The Lust System
113 Temptress R-18
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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113 Temptress R-18

No one broke the silence. Max and Layla could only stare at each other's eyes.

Until now, Max's dick was still in between her butt cheeks. Though Max wasn't saying anything, his mind kept running.

He barged into Layla showering, and at this time, his dick was in between her ass, sliding against her warm lips.

The worst thing was, his dick kept on twitching, hitting her from below. Layla's seductive body stuck against Max while his hand was on her soapy breasts.

They could hear their breathing; still, not one of them moved away.

"Hmm? You're making a move on me?"

In the end, the first one to speak was Layla, from her teasing expression, she doesn't seem to be bothered by anything, not even the object between her legs.

"S-Sorry, I thought..."

Although Max had an apologetic expression, his eyes never stopped roaming her body. She had the most beautiful body he had ever seen.

The perfect amount of curves on her body, and large, firm breasts enough to keep his hands busy, and her meaty thighs on her long glossy legs.

Because of the sensational pleasure that Max was feeling on his dick, he couldn't help but thrust his waist a bit, rubbing his dick in her ass and legs.

"Like what your feeling?"

Layla gave out an enchanting smile while her eyes shined in a mischievous light.


Max pulled back his hands from her perky breasts, feeling her nipples slide on his fingers.

However, as he pulled back his dick, Layla's hand shot out to grab it firmly with one hand.

Max gave a small groan; her soft hand around his dick felt unbelievable. His dick repeatedly twitched on her hand.

"Want my help with this?"

Layla's seductive smile made Max dazedly stare for a moment when she moved her hand, stroking him slowly and gently.

Max could only watch her as she played with his dick using her hand. Now that Layla was facing him, Max was able to see her naked body close up.


Moving deliberately slowly, Layla grasped his throbbing dick with her slender fingers repeatedly rubbing it.

Layla looked as though she was enjoying it. Max stared at his dick as it moved in and out of her hand.

Her fingers, felt soft and smooth, sliding on his hard-on. Layla didn't rush her movements. She lightly gripped his dick, playfully stroking him off.

Occasionally, her fingertips would massage the sensitive head, stimulating Max to experience great pleasure.

Her other hand was also not lazing around. Layla was touching and playing with his balls, scratching the skin on the underside while gently grasping and tugging them.

Max was in ecstasy. He was experiencing immense pleasure from Layla's delicate fingers, trying to delay the feeling of his climax from getting closer.

The temptation and sensation were too strong for Max to do anything else but enjoy Layla's skillful hand.

As she stroked him, Max looked everywhere, her hand, her breasts, her long legs, and enchanting face.

Max couldn't believe what was happening. He got in the wrong shower, and now Layla was sliding her hands all over his dick, and it felt so good.

Her gentle yet nimble rhythmic strokes felt amazing; Max wanted it to last for a long time.

Layla focused on his dick while sometimes looking at him with her entrancing eyes. Her strokes became faster, pleasuring the head of his dick by giving it a little squeeze on each stroke.

Fluids from his dick were now flowing on her hand, making her strokes more slippery and the head of his dick shine from the amount pouring out.

Max stared at her pure looking face and devilish looking body, enjoying the sensation of her hand running up and down his dick.

The whole time, Layla didn't speak, only rubbing Max with her soft and flexible hands.

This, by far, was one of the best experiences he had. Mostly because of the person who was doing it.

Layla. Someone he had been eyeing but knowing she was an Awakened, Max had to be cautious about each of his actions, not wanting to send her the wrong idea of having malicious intentions.

Max unconsciously pumped his hips to feel more of her until he felt himself getting close.


Reacting to his movements, Layla stroked him rapidly with her arms. Her fingers moved erratically as her hand stroked vigorously.

Max could feel his load building up from his balls then shooting up, he groaned, at the same time, his dick trembled.

His cum shot out, hitting her right on her stomach, it never seemed to stop, coating Layla's hand with his white fluid.

Layla continued softly squeezing his balls as his spasms continued, gently rubbing his swollen head with her fingers as his cum darted out through her hands.

Layla didn't stop stroking him until the last drop shot out.

As she slowed down, Max thought this was his chance to have her for himself.

Seeing her ravishing body and her saintly face, Max stepped forward and kissed Layla in her lips.

He used his tongue to slide in between her lips and started exploring her mouth.

Max's mind exploded when he felt Layla slipping her tongue into his mouth. She was like a seductress; her every moves further arouses him.

Before they knew it, they were already locked in a passionate embrace. Max was kissing Layla, and she was kissing him back.

Their tongues were inside of the other's mouths. Max tasted her sweet tongue as they locked their tongues together.

His hand ran over her perfect back and rounded butt, tempting Layla as she caressed him back.

While his other hand fondled her well-shaped breasts, cupping them and softly pinching her nipples, stirring Layla up, moaning on him.

Each time he rubbed her lush breasts, Layla closes her eyes and arch her back, giving him a breathtaking view of her tantalizing body.

When that happens, Max will thrust his hips forward into her arching body. He could feel his hard member hitting her hot lips and the warm entrance between her legs.

As they passionately kissed, Layla trailed her hand down his chest until she felt his still hard dick in her hand, proceeding further, sliding her fingers against his balls.

Layla wasn't someone to always be on the receiving side, using her smooth white hand, she elegantly began to pleasure his balls.

They were lost in the moment, with Max's hand on her breasts, his tongue in her mouth and Layla's ass changing its shape from his constant kneading.

Max felt good. Layla's body looked heavenly in every angle and with her enthusiastic hands skillfully moving, giving him a wonderful feeling on his dick, he didn't want to stop.

Max moved down to rain kisses on her luscious breasts. Layla then started moaning, feeling her hardened nipples in Max's mouth.

She hugged his head, pulling it closer to her chest. Her alluring moans turn Max on, rubbing his dick against her lips.

Not wanting to lose, Layla pushed Max back against the wall, looking at him in the eye as she kissed him.

Layla went on to kiss his cheeks to his ears, giving it a little lick before whispering in her sensual tone,

"You were so bold when you blocked that sword for me that night."

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"I like it."


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