The Lust System
129 A Hin
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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129 A Hin

"Found it."

Xue tried to find more about the Skill Box the second she heard Yu'er talking about it. Using the Skill Box as a keyword, she was able to find a few more things.

"That's expensive."

"What? Let me see."

Yu'er and Xue were beside each other, staring at the screen, Max had to move beside them to see the content they were looking at.

From what they found, there were currently a few Skill Boxes being sold by other Awakeneds. Their prices were absurdly high, from tens of millions to the most expensive one, going for a few billion.

What they gathered from the limited information was that each Skill Box contains only one skill.

Max could see various skills available. Skill Box (Ice Spike), Skill Box (Double Strength), Skill Box (Extra Arms), and Skill Box (Rock Body) were a few of them.

Written after the Skill Box should be the skill they contain and it becomes more expensive, the more useful the skill is. The Skill Box (Rock Body) had a price more than tenfold the of Skill Box (Extra Arms).

Other than that, there were only able to find one final explanation about the Skill Box since they all gave out the same description.

"A treasure from the past that can be used to change the skill of an Awakened?"

Seeing that there was no further explanation about the Skill Box such as how can they use it, how it works and where it came from, Max figured that it should be common knowledge for every Awakened around the world.

"Treasure from the past? These Skill Box should be a rare find. But I just saw it a while ago, coming out of a man's body."

"Hmm? This is the Skill Box? Aren't they called Awakening Cube? I'm pretty sure these were called Awakening Cube in the past."

Yu'er was beginning to doubt her knowledge about this item. No one could blame her. It's been years since she last heard of this item.

Now she finally understood. Initially, she thought the Skill Box was another item from the Lost Treasures that their parents wanted to find, turns out the Awakening Cube, and the Skill Box were the same items.

Now that Yu'er knows what precisely the item they were talking about, she naturally had some knowledge about it.

"I know some more things about these Skill Boxes. When you get your hands on it, you could use it to swap one of your skill with the skill contained in the Skill Box."

"But it's not all that good. After swapping your skill, you could only use it again after some time. Swapping back and forth is impossible."

"It isn't worth the price. The System Store is more convenient, cheap, and the skills are stronger."

"In here, the Skill Box is expensive even if the skill it contained is useless."

Regardless of the price, the Skill Box is still one of the most popular items being exchanged. No matter how expensive it will be, because of its rarity, Awakeneds would always buy it.

Nowadays, the Awakened community learned ways to trade fairly with each other without any deceit.

When an Awakened wanted to sell an item, they had to use the services of a reputable auction. Selling it on their own isn't a problem, only that there is no trust between the two parties.

Purchasing an item that way can result in scams and fake items as the buyer would have to pay first before receiving the item.

Going through a reputable auction would remove all those risks. The auction would first take the item and check it's authenticity, only after that would it be sold on their platform.

The purpose of it would be to eliminate any kinds of trickery and ensure fair trade between the two sides.

In exchange for their service, they would take a small percentage of the sale. Currently, there is only one world-renowned auction that most Awakeneds use.

Rumors circulated that the Awakened behind it was extremely powerful being able to offer services to most Awakeneds all over the world at the same time while also having the ability to transport goods in every part of the world using an unknown skill.

Until now, no one knows who he is or who they are since there isn't any way for them to locate the one behind it.

Max and Xue listened to Yu'er's explanation, but before they could comprehend her words, she continued,

"And just like you said, this item is from the past. The Skill Box is only one of the many Lost Treasures that were found in different areas of the world."

"It is also the most common one among all the treasures. However, most Awakeneds collect them in their own secure, hidden storage, away from the reach of others."

"Because the best way to use the Skill Box isn't to change an Awakened's skill."

"It is rare for a Skill Box to contain a strong skill that swapping skills doesn't happen often. Though there were unconfirmed rumors that someone found a Skill Box containing a Resurrection Skill in the past."

"But even if that's true there should be some conditions for that."

"The best way to use a Skill Box, which most Awakeneds can agree to, is to turn an ordinary person into an Awakened."

"That was why it was previously called Awakening Cube. With a Skill Box, there was never a time when it failed to turn someone into an Awakened, boasting a one hundred percent success rate through the years.'

Yu'er watched as Max and Xue's expression turned into surprise; she was the same the first time she heard about it.
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"Yeah, that's why Awakeneds collect them so they can give it to their loyal subordinates. Some wealthy people also spend billions to buy them."

"And if you look closely, there aren't much Skill Boxes being sold, and all the skills were useless."

What Yu'er said was true. Of all the Skill Box that were available, the Rock Body Skill was already the best one.

"It's all gone."

Xue spoke out from the side, turning the screen to them, and just like she said, the Skill Boxes available all disappeared.

All of it immediately got bought while they were talking about it. That showed how valuable and attractive the item is in the eyes of Awakeneds.

"That's fast."


"What do we do now?"

Max thought about every information they gathered so far. He felt it was great that they were able to find enough details to understand what the Skill Box is.

However one last question lingered his mind, and it seems Yu'er arrived at the same thought,

"The Skill Box is one of the Lost Treasures from the past. How is it that you saw it coming out of a dead man?"

Xue stayed silent on one side of the bed, intently listening to their conversation. This was an entirely new topic for her.

She was aware that she couldn't contribute much this time but whatever decision they come down to, Xue would follow and support them with her full capability.

It was then a squeaky childish voice interrupted them from the far side of their room.

[Ha! I heard what the three of you were talking about! Hehe! I came here today to give you a hint!]


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