The Lust System
56 Talk 2
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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56 Talk 2

In the end, they had to agree with what Lydia said. Max took the chance to check her out as he couldn't help but compare her present delicate appearance to how cool she looked when she was fighting.

While she was fighting, Lydia was displaying a huge amount of confidence that made it look like she was just playing. Even when their fight ended, not a single scratch can be seen on her clothes.

Max wondered how long has it been since she started training because from how she fought, he knew that he won't stand a chance against her if he were to only use his body strength and his purple lightning.

"Seeing that we don't know any more about it, let's put this aside for now."

"Next would be about Awakeneds."

Yu'er moved on to the main reason they were here as she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

All of them didn't know where to start as they looked at each other.

"So we agree that all of us were Awakeneds right?"

Layla focused her gaze on her, still not believing what she heard.

"You really are...?"


"Since when?"

"The same with Max. A long long time ago."

Layla couldn't believe that she had been an Awakened for a long time. Not only that, what she was surprised the most was an Awakened managed to hide among them at school.

It made her think that maybe there were more Awakeneds hiding in there, committing to her memory that she should be warier at school just in case.

"By the way, please keep it a secret to anyone. Even if they're close to you. Okay?"

Layla and Lydia nodded as they knew the seriousness of this and as they're close friends, they wouldn't do anything to put them in danger.

"Don't tell anyone about us too okay?"

Once she finished saying this, Layla felt the heavy feeling inside her disappear. Her face became brighter as all her problems were now been resolved.

Furthermore, seeing that nothing changed between them made her happier. She looked at Lydia who also felt the same as her, to Max who was lying down on the bed with a relaxed expression.

She knew that everything went surprisingly well. Not even close to what she was imagining would happen.

There was also one more thing that contributed to her happiness. It was about Lydia's relationship with Max.

Now that Max was an Awakened, she doesn't need to speak with Lydia about it anymore as there's no problem with two Awakeneds being in a relationship.

She thought there are even Awakeneds who have multiple women out there. An image came to her mind with her grabbing Max's arm and her little sister grabbing him on the other side.

Her face blushed as she slightly shook her head wanting to forget it. But the time when Max was having sex with her little sister kept playing on her mind.

She clearly remembered Lydia's face filled with pleasure as she moaned out, imagining how good it must have felt for her to be like that.

Thinking about Max's dick, her eyes gleamed with desire as her crotch started to get wet.

'Why am I thinking about this.'

Layla thought about different things to forget about it. She didn't notice her little sister glancing at her as her eyes were shining weirdly, random thoughts run across her mind.

As their main problem was resolved and their relationship seemed to not have any changes, Yu'er didn't waste the opportunity to get more information.

"Hey, do you know any happenings in this city? Do we have to watch out for something? Any news at all?"

"We're not sure about this. I think there was an increase in the number of rogue Awakeneds going in this city."

"Maybe it was only a coincidence. But it wouldn't hurt to be more careful."

"How much money are they getting anyways? Couldn't they just you know steal it?"

Max had some thoughts about stealing money from others. After all, he has the capability and he wasn't someone that was kind-hearted enough to avoid doing those things.

In the past, he had fantasies of cleaning businesses of all their money if he had superpowers and when Xiao Ming arrived, it was the trigger that made him consider doing that.

But he didn't understand why would Awakeneds work for normal people only for money if they can just steal it from them.

It was contradicting as Awakeneds can do dirty work for others but they can't do it for their own personal gains. Basically, why work for someone if they can just get it themselves.

"They can. The amount of money they get from one job was minimum in the hundreds of millions."

"The businesses that have those amount of money would definitely have an answer to robbers, even when they're Awakeneds."

"There are some Awakened organization that offers security services. Those people are annoying, acting like heroes."

"How did you know all that?"

Max looked attentively at Layla as from her words, she probably had the thought of doing it in the past.

Layla only responded with a smile that Max gave up knowing more about it as he knew that he won't be getting an answer no matter what.

Now that she thought about it, Alice asked her if Max was an Awakened. Did she know about it back then? Layla didn't think so as if Alice knew about it, she would definitely warn her.

'Maybe it was her intuition? Or she saw something from Max? Her skill was something about looking at people so that's definitely possible.'

"Just a heads up, Alice has some suspicions about you being an Awakened."

Layla didn't bother hiding it as she notified Max about Alice. It's not like she was supposed to keep it a secret as Alice never hid her identity from other people.

"So she was really an Awakened? She had been staring at me throughout the party that I was almost certain that she was the same."

"Yeah. She doesn't care if people know that she's an Awakened. She said there's no point and it would do more good than bad if people knew about it. It's not like people will know what skill I have, she also said."

"What do you think about her?"

"She isn't a bad person. We've been close for a few years now. If she came off to you as a scheming person, it was because she was born in a business-minded family."

"Calculating and analyzing things on her mind before she makes a decision was normal for her. She said logical decisions are what's gets you an edge compared to normal people as they include feelings in their decisions."

"So don't mind her habit of coming off as a scheming woman. She doesn't care about what people think of her, but don't distance yourself away from her just because of that."

"She's a nice person that helped me so much through the years."

Layla told her what she thinks about Alice, not realizing that she was slowly trusting them more and more.

After a few more exchanges, they talked and laughed like how they usually do in the past. Max felt that Layla and Lydia were treating him better compared to the last time they were here.

It's not like he has a problem with it. In fact, it made him more comfortable around them, considering them as his first real friends.
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    《The Lust System》