The Lust System
114 Body of a Devil R-18
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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114 Body of a Devil R-18

Max watched Layla slowly crawling to him on the bed. Her breasts moved along with her body, closing the distance between them.

After what happened in the showers, both of them hurriedly washed and moved to the bed.

Max still couldn't believe what was currently happening. Layla was the one who was making a move on him, seeing her perfect face and her ass shaking while she was getting closer.

When she got between his legs, his dick excitedly pointed towards her, but she got closer to his face.

Her lips landed on his for a short moment. Then Layla bit his lip and sucked on it.

The last whisper Max heard before Layla moving down on him was her telling him to stay put and let her do the action.

Max felt her kiss on his chest, slowly trailing down to his pelvis and ending at the head of his dick.

Max laid his back on the wall, watching the upcoming show Layla was going to put for him.

He watched as Layla positioned herself between his legs, on top of his eager dick.

Max had dreamt about this but seeing her kneeling there with her magnificent breasts exposed, almost touching his legs was more stimulating than anything he had ever imagined.

Unable to hide his excitement, his dick jumped, almost as if asking her to hurry and touch it.

Layla curled up her lips after she looked at his dick, aware of how excited he was. Max focused his eyes as he watched Layla wrap her hand around the base of his dick.

She stuck her tongue out and flicked it against the head of it. Running her tongue up and down his length, Layla lubricated his entire dick with a thin layer of her sweet fluid.

Max was driven crazy by the sight of it. The hot and seductive Layla was licking his dick, and he was watching her the whole time.

Layla swirled her tongue around the head on his dick. She smiled as she slowly sucked his dick into her mouth.

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Wrapping her lips around his head, Layla skillfully worked her supple tongue on the underside of it, and her hand slid all over the length of his dick.

This was heaven. There were no better words to describe how good Max was feeling right now. He was in heaven.

She moaned as her fingers teased his balls, and her tongue played his dick all over. Max never imagined it would come to this. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine how good this would have felt.

Layla looked at him with her blushing pink cheeks, adjusting her position before slowly gliding her lips down to the base of his dick.


Max couldn't hold his voice. Layla got his dick down her throat; she was deep throating him! Her tongue was swirling around the base of his dick, and Max felt like cumming any second.

She held his enlarged head in her throat then slowly pulled her lips back along his dick. Her tongue was all over the head of his dick as she bobbed her head, pumping him into her mouth.

While she was doing that, her hand ran up and down his dick. Max was mesmerized by her face on his dick, licking around his sensitive head.

Too much pleasure had Max closing his eyes, throwing his head back. Her firm breasts rubbed against his skin while her head moved up and down his dick.

Max watched Layla as she looked at him with a glowing face before sliding her lips to the base of his dick for the second time.

Unable to contain the intense pleasure, Max thrust his hips up and drove his raging dick into Layla's mouth.


Layla pulled back, holding only the head of his dick in her mouth, working her tongue all around it as she explosively stroked him with her hand up and down his length.

Max wasn't able to hold back as his balls tensed, and he exploded into her welcoming mouth.

Layla sucked and swallowed as Max shuddered, releasing loads after loads of cum into her mouth.

Max's dick plopped out of her mouth right after he was done leaving a trail of saliva connecting her lips to his dick.

Opening her mouth, Layla showed max her mouth full of cum then enchantingly smiled as she swallowed it.

Suddenly, Layla lifted his dick one more and sucked it back into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around, Layla sucked and licked off the remaining cum, cleaning his dick at the same time.

When Layla let go, not after kissing the tip of it, she stared at him with her pair of alluring eyes and moist lips. This ignited the inner beasts within Max, pushing her down on her back.

"My turn."

Layla shot him a provocative look while lying down, as if daring him to pleasure her below, giving him a fantastic view of her entire body.

Max feasted on Layla's naked body and her devilish feminine curves. He spread her smooth, long legs apart to see the flawless sight of her pussy.

Her puffy lips were glistening with sticky fluids, almost begging Max to give it a long lick.

Reaching down between Layla's splayed legs, Max gently parted her lips, a lovely shade of pink was revealed. Her delicate region was unprotected, laid bare for him to see.

Max bent his head down low and blew across her little hole, watching her body jump at the sudden sensation.

For the first time, Max touched her exposed pussy with his lips. It was so soft and warm, giving out a fresh womanly smell.

Max began to pull her lips into his mouth with gentle suckling motions. His wet tongue began to push into her soaking lips, swirling on it, tasting her sweet flowing juices.

With one long lick, Max ran his tongue from the bottom of her lips, sliding along the inside to her protruding clit.

Layla tasted amazing! Max used his tongue and pushed it hard into her warm pussy.


Layla moaned as Max tasted her enticing fluid from her soaking pussy. Max gently sucked one side and then the other side of her pussy lips into his mouth.

He breathed her arousing scent. Her taste, together with her scent was intoxicating. Max was getting addicted to her pussy.

Max ran his tongue all around the folds of her pussy lips before plunging it back deep inside her.

"Do it deeper!"

Layla moaned, pushing her ass up, driving his tongue deeper into her delicious pussy. Max continued assaulting her pussy with his tongue, pushing his tongue up, so he was licking the top of her insides.

Simultaneously, Max slid in two fingers inside her sloppy wet pussy as he lightly sucked her clit.


Layla was moaning and moving her body around, humping his fingers by pushing her waist up.

Max kept pumping his fingers in and out, hitting the right spots, sliding around her juices around her walls.


Layla grasped the sheet with her hands, raising her chest while stretching her feet wide. She moaned with her eyes closed as she pushed harder against his mouth and fingers.

Her pussy walls spasmed violently, clamping his fingers with her body trembling in pulsating pleasure. Her fluids ran down his fingers, soaking the sheet beneath her.

Collapsing back on the bed, her pussy twitched around his fingers as Max watched Layla experienced a mindblowing orgasm from his hands.
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    《The Lust System》