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Those words made everyone originally from the Southern Continent incredibly displeased. Facing Great Qin's condescending and resolute words, they started to think about joining Qin Suppression to destroy Great Qin.

However, Great Qin was currently at its peak. It had just sent the Fish Scale world into retreat all by itself, and the Fish Scale other world had even given a Continent, money, treasures, and women as compensation.

As such, they did not even dare to try to resist Great Qin right now. Now that Great Qin was so powerful, they were quite terrified of Zhao Fu laying his hands on them, so even though they felt quite displeased, they still held it in.

However, everyone was still quite confused as to why Great Qin would compromise with the Fish Scale world instead of rushing over and destroying all of them.

Even though it was the Fish Scale world who had taken the initiative in begging for mercy, there would be much greater benefits in destroying the Fish Scale world. Because of this, many people could not understand why Great Qin had done this.

Most ordinary people did not think too much about this as they were now safe. They just did not want something like this to happen again.

Great Qin quickly cleared out regions as the entire human world enjoyed a time of peace again. Everyone lived harmoniously with each other, and many people started to praise Great Qin for chasing away the Fish Scale people, making it seem as if Great Qin was the pride and joy of the human race.

However, this only lasted for one month.

At first, some Chinese factions sent out a few waves of soldiers to test Great Qin. Even though they were easily destroyed by Great Qin, seeing that Great Qin did not attack them in response, they confirmed their guesses.

That immense pressure instantly disappeared. During this month, the Chinese factions had felt quite miserable, as they were always worried that Great Qin would attack them. After all, compared to the Fish Scale people, Great Qin would want to destroy them more.

On one hand, it would allow Great Qin to unify the Midland Continent, and on the other hand, the hatred between them that was simply irreconcilable by this point. This hatred would not disappear until one of them was gone.

However, after waiting a month, they found that Great Qin had simply been quickly clearing out regions and did not show even a trace of attacking them. This made them feel quite surprised, and it made them think about the matter of Great Qin not attacking the Fish Scale world.

This was incredibly suspicious; since Great Qin had such immense strength, why did they not destroy the Fish Scale world in one fell swoop? And why did they not unify the Midland Continent? With that sort of power, unifying an entire world would be no problem.

However, Great Qin had not done any of that, which was incredibly suspicious. Before, they had not dared to do anything, but after a month of silence, they could not help but test the waters, and they confirmed their suspicions.

They could now tell that the methods that Great Qin had used against the Fish Scale people would be ineffective against them, and this greatly reduced the pressure on them. Since Great Qin did not have such terrifying methods, they naturally did not fear Great Qin as much.

Many things that people did not dare to say started to be expressed.

"Why didn't Great Qin destroy the Fish Scale world? They're our enemies and killed so many of us, yet Great Qin spared them; they have to give us a reason. I'm not impressed at all."

"That's right; why didn't Great Qin destroy the Fish Scale world? Hurry up and give us an explanation. Didn't the Fish Scale world kill so many of us, and isn't there great hatred between us? Putting aside you not taking revenge for us, you actually spared them and actually took in some Fish Scale people; are you even fit to be called a human? You're a traitor!"

"I also think it's quite unreasonable. The Fish Scale people gave compensation of land and money, but it all went to Great Qin; what about all those humans who died fighting? That money should be given to their family and friends; Great Qin, don't be too selfish!"

"I'm not a fan of them taking in Fish Scale people; they're the enemies of humanity and they'll rebel sooner or later. Moreover, they're stained with human blood. I don't support what Great Qin's doing at all."

Some people who were dissatisfied with how Great Qin had done things started to ask Great Qin for an explanation and asked Great Qin to change their approach.

At the same time, some people started to question the way Great Qin had chased the Fish Scale people out.

"If Great Qin is so powerful, why did they not act from the start, resulting in two billion or so people dying? Those people can be said to have died for nothing. Would this have happened if Great Qin had acted from the start?"

"You also praised Great Qin before, saying that they were incredibly mighty, saved the world, and that they were the greatest defense of the human world. What a joke!"

Now that they thought of it, they realized that Great Qin also had some blame in so many people dying. If they had acted earlier, those people would not have died, and the Southern Continent would not have been conquered.

Moreover, many people guessed that the Fish Scale people only wanted to destroy Great Qin and that they would not destroy the human world. It could be seen that there was great hatred between them and Great Qin; it must have been that Great Qin had offended the Fish Scale people in some way, yet they had hidden behind the rest of the human world, resulting in the Southern Continent taking the hit. People started to claim that this was all a scheme by Great Qin, that they had killed so many people to obtain the Southern Continent.

Now, people had reduced all the things Great Qin had done to nothing and had instead made it seem incredibly wicked. Why were righteous people not allying together to punish Great Qin together? If everyone allied together, would Great Qin still dare to act like this?

The Southern Continent factions had hoped that Great Qin would leave their territory; if they did so, they would not blame Great Qin for their losses. However, Great Qin had to quickly give back their land.

If Great Qin did as it pleased and did not show the true owners of the Southern Continent respect, then they would have no other choice but to ally together and sanction Great Qin.

The Southern Continent factions all wished to return to the Southern Continent, because that was the place they were familiar with. That was also where their Legacies had come from, and it was their true home.

Another reason was that they were not well-received by the other Continents. The people from those Continents did not like outsiders staying in their territory. They wanted them to leave as soon as possible, or else they would be chased out. This was completely opposite to their attitude from before.

Great Qin did not make any response to this. Everyone started to condemn Great Qin, saying that it was a blight to the human world. The Southern Continent's large factions started to ally with the Chinese factions in order to punish Great Qin.

On September three, a bright and clear day, the Chinese factions allied with the Southern Continent factions and commenced their operation to take back the Southern Continent, while Great Qin also quickly responded.

Zhao Fu looked at the memorial in his hand, and his gaze became cold. He threw it to the ground and walked out.

Li Si respectfully followed behind Zhao Fu and asked, "Your Majesty, how should we act?"

Zhao Fu gave off a cold aura as he responded in a domineering tone without even turning around, "Refine the Clan Armament and destroy China."

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