The Rise of Xueyue
183 Red
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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183 Red

Li Xueyue's robes clung to her body, drenched in sweat. Her breathing came in short puffs, her face flushed.

Yu Zhen could feel each rise and fall of her chest while she panted beneath him. She was an amazing fighter who excelled not only in sword fighting but also in martial arts. He admired that part about her.

"Would you like to take a break?" Li Xueyue asked, despite being the one who was pinned to the ground. 

Yu Zhen let out a small chuckle, his dark eyes gleaming with unsaid words. He tossed the swords away but didn't give her the chance to rise. His arms landed on either side of her head. 

"We can do this all day."

"I thought you were going to teach me something new."

"It depends on where you want to learn it," he teased, lowering himself onto her. "The bed? Or here?" 

Li Xueyue cocked her head. "The bed then."

Yu Zhen was immediately caught off guard. His eyes darkened at the suggestive images that flashed across his mind—they were in the same position, except, she was unclothed and writhing beneath him. 

His jaw tightened. "Such teasing won't go unpunished."

Li Xueyue smiled up at him, reaching her hand to cup his face. She felt his jaw clench underneath her thumb. His obsidian eyes were riddled with a fire that burned her. 

"Xueyue," he warned, but she ignored him. Her fingers explored more of him, trailing from his sharp jawline to his throat. Her touch was teasing and featherlight. 

Abruptly, he grabbed both of her wrists in one fell swoop of his hand. His piercing gaze narrowed. "We should stop." 


"Or else we'll do something you're going to regret."

"I doubt it."

He pinned her hands on top of her head and in one smooth motion, roughly captured her lips. His kiss was always cruel and nipping, yet burning hot. She struggled to meet his assault, her eyes fluttering shut. 

He thrust his tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice of it. He had never tasted something as sweet as her. She would be the death of him—the drug that led to his addiction. When she quietly moaned, he instantly hardened.

When he reluctantly released her, she let out a groan of protest, her upper body rose, wanting more. 

Yu Zhen felt himself go crazy. She shouldn't lower her guard like this. How many times must he remind her? Was she like this with every man? Jealousy struck through him. Without warning, he pressed his lips against hers again. Their lips moved in a furious fervor. He completely dominated her. 

By the time they finished, her lips were bruised and bright red. Her eyes were dewy and soft, beckoning him to continue. But he could not.

"Do you still doubt it?" he murmured against her lips, softly caressing another kiss upon it. 

Li Xueyue couldn't think properly. Her mind was still befuddled with the kiss. She was in a daze and her vision was blurry, but she could see him perfectly—from his sharp brows to his burning eyes, his angular nose to his irresistible lips. 

She mutely shook her head.

"Good." He released her and stormed off.

- - - - -

Yu Zhen wanted to bash his head against a wall. "You retarded imbecile and fool of a man!" he snarled at himself. He clenched his fingers into a fist and groaned.

Twice. He had assaulted her two times now.

All of the control he exercised flew out the window. 

Nonetheless, he had enjoyed the kiss very much, so much so that it took everything within him to not enter the training ground yet. He was near the entrance, back turned towards the field as he forced himself to regain composure. 

Yu Zhen had to leave her there. If she continued to provoke him, things would've spiraled out of control.

Yu Zhen was not at all remorseful of his actions, but he felt the smallest twinge of guilt. What if she wanted their first kiss to be slow and gentle? He was not the type of man to be affectionate and caressing. He was too brutal and rough for those things.

"Yu Zhen?" 

He didn't need to be called twice. Her voice immediately lulled him to turn around.

Yu Zhen's fist tightened upon noticing her lips were still red with passion. "Sunshine," he greeted.

Li Xueyue blinked. She was confused by his tense voice as if his patience was hanging on a thin line. 

"Come here, my Little Hamster," he beckoned her and she took a small step forward. He closed the distance between them and held her face in his hands. 

Yu Zhen's jaw ticked, frustrated with himself. He had taken advantage of her twice, yet she was still so welcoming of him. What was he supposed to do with her? 

He let out a quiet sigh, guilt flashed in his eyes. He wanted to treasure her, not treat her so brazenly. Was she mad at him? He glanced downwards and saw her naively smiling up at him, blinking when their gaze met. Foolishly, she grinned and hugged him, oblivious to his inner conflict.

"Does it hurt?" he mumbled, finally coming to terms with what happened. His thumb brushed her bruised lips.

"I know how to make it feel better."


"Another kiss—"

She didn't even have to finish that thought before he brought his lips down towards her. This time, it was a slow, torturous kiss. He was careful with her, patiently learning her traits. He kissed her as if he was cherishing this moment like his last. 

When he pulled back to let her breathe, he kissed her on the forehead, his lips lingered on the spot. 

"All better now?" he teased. 

Yu Zhen ignored the prickling guilt in his heart, but couldn't help worry about her. Was she truly fine with this? 

The thought of hurting her terrified him.

He brought one hand behind her head and placed the other on her lower back, pressing her against him. 

Li Xueyue was bewildered by their sudden embrace. Yu Zhen hugged her like his life depended on it. He fondly rested his cheek above her head, tightening his arms around her. She enjoyed the warmth that radiated off of him. In his arms, she felt the safest she could ever be. She hoped they would remain like that, but there were times that her prayers were never answered—and this was one of them.

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