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First, there were the two Continents that Great Qin had obtained. One was the Southern Continent and the other was the Netherwater Continent. They now both belonged to Great Qin. No faction had been able to do such a thing yet; even though Great Qin was quite powerful, it did not have the strength to unify an entire Continent.

Gaining two Continents was simply incredible, and ordinary factions could not even dream of such a thing.

Apart from the two Continents, they had also obtained four billion Fish Scale people, the one billion captured humans, and 7,000 or so Cities.

It was possible that the one billion humans and 7,000 Cities were not everything that the Fish Scale people had taken, but the Fish Scale people had already taken a great step back and Zhao Fu did not want to push them too much; after all, all of this had been obtained through bluffing.

Now that they had signed a Blood Contract, he did not need to worry about the threat of the Fish Scale people. Even if there were more rifts, he would not have to worry.

The Southern Continent now belonged to Great Qin. If the Fish Scale people attacked again, it would be Great Qin responsible for defending. It would be impossible for Great Qin to stop another invasion, which was why Zhao Fu wanted to sign the Blood Contract.

As for the five billion people and 7,000 or so Cities, Zhao Fu did not plan to bring them back to Great Qin, and he instead had them reside in the two Continents. After all, he needed some of his forces to be stationed here instead of gathering them all at the Midland Continent. If they did not defend properly, it would be quite easy to lose these Continents.

Zhao Fu left the one billion humans in the Southern Continent. Because Great Qin had rescued them from the Fish Scale people and they had gone through horrible things, they were incredibly loyal to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu also left one billion Fish Scale people there and 2,000 Cities. The remaining people and Cities were stationed in the Darkwater Continent.

The human world was Great Qin's domain, so it did not matter if their force in the Southern Continent was not very strong. If there was any danger, Great Qin would be able to act at any time. However, the Darkwater Continent was quite far away, so they needed more defenses there.

However, Zhao Fu did not trust the Fish Scale people, and allowing the Fish Scale people to live in the Fish Scale world was like letting a tiger back into the mountains. Even though he used the Hidden Evil Pills, the chance of them turning on him were quite great.

As such, Zhao Fu had to change their thinking and truly make them part of Great Qin as opposed to being Fish Scale people. Only if they stood with Great Qin would he be able to use them in battle.

They had to first learn Chinese and Great Qin's culture, slowly changing them. He also had to prohibit any interactions with the other Continents, because if they could communicate with the other Fish Scale people, their hearts definitely would not remain with Great Qin.

As such, he had to change their thinking and make them feel that there was no hope in returning to the Fish Scale side; only then would they truly submit to Great Qin.

Moreover, for those who became truly loyal to Great Qin, Zhao Fu gave special benefits, as this would also influence others. Humans weren't the only ones who were self-serving and greedy; this was something common to all living creatures.

Three years was not a short amount of time, and it would be enough time to properly incorporate them into Great Qin. When that time came, it would be much easier for Great Qin to take down the Fish Scale world. After all, Great Qin's aquatic battle prowess could not compare to the Fish Scale people.

The Southern Continent was now an empty Continent without any people or Cities. As such, there was no need to do any clearing, and they could directly build a Great Wall and make this Great Qin's territory.

As for the Netherwater Continent, almost all of the factions had moved away. However, there were still a few Villages here and there, so they needed to be cleared out.

However, there were not many of these Villages, so it was quite easy to clear them out. Of course, Zhao Fu would not leave the entire Continent to the Fish scale people; Zhao Fu had Wang Jian take 100 million soldiers there and had them stationed there.

With the Blood Contract, Hidden Evil Pills, and Wang Jian stationed there, Zhao Fu did not have to worry much about the things in the Fish Scale world.

Now, he just needed to properly develop the Darkwater Continent and unify another Continent. If he could do that, things would be perfect.

When he thought of this, Zhao Fu gave a slight, happy smile. After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. By now, many factions had sent letters of congratulations, and even though Great Qin was not intending to help them, they had still stopped the Fish Scale invasion.

Zhao Fu handed all of the letters to Li Si; he had no interest in reading through them. He could already guess what they contained. Most of it would just be all sorts of flattery.

However, after a while, Li Si brought over 20 letters and said, "Your Majesty, these letters are asking for the return of the Southern Continent, as that was their Continent before. They request that Great Qin leave the Southern Continent, and they are willing to provide some compensation."

"Eh?" Zhao Fu could not help but wonder if he had heard incorrectly. Those people wanted him to give all those regions to them – were they idiots?

Back when the Fish Scale world had invaded, they had abandoned the Southern Continent and relocated to other Continents, allowing the Fish Scale people to conquer it. Now, they had the gall to say that it was their Continent and ask Great Qin to go away. Even though it would not be much trouble for Great Qin to leave, how could they do such a thing?

And as for the compensation, how could Zhao Fu be interested in that? Zhao Fu coldly laughed and said, "If they want it, they can take it for themselves; however, giving it to them is an other matter. If they are willing to submit to Great Qin, that's another matter. Great Qin only has one principle: either submit or perish."

Hearing this, Li Si felt a bit hesitant and said, "Your Majesty, the Southern Continent had 20,000 Cities that relocated to other Continents. If they join Qin Suppression to take back the Southern Continent, Great Qin will be facing a great threat."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled, as that was quite possible. 20,000 Cities was a great threat to Great Qin and was not something that could be resolved easily. Moreover, he could not use the same method he used against the Fish Scale people against them.

However, they would not dare to make any moves against Great Qin for now. After all, they did not know just how Great Qin had sent all of those Fish Scale people into retreat, and they were most likely worried that Great Qin would use those methods on them.

Right now, it looked like Great Qin's strength had greatly increased, but its situation had not yet settled down. It had not yet assimilated all of those people and Cities, and if they attacked, Great Qin would be in a tough spot.

It seemed that they could only quickly assimilate these people and make Great Qin truly powerful; only then would they not fear an assault from these people.

Right now, even though they wanted Great Qin to return those regions to them, Zhao Fu definitely would not agree. His stance was firmly, "Take it for yourselves or submit."

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