down with his bloodline.

"If we agree to his demands, the Fish Scale world will be safe for at least three years, and we will not have to worry about the threat of Great Qin. Will we not be able to find a way to deal with Great Qin in three year? When the time comes, we will pay them back ten times over.

"Given all of those considerations, I feel that we can agree to his demands. In the end, the Continent will still be ours, and Great Qin will be taken down by us."

After hearing the elder's words, everyone fell into their own thoughts. It seemed that they could only do this for now, or else how would they stop Great Qin? They could only cede a Continent, or else the entire Fish Scale world would perish. They did not want to die like this.

Over at the Southern Continent, Zhao Fu received their reply and was surprised to find that they had actually agreed. Because of the weaknesses of the white magic formations, he did not dare to attack the Fish Scale world at all. If he pushed them too far or showed any weakness, Great Qin would not be able to gain anything, so he had been prepared to bargain.

Hearing that they would receive an entire Continent just like that, Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh. His gains this time were simply too great and too surprising.

Zhao Fu had long since made plans regarding this. The Fish Scale world had seven Continents, and now that Great Qin was going to take the Netherwater Continent, the closest one was the Darkwater Continent, where Zhao Fu already controlled the largest system faction.

In three years, that faction would be able to conquer the Darkwater Continent. When that time came, the human world would no longer be threatened by the Fish Scale world. Zhao Fu would be able to focus on unifying the human world.

With two out of the seven Continents belonging to Great Qin, the remaining five Continents would have no power against Great Qin, which would have unified an entire world. That was the reason why Zhao Fu was willing to sign a Blood Contract.

Four days later, it was time to sign the Blood Contract. They met near the rift, and Zhao Fu brought his ten or so Generals while the other side had hundreds of people.

There was a magic formation here that prevented fighting, as the Fish Scale people were afraid of Zhao Fu killing them all in one fell swoop.

After meeting, the Fish Scale people gave a few fake smiles and politely chatted with Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu responded in kind. They then discussed the contents of the Blood Contract, and after some negotiations, they came to an agreement.

The people from both sides cut their palms, causing blood to flow out and fly into the sky, fusing together to form a blood-red orb. It gave off an intense light, and blood-red words fell from the sky.

These blood-red words were the contents of the Blood Contract, and after displaying themselves, they once again gathered together before turning into countless blood-red runes that shot into the bodies of the people from both sides, forming the Contract.

As compensation for invading the human world, the Fish Scale world ceded land, gave money, treasures, and beauties, making them feel quite humiliated. However, they had at least preserved the Fish Scale world, and with this Blood Contract, they would have peace for three years.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin with a big grin on his face and started to go through the gains from this battle. They were quite shocking, and Great Qin had benefited greatly.

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