The Lust System
127 Two Skills
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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127 Two Skills

While everything was frozen, Max pushed the vent cover open and got down on top of the cage below him.

When he saw the familiar cube forming on the chest of the dead man, Max didn't let go of the chance and stopped the time.

Not wanting to waste time, only having thirty seconds left, Max quickly got down and hurried towards the table where the glowing cube was.

Looking at the glowing cube more closely, Max was amazed by the magical object he was looking at.

The cube was emitting blue light on its surface like how the moon shines in the sky. Max didn't have any idea about what the object does but seeing the fat guy holding it, meant that it wasn't dangerous.

As he was short on time, Max chose to ask questions later and took the cube that was on its way to the mouth of the fat guy in his Inventory.

Without waiting for anything else, Max jumped back on the cage into the vent then securely closing it.

Since Max already got what he wanted and knows that they would be a commotion once they find out the cube is gone, he hurriedly crawled back to the entrance, making a run for it.

Max felt his body being unusually heavy now that he has something quite valuable with him, his heart pounding in nervousness.

The time resumed once Max reached the entrance, without looking back, he ran away as fast as he can and only stopped when he was a few blocks away, hiding in a small alley close to a busy street.

On his face plastered a bright smile as he willed the Inventory to release the glowing cube, excited to inspect his loot.

A few seconds had passed, and nothing showed up. His excited smile slowly turned stiff when he didn't see the glowing cube in his Inventory.

"It's not here?"

Max tried, again and again, finding his cube but still, there was nothing. The glowing cube disappeared.

"It's gone."


Max once again hid outside the same building, taking advantage of his dark surroundings to sneak his way in.

After contemplating, Max decided to go and find out what happened after he ran away. He also wanted to know if the glowing cube came back to their hands.

An item disappearing in the Inventory without any reason was impossible, so Max could only think that they might have done something.

Before Max stopped time, the fat guy was on the process of eating the glowing cube. The cube flew to his mouth at high speed as if it was sucked in.

If Max didn't stop the time, it might have disappeared the next second. He considered if that was the reason why.

Everything would be clear after he sees it for himself. Going back to the vents, Max reached the end not long after.

When he peeked into the room, Max was dumbfounded on the scene before him.

There was nothing.

Nothing was left in the room like they were never there in the first place.

Everyone was nowhere to be seen, all their stuff on the table, the couch, the cage, even the bloodstains on the floor. Everything was gone.

From the condition of the room, it was like no one had used it at all. Only after thoroughly checking the room and the room above did Max completely believe they were gone.

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With no reason for him to stay, Max left with his mind blank, no way of explaining the strange phenomenon that just happened.


"Hey, did you forget to use your skill again?"

Fattu Zhu noticed something as he looked at their surroundings and turned to his partner, reminding him of his task.

"Hmm? Do I have to? We're done anyway."

"Use it! Just to be sure! It's not like you will lose something!"


His partner pushed open his hands in two different directions. All of a sudden, on the tips of his fingers, a thin barrier was forming.

Pushing his hands further out, the barrier covered themselves then the entire room until it covered their whole base.

The barrier was responsible for effectively hiding them from any Awakened that tries to locate them. Everything that is inside the barrier would be on their own dimension.

On the outside, no one would expect that in their base that has nothing in it, two people were still doing their own business, only it was in another space hidden to anyone's eyes.


"Simple right? And this guarantees our safety. Who can find us in our own space? This is like our small dimension, except us, no one else will know the existence of this place."

Fatty Zhu smugly said, feeling extremely comfortable. This was the skill of his partner, one of the most important reasons why they could easily do anything they wanted.

"Yeah yeah. Did you secure the Skill Box?"

His partner intently stared at him. That Skill Box is a treasure. It is a useful tool that can potentially make them stronger or if they didn't like it, selling it was also an option.

The Skill Box, no matter how useless, can be sold for least tens of millions to more than a few billion, depending on its effects.

"Of course! It's in here. The safest place it can be!"

Fatty Zhu patted his large stomach with a face full of satisfaction before sucking in the body of the man lying on the table.

The sight of it was quite mystical, as if he was inhaling smoke into his mouth, except this time, it was a solid object being sucked in.

"If my mouth catches it, it will not escape, no matter what!"

Even when he just sucked in a whole body, Fatty Zhu was still smiling. Inside the space of his stomach, was a glowing cube, shining on multiple items around it.

"We'll get a lot of money from that if we sell it. Or maybe we should trade it with others but let's check it first if it's useful for us."

"Let's decide when we reach the other city tomorrow. I'll take all our stuff now, and we'll move when the sun rises."

Fatty Zhu proceeded to suck the objects around them one by one from the cage, to the table. When he was finished, Fatty Zhu went up to the upper room and did the same thing.

Right as he went back, his partner was absorbed on his phone, reading about the activities that were happening.

Seeing the dangerous clips, his partner concernedly turned to Fatty Zhu once again,

"Are you sure we can go there with just the two of us? Can we manage it?"

Having been with his partner for years, Fatty Zhu knew what was on his mind. He softly laughed while saying,

"Heheh, don't be too nervous. With your skill hiding us from anyone and me being powerful, who could beat us?"

"Don't forget, those kids don't know anything. What can their skills do to us?"


Fatty Zhu laughed in a carefree manner, feeling no pressure while patting the shoulders of his partner. Still laughing, Fatty Zhu's eyes then shined in a mysterious light before adding his last few words to reassure his partner,

"Heh, those newbies dared to be arrogant with their puny skills?"

"Who said we only have one skill?"


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