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Zhao Fu's expression was quite unsightly as he looked at the Imperial Ruler's Seal that had actually stood on the side of the rest of China. He felt quite furious, a wave of killing intent flowing out of his heart as he decided not to hold back anymore.


An extremely terrifying aura burst out of Zhao Fu's body, and the Great Qin Seal continuously trembled, giving off waves of even greater power.

An enormous flame erupted around Zhao Fu, spreading out to the 50 meters around him. It was hundreds of metres tall, and the terrifying shockwaves rippled out like wild gales. Bolts of black lightning rampaged around him, making it seem like an apocalyptic scene.

The Imperial Ruler's Scene was bathed by the black flames, but it continued to give off an intense golden light. The nine small, golden dragons around it made it so that the black flames could not invade it at all.

"Roarrr…" Nine domineering dragon's roars sounded out, shaking the sky. The Great Qin Seal's nine black dragons turned into 1,000 meter long massive dragons, savagely looking at the Imperial Ruler's Seal as they encircled it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three massive stars, giving off boundless power, appeared in the sky and gradually descended, shaking the entire world and causing the heavens and earth to dim.

One was blood-red and gave off a disastrous aura, one was golden and gave off an Emperor's aura, and one was gray and gave off a ghostly aura.

The three massive stars all gave off different-colored lights and appeared in the sky. Those terrifying auras were like floods that swept throughout the entire world, making the entire world feel afraid and fall silent.

However, the abnormal signs did not stop there. Explosions continued to sound out as powerful auras continued to appear. The first was the Twelve Metal Colossi, giving off an intense bronze light; the second was a stone staff that gave off an immense destructive power…

Nation Armaments continuously appeared by Zhao Fu's body, causing his power to reach monstrous heights. It was as if the world was going to crumble, and even gods had to make way before him.

Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes gave off a trace of anger as he grabbed at the air, and a massive formless energy grasped the Imperial Ruler's Seal. The Imperial Ruler's Seal continuously trembled, and it gave off a golden light as it resisted Zhao Fu and tried to break free.

"If you continue to resist, We will turn you to dust!" a cold voice filled with ruthlessness sounded out, causing the struggling Imperial Ruler's Seal to quieten down and show some fear. The nine golden dragons looked at Zhao Fu in fear and huddled together, because they felt that Zhao Fu really would destroy them.


The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation once again activated and countless traces of Fate madly gathered and entered the Imperial Ruler's Seal. The Fate started to liquify and then solidify, and a crystal ball once again surrounded the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

Under Zhao Fu's immense pressure, the Imperial Ruler's Seal did not dare to move at all, allowing the Fate to enter it.

Abnormal signs once again appeared in the sky, and that heart-gripping feeling once again could be felt. The various Chinese factions were still celebrating, and at that moment, their expressions fell. However, they were not too worried, because the Imperial Ruler's Seal had sided with them.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The various factions once again guided their Fate, and pillars of light shot into the sky as dragons once again appeared, giving off mighty auras.

"We refuse to submit to Great Qin's tyranny! We refuse to submit to Great Qin's tyranny! We refuse to submit to Great Qin's tyranny!…"

The countless ordinary people also loudly shouted, pushing their wills of resistance into the Imperial Ruler's Seal to have it also resist Great Qin. It was best for it to leave Great Qin's control and return to their hands.

Everyone had been filled with confidence, because the Imperial Ruler's Seal had chosen to stand on their side. They believed that they would succeed again, but they were disappointed this time. The Imperial Ruler's Seal did not struggle this time in response to their resistance and instead sent over a feeling of terror.

"What's going on? Why is the Imperial Ruler's Seal feeling terror?" The Chinese people's expressions fell as the factions continued to guide the Heaven and Earth Fate while the countless ordinary people continued to loudly shout, trying to make the Imperial Ruler's Seal resist and prevent Great Qin from refining it.

Si Ji, Liu Ye, Ji Shenming, and the others did not hide any of their strength, because this was already the crucial moment.

Dragons' roars continuously sounded out, causing China's aura to become incredibly chaotic; the weather also continuously changed, going from intense sunlight to torrential rain to thunderstorms.

Under this terrifying weather, countless beasts ran about in terror, trying to find places to hide.

After sensing those terrifying ripples from China, everyone else from the other Continents felt quite shocked. Great Qin and the rest of China were going through the final tussle; the winner would be the king and the loser would be the bandit. It was quite likely that after this, China would be unified; only people from China could cause a disturbance like this.

This time, the Chinese side was left disappointed – no matter how much they shouted or tried to guide the Heaven and Earth Fate to resist Great Qin, the Imperial Ruler's Seal did not respond, only emanating fear and terror.

Now, the golden light that the Imperial Ruler's Seal gave off was much dimmer, and under Zhao Fu's cold and savage glare, it did not dare to move at all, for fear of Zhao Fu reducing it to ashes. Moreover, even if it resisted, it would not succeed.

As the massive amounts of Fate gathered, a 100 meter wide crystal ball appeared in the sky, successfully entering the next step of refining, which was fusing Great Qin's Fate.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and countless traces of Great Qin's Fate gathered and flowed into the crystal ball, and the Imperial Ruler's Seal received Great Qin's Fate in fear.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu said coldly, "Today you will become Great Qin's Clan Armament. Before, Great Qin was part of China, and you were originally created by Great Qin. As such, you should not resist; Great Qin's potential is far greater than that of those other people."

The Imperial Ruler's Seal was powerless to resist at this point, and it could only accept Zhao Fu's words. It completely gave up on resisting and started to absorb Great Qin's Fate.

Immediately, all Chinese people felt their bloodlines grow cold, and their expressions became incredibly unsightly, because in the end, they were unable to stop Great Qin from refining the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

As Great Qin's Fate continuously flowed in, the Imperial Ruler's Seal started to go through changes. The aura of the rest of China began to disappear as Great Qin's aura began to take over the Imperial Ruler's Seal. In the end, the Imperial Ruler's Seal was refined by Great Qin.

The crystal ball turned into dust and gradually dissipated, revealing the Imperial Ruler's Seal within, which gave off an even nobler aura. It gave off brilliant golden light that shined down on Great Qin, and all subjects of Great Qin felt their bloodlines burn as their power gradually became greater.

The rest of China's faces became pale and everyone coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Their auras became much weaker as if they had been heavily injured.

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