The Lust System
143 New Ability Acquired R-18
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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143 New Ability Acquired R-18

Even while releasing his load in her mouth for the second time now, Max still wasn't contented. He won't let it end with just this.

He wanted more of her. Looking at the glistening wetness of her pussy lips, Max, with a move, turned her over.

Xue must have felt exhausted from her recent climax that she only looked at him in the eye while she panted with her body hot all over.

Both of them looked at each other. It was quite obvious what was coming up next, and still, not one of them said a word.

This will be it for Max. Once this happened, he will now have another woman to be with at home. All of them knew it was only a matter of time before this happens and tonight seemed to be fated moment.

At the same time, her Shapeshifting Skill that has an unlimited amount of uses would be available for him to use.

Max could already think of multiple ways of using it and have many plans about running some experiments on it.

The skill could be the most crucial skill he would have in his collection at this point, and the door to that new skill was lying in front of him.

Flushed skin and intoxicated eyes, Xue accepted the look of desire Max was giving her.

It would be a waste of time if he were to only stare so Max finally, after spending some time admiring her perfectly carved figure, moved closer to position himself.

He grabbed his dick with his hand and slowly guided it into her. His throbbing dick reached the entrance of her soaking pussy; however, right before he entered, Max lowered his head and gently gave her a kiss on her soft lips.

Her slightly opened lips looked so tempting that Max didn't stop himself from savoring it, using his tongue to twist it around hers.

After a while, he broke the kiss and looked at her in her eyes before guided himself into her slippery yet tight walls, slowly bit by bit his dick went in her warm flesh.

Her hole was too small for him that it took him several strokes to bury his dick all the way inside her.


Max heard her moan on his ears while she wrapped her arms around him. It was unknown whether it was a cry of pain or pleasure. Max only knew he was filling her up entirely with his length, occupying her most sacred place with his dick.

He didn't move to allow her to have a moment to get used to his member filling her. Once Max felt that she was ready, he slowly began moving his waist back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of her.

This is it. It was happening. Another lady successfully offered herself to him. Their lower body felt like they were made for one another; her tight walls slowly reshaped itself to fit him perfectly.

Her hot pussy was slick enough for his dick, conforming snugly to its intruder, sending electrifying pulses up and down his throbbing member.

After a while, Max began to increase the speed of his thrusts with Xue heatedly matching his every movement, locking her legs around him.

Max looked down and discovered Xue staring back at him. A look of passion was written all over their faces as they moved along with each other.


Having lost control due to the incredible pleasure rushing inside her body, enchanting moans were released from her parted lips.

Max could see her eyes closing from the intense sensation he was giving her as he continued driving in her soaked folds.

Her snowy white breasts that were laid bare beneath him shook back and forth, following the shaking of their bodies.

Eventually, Max stopped pumping and pulled his dick out. He wanted to enjoy it as much as he could and wanted Xue to experience another wave of pleasure in a different way.

Max instructed her to roll over and get on all fours. She let out a sound and complied, realizing what he intended to do.

Xue quickly turned and got on her hands and knees just like he asked. Unconsciously, she spread out her ass farther and opened her legs wider, missing the lost feeling on her lower body.

Max positioned himself directly behind her plump buttocks, grabbing it and spreading it wider to expose the hidden entrance.

Softly rubbed both cheeks with his palms, Max moved closer to resume what he started. He grasped his excited dick with his hand and lined it up with her warm dripping entrance once more.

Part of him wanted to tease her, but a profound desire to insert it overcame him as he slowly eased himself back to the newly conquered walls of flesh.

Xue rocked back, rubbing her buttocks against him, evidently enjoying as much as Max does.

He reached out one of his hands and slid it over her entrancing smooth back as he started to pump her from behind.
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At the same time, his other hand, held onto her waist, using it move his dick in and out of her. They quickly settled into a rhythm, their skin slapping against one another time and time again.

The scene from her back was indeed a mesmerizing sight to see. A fire burned inside him, compelling him to drive inside her with his full power.

This morning, Max got up, not expecting any of this. Now it was unexpectedly happening, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated, grabbing onto her tighter.

In his head, an indescribable thought appeared, Max couldn't help but imagine how many Awakened beauties were out there were ready to be conquered by him.

Max wouldn't let even one of them go. Once he crosses paths with them, he would be ready to use his abilities to have them for himself.

At this point, a slight change occurred in his mind, and this was only the beginning. His thoughts would continue to evolve slowly and silently until he fulfills all his desires.

Her abundant ass was raised rubbing against him while his hand reflexively slithered to her breasts, sliding across her nipples as they slapped their bodies together.

Max deeply pierced his rod into her, jabbing her inner entrance, forcing himself inside. Not a single spot on her fleshly walls was left untouched by him.

Sexual secretions overflowed, causing a mess on their lower bodies while Max was pounding her.

Enjoying the contractions by her soaked flesh, Max moved faster, inciting moans from Xue who was on the brink of losing her mind.

The rapid movement and grinding, at last, made him close to his climax. Max suddenly felt his member becoming sensitive, overriding him with pleasure as milky white fluids burst inside her, shooting all over her pink walls, tainting her insides with his color.

Max's eyes closed, and his body constricted as his climax overtook him. He felt like he was having intense convulsions with his hips moving uncontrollably, nourishing her with his fluids.


Xue reached hers at the same time when she felt a large amount of hot stuff being released inside her, letting out a long moan of pleasure as her pussy tightened its grip on his dick.

Not long after, they both collapsed on their bed, out of breath, with an exhausted body yet a satisfied face.


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