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Beside her, a blonde woman quickly blocked in front of her and knelt down to plead for mercy, "Please let my daughter off; do whatever you want to me."

The blonde woman was extremely beautiful, and her body was quite mature. Her breasts were mesmerizing, and as many people looked at this woman, they could not help but marvel. It was as if she had once been a famous idol.

A trace of a smile appeared on the young man's face, and he said, "Bring her back as well. Even though she does not have much Phoenix Qi, perhaps His Majesty will like her more. If we're able to bring women who can please His Majesty, we'll be rewarded greatly."

Hearing this, the soldiers all looked delighted, and a few soldiers went up to bring the mother and daughter out. The woman had never thought that not only would she not be able to save her daughter but also be dragged in as well. Seeing the smiles on Great Qin's soldiers' faces, she could only kneel on the ground and weep as she pleaded.

The young man walked over and cut them off in English, saying, "We're going to take you to serve Great Qin's Majesty. This is good for you so don't cry."

Hearing this, the women all let out a sigh of relief, and their grief turned into joy. They were quite willing to serve peak-level figures like him because there were unimaginable benefits. As such, they were willing to give their bodies.

The Northern Continent was now quite empty, with only 20% of its forces left; how could they resist Great Qin? After all, even when they were at the peak of their strength, they could not stop Great Qin.

Great Qin continuously conquered regions, while on the frontlines, the Northern Continent army withdrew as well. Seeing Geoffrey retreat, Ye Cang did not give chase and started to conquer regions on the boundary.

Great Qin had already occupied the region that the Church was in, and Great Qin was a step away from conquering the City Heart. Zhao Fu was waiting here for Geoffrey to return.

The Church could also be called the Protestant Church, and it had split off from the Vatican. Its roots could be traced back to the Renaissance, and the birth of America was also a big reason for the creation of the Protestant Church.

Great Qin now had rough control over the Northern Continent. Because of their alliance in the past, Zhao Fu decided to at least give Geoffrey a chance to surrender. As one of the eight Legatees, Geoffrey was naturally incredibly powerful and would be a great help to Great Qin.

Otherwise, Zhao Fu would have directly taken over the Protestant Church's City and had Ye Cang kill him.

A while later, Geoffrey led his people back to the City. Seeing the scene in front of him, his heart plummeted, and his face became pale as he looked at Zhao Fu waiting for him. In that instant, he immediately understood Zhao Fu's intentions.

"What's your decision?" Zhao Fu did not beat around the bush and directly asked Geoffrey.

Geoffrey felt quite angry – the Dark Demon world was invading, yet Great Qin was stabbing them in the back, causing the frontlines to collapse. The Dark Demon people had already entered the human world.

He had personally witnessed the power of the Dark Demon people, and he knew that the human world was facing a terrifying crisis. He could tell that this was not even the Dark Demon world's full strength, while the Northern Continent was already finding it very difficult to defend.

Great Qin had essentially let the Dark Demon people into the human world, and billions of people would be doomed. Even Geoffrey, who had such a good personality, felt incredibly angry.

"Sir, we must never submit to Great Qin. We suffered heavy losses all because of the shameless things Great Qin did!"

"Sir! We mustn't submit. It's better for the Church to be destroyed than to submit to Great Qin!"

"Sir! The light will be with us. Let us use the last of our lives to purify Great Qin's evil!"

Twenty-four Caucasian women wearing white robes and giving off powerful Light-attribute auras appeared around Geoffrey. These women were all incredibly beautiful and had graceful figures. They were all one in a million beauties.

After they appeared, they immediately started to try to persuade Geoffrey that it was better to die than submit to Great Qin. They also talked about how dark and evil, as well as shameless, Great Qin was.

If they had said this in private, it would not have been a great deal, but they dared to say it in front of Zhao Fu himself. No one had such guts.

Clang, clang, clang…

The sounds of chains rang out, causing Geoffrey's expression to fall. Before he could react, countless chains shot out from the air towards the women with immense force. Just as the women's bodies were about to be pierced, Geoffrey cried out, "Wait, don't kill them!"

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he waved his hand, causing the chains to change their trajectory and bind the women up. Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying power, they could not resist at all. No matter how they struggled, they could not break free.

"What do you think? We have treated you well already and have even waited for you. Ordinarily, We would have killed you already. This is your last chance," Zhao Fu said as he looked at Geoffrey with his terrifying eyes.

If Geoffrey did not agree, Zhao Fu would immediately give the order to stamp out the Church and kill everyone.

Geoffrey sighed, "Great Qin's Legatee, if I submit, will you have the strength to defend against this invasion?"

Zhao Fu inwardly laughed. This invasion had been started by him, so he could naturally do as he wished. There was no need to even defend.

Of course, Zhao Fu would not tell this to him, so he just nodded. "Since We did such a thing, We naturally have the power to defeat the Dark Demon race. There is no need for you to worry."

Hearing this, Geoffrey was able to relax. He had guessed this already but wanted to make sure.

"Alright, I'll submit to Great Qin! However, please respect our values – we won't help Great Qin kill as it pleases, but we will do our best to serve Great Qin."

The women bound up by chains hurriedly cried out, "Sir, don't submit to Great Qin!"

"Ahhhh…" Many pained cries sounded out as the chains around them suddenly tightened, making them feel immense pain.

Geoffrey hurriedly said, "Great Qin's Majesty, I've already decided to submit and won't change my mind."

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he waved his hand, causing the chains to release the women. Now that Geoffrey had submitted, he could face the other two Continents. Much time had passed, and they had most likely broken through the Void Zones by now.

Geoffrey looked at the sad-looking women and comforted them, saying, "Even though Great Qin is cold and bloodthirsty to outsiders, the inside of Great Qin is not as you think. The residents live happily and lead peaceful lives. The environment there is suitable for spreading our beliefs. Only a Kingdom like Great Qin can unify the human world. We should go with this; it's better than the Church being destroyed, at least."

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