The Lust System
150 Approaching Guests
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The Lust System
Author :Elfriedenn
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150 Approaching Guests

Chief Li, along with Jing Fei, reached this school where Evil Ghost Luo should be hiding at.

After so long, their people had finally found a clue about his whereabouts. It took quite some time for them to be able to get a lead, but no one could be blamed since it was a difficult feat to search for any signs of him.

The city is vast, and it would take time for them to search the entire area without missing anything.

However, this morning, news came about Evil Ghost Luo's supposed location. The report only mentioned this place and not his exact position, but it was enough.

Throughout the day, they made their preparations before moving out as soon as everything was ready.

"Chief Li, where are we going to begin?"

Jing Fei looked at the vast empty school grounds. There were several buildings, including some dormitories for the faculties and students.

The elite personnel they had in total were limited in numbers. They couldn't afford to split up them up in groups.

It will also put their few days of coordination plans to waste if they would have to separately move to different areas.

A message from the higher-ups was sent to notify them of a Rank 2 assisting their group to deal with Evil Ghost Luo. However, they mentioned that the individual was going to move on his own.

Now they could only think of a way to properly go through this. Chief Li only thought for a second before responding,

"We will go through everything, starting from the first building to the last. The expert assisting us was said to have been dealing with ghosts for a few years now, so we only need to be prepared in supporting him."

"With his skill, he should have some hidden cards to quickly locate this Evil Ghost Luo. That was why this person was moving by himself."

"Our people will be in charge of surrounding the area to prevent Evil Ghost Luo from escaping once again."

"Bear in mind that this is a school, we have to finish this as fast as we can. Also, we couldn't afford to damage the buildings, or this will be another problem for us to deal with."

"Fortunately, we have someone who could use set up a barrier to prevent the sounds of battle happening inside to be heard by people living nearby."

Before setting out, Chief Li repeatedly warn their people to be discreet since this was a densely populated area, and they don't want to cause an uproar.

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Evil Ghost Luo has the upper hand this time as they had to make as little damage as they could, thus needing to retrain themselves, considerably weakening their fighting power.

Chief Li didn't know whether this was something that Evil Ghost Luo had thought about and planned for by hiding in here, but it was working.

"Remember, the last thing we want is to let him escape. If he gets away again, then we would have a harder time to locate him since he should be close to fully healing from his injuries by now."

"We have to keep a lookout for the signal the Rank 2 master would send us and move towards his direction right away."

"This operation has to be over before the sun rises, or else we would have to retreat, and his escape would be assured once more."

Jing Fei nodded in understanding. They had been preparing for this mission for a few days now, and it was starting to be a bother, limiting them from accomplishing their other tasks.

He knew that they could not fail this time.

Chief Li couldn't help but think how bothersome this problem is, having been troubling his mind for a while now before adding,

"If we had a few more reinforcements, the probability of us succeeding this mission would be much greater. However, other cities were also busy dealing with the same problems, and they couldn't send out a few people this time."

"I have some contacts that should be staying around this area, but they had to go somewhere else and weren't here currently."

"There were also the others that were hard to reach, and even if I did ask them for assistance, they probably couldn't be bothered by it."

"Forget about it. We could be needed at any time, so we need to be alert. Notify our people to start searching the vicinity before going through each building."

"Also, don't lose the bell, that's the only one we have. If it got destroyed, we wouldn't have any more ways of finding him."

The bell Chief Li was talking about was an item that was lent to them to be able to locate where Evil Ghost Luo is.

It could sense traces of ghost energy from the surroundings and would ring out once it was at a certain distance of it.

This item was the only one they had, and if they lost it, there would be no chance for them to distinguish Evil Ghost Luo from ordinary people.

Jing Fei followed Chief Li's instructions as he spoke through his communication device.

Now, everything was up to whether they would successfully locate the position of Evil Ghost Luo.


Though not in his intention, the rooftop was in ruins with heavily damaged walls and floors.

However, Max couldn't care less considering his present situation. Evil Ghost Luo was currently chasing him while simultaneously striking out several palms, and only one of those was enough to put his internal organs into a mess.

Unknowingly, Evil Ghost Luo became more and more violent as time passed. Max felt like this man didn't care about himself and wanted to risk it all against him though he had no clue why.

Only Evil Ghost Luo knew the reason. He could feel it; his senses were warning him of danger.

In the beginning, it was faint, but it was still there, so he felt pressured and decided to attack his prey without waiting for a few more days.

Now, it wasn't even close to being faint. His senses were almost screaming at him, warning him about a threat to his life.

Evil Ghost Luo thought that those from the Special Affairs Department might have already found his location and were on their way here.

He got away last time because of their unpreparedness, not knowing how to deal with him properly, but now, that would certainly not be the case.

There was also that powerful individual who assisted them in the end. He would be a fool not to expect it to happen again.

He had to break the barrier past Rank 1 and finally get to Rank 2. That was the only way.

Not only he would completely heal his injuries, but he would also unlock another skill that could potentially make him strong enough to destroy those people who wanted to take his life.

One thing was certain, once he reaches Rank 2, the possibility of him escaping this city and the powerful figures on his back will significantly increase.

Evil Ghost Luo eyed his prey, who was using his speed to dodge all his attacks. This couldn't continue any longer.

With a shout, he leaped towards Max, giving it his all.

No matter what, even if he had to sacrifice this body of his, Evil Ghost Luo would catch him and consume his soul to finally breakthrough.

Max, on the other hand, had no idea about this. He was only doing everything he could to run away from this rampaging man, hoping he would slow down soon or, better yet, exhaust his energy.
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    《The Lust System》