The Lust System
115 Purity R-18
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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115 Purity R-18

Max's dick was rock hard as he sat back, entranced by Layla's body shaking from her intense orgasm.

Leaving his fingers inside her soaking pussy, Max traced kisses up her smooth thighs.

Layla was still catching her breath from her orgasm as he gently kissed her nipples, which were sticking straight up from the center of her creamy white breasts.

Max sucked her breasts, teasing her nipples with his tongue. This night was so unbelievable. He went to the wrong room which should never happen unless they swapped, then to cumming on Layla on the showers and now he had finished off each other with their mouths.

Like the last time, Layla grabbed his head with her arms, holding him against her breasts. After sucking her nipples for a short while, Max continued planting kisses up her neck and onto her face.

His fingers were still between her tightly closed legs with Max making no effort to remove them from her hot, twitching pussy.

Max loved the feeling of her warm pussy walls pulsating around his fingers and tried to imagine his dick in their place.
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"That was so good."

Layla said while panting as Max kissed her chin and moved his mouth over hers. Max lightly pressed his lips against hers, then licking his tongue across her lips.

Opening her eyes, Layla stared at Max for a second with her dreamy eyes then opened her mouth and sucked his juice-covered tongue.

Their kiss slowly built up as they alternated, pushing their tongues into the other's mouths.

While they were still intimately kissing, Max felt her thighs relax from around his fingers. Without breaking the kiss, Max gently pushed them in and out of her slippery lips.

Their tongues were still entwined inside her mouth as she responded to the stimulation. Reaching her hand below, Layla found his hard member and circled it with her fingers, lightly massaging the entire length.


Max groaned into her mouth as he pumped his fingers rapidly into her pussy. Having another idea, Layla back out from their kiss and pushed Max onto his back.

He watched Layla massage his throbbing dick. She lowered her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

Max's dick twitched as she sucked the head into her mouth and quickly ran her tongue along the underside of it.

Letting it plop from her mouth, Layla kissed the tip before swinging her leg over Max's thigh, straddling him.

This was what he had been dreaming about. He was finally having sex with Layla, and she was even taking the initiative!

Max couldn't be more excited as he watched Layla position her moist pussy over the head of his dick.

Teasingly smiling, Layla locked her eyes on Max and slowly lowered herself down. Max couldn't believe how good it was, feeling the heat of her body slide down on him.

His excited dick was suddenly engulfed by the most exquisite hot and tight walls.



As Layla slid down, surrounding his dick with her hot and slimy walls in one go, Max felt her pulling back a bit.

When Max looked down, he saw blood sliding down his dick. Layla sat down on him in one go, breaking past her barrier, his dick taking her purity away.

There was no way to describe what Max was feeling at this moment. Nothing had ever felt like it before.

Layla's warm and tight pussy had no comparison, and it was also her first time. Max felt a boost his confidence as his dick turned to its hardest.

He had Layla for himself. The last thing Max needed to do was give themselves an ultimate finish of overwhelming pleasure.

Max tried to push his dick further up into Layla, but her body on top of him kept him from moving.

"Haah haah."

Layla sat on Max with her eyes closed with no signs of movement. Max had the time to admire Layla's ethereal beauty while she was on him.

Her wet, tight pussy wriggled around his dick, and her plump ass cheeks were resting against his legs.


Max moaned with his dick throbbing inside her tight walls. Finally, after one breath, Layla started moving slowly.

She moved her head forward meeting with Max's lips, soon followed by their tongue.

Though it was slow, her breasts were still bouncing with her every move. Seemingly getting used to it, Layla picked up her rhythm.

Max reached for her balls of flesh, grabbing it with one hand. He squeezed her breasts as he felt her hard nipples on his palm.

Layla rocked faster, her body pumping on his dick. Max thrust up into Layla and played with her breasts with his hands.

The warm, soft wetness of her body and the bliss of her breathless moans made his thrusting into her sheath more vigorous.

Her face expressed how intense the sensations were for her as she lifted her hips to rise and fall on his dick.

Layla's tight pussy was squeezing him so hard, Max could feel his end beginning to build, but he forced it back.

Circling her arms on Max's neck, Layla started bouncing on his dick, penetrating her again and again from below.


Layla moaned, increasing the intensity of her rhythm. Her eyes were closed, picking up her pace as Max kissed her on her lips, savoring her sweet taste.

Moving his hands towards the sides of her waists, Max thrust his dick up to match her movements. Layla was tight, but her insides were well lubricated and truly wet by now.

Max wasn't sure how long he was going to last with this. The pleasure flowing through his body was just intense.

Her breasts danced freely on her chest as they jumped. Max was finally starting to feel the tension building up in his balls.

Max would gasp in pleasure each time Layla tightened her muscles on his dick before she pulled up as high as possible then sitting back down.

He could see her wetness on his dick as she withdrew. Holding her hips, Max pulled her down as he thrust up.

Over and over, Max drove into Layla, smacking their flesh together. Their excitement grew with each stroke with Layla uncontrollably moaning and max gasping, feeling his dick entering her fully again.

When Max was about to notify her of his closing climax, Layla fiercely slammed down on his dick with her muscles tightly grabbing him.


Layla came while they kissed, the overwhelming orgasm spread through her body as her pussy tightened around his dick.

Max let go of his body and focused on pulling Layla to him. His balls tightened as he pushed his dick deeper inside her, spewing out his milky fluid, pulse after pulse, straight to her womb.

Without warning, the door suddenly opened. Three pairs of eyes turned to look at each other while Max and Layla were still cumming on each other.

Unimaginable pleasure and soothing release filled Max and Layla's bodies, turning their heads blank for a few moments.

Max spurted out the last few cum he had to fill Layla up. All of that happened while both of them were staring at Lydia standing at the door, unmovingly watching them.


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