The Rise of Xueyue
313 Naughty
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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313 Naughty

Yu Zhen saw the dirty thoughts flash in her head. It was written all over her face. Her eyes had widened and her cheeks had turned red. 

The corner of his lips curled into a smirk. She was too mischievous for her own good. Who would believe that the face of an angel was actually hiding a dark heart?

He lowered his head and gently brushed his lips against her ear. "What are you thinking about?" he asked in a low, quiet voice. 

Amusement filled him when her fingers clenched at his robes. She was hesitant about her response. To tease her a bit more, he nipped at her earlobe. She let out a quiet gasp and jumped. 

"I-I was just—"

"It must be naughty, judging from your reaction," he mused. His fingers lazily twirled the strings that held her dress in place. It was flimsy and he could easily tear it. 

"It wasn't," she mumbled out, but her trembling voice said otherwise. 

"Really now?" he taunted. Her nails dug into his chest when he lightly pulled at the strings. 

"Really," she confirmed.

Yu Zhen didn't believe her. He doubted she even believed herself. Her breathing had become shallow. By now, her mind must've gone wild. He enjoyed teasing her. It was payback for all of the times she left him hot and bothered. 

"Yu Zhen…" she trailed off as her fingers flattened into an open palm. He was caught off-guard by her low, seductive voice. They were music to his ears.

Li Xueyue slowly ran her palms up his chest and settled it upon his shoulders. She reached upwards and stroked the side of his neck with her knuckles. She smiled in delight when he shivered. The hand resting on her hip had tightened. 

Two could play this game.

She ran her fingers towards his nape. Her fingertips would softly touch him, but just when he thought she'd continue exploring, she stopped. He growled in warning, his chest rumbling.

Delight flashed in her eyes. She smiled against his chest, knowing he had lost the game he started. Her fingers traveled from his nape towards his jaw. He shivered under her ticklish caress. 

"Careful," he warned.

"What do you mean?" Li Xueyue innocently asked with a tilt of her head. She traced the outline of his sharp jaw. Taking him by surprise, she stood on her tippy-toes and pressed a small kiss upon it.

She gasped when he rested his hand upon her nape and then pushed her head towards him. He kissed her lips fervently. He was rough and domineering, as always, but she enjoyed the rush. He nipped and licked, taking everything that was his. 

He dug his fingers into her hip, squeezing it. She parted her lips for him, and he dove in without warning. His tongue was slick and hot. 

Heat pooled in her lower stomach when he lifted her legs. She straddled him in mid-air as his tongue explored her carefully. 

Yu Zhen savored her kiss and pulled back to let her breathe. He kissed the corners of her mouth, nibbling his way to her neck. He carried her with gentle urgency until her back was upon the bed.

"Yu Zhen…" she murmured in a desperate plea. 

Yu Zhen didn't give her a chance to think properly. His lips trailed teasing kisses down to her neck. His hand slithered into her hair, holding it as he angled her face to reveal more skin. She let out a surprised gasp when he nipped at the skin. A quiet moan escaped her when he licked the spot and gently suckled, taking the pain away. 

It didn't take long for a mark to form. Her eyeslashes fluttered as he tugged the collar of her nightgown lower. 

His lips were soft, but his kisses were rough. Everywhere it touched, he made sure to leave a mark. 

Li Xueyue wanted more of him. In a daze, her eyes met his. Her stomach churned. Her heart flipped. He was hungry for her. Heat pooled in his eyes, rolling off of him in waves. Warmth gathered in between her legs.

She saw the clench of his muscles when he raised his head and his eyes trailed from her exposed collarbone to her lips. 

Her eyes closed when he kissed her again. His fingers massaged her scalp whilst angling her head. His lips were hot and the kiss was passionate. 

"Be a good girl," he commanded. "And open your legs for me."

Yu Zhen gently urged her legs apart, growling in approval when she did so. He settled himself in between her. He was careful to not lower the tent between his legs. It'd scare her away. His size would break her.

Eventually, he could no longer hold it in. He was reaching the end of his patience. He pulled back from her. Her lips were red and soon, it'd be bruised. She slowly opened her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, the color spreading to her chest. 

Yu Zhen swallowed at the sight of her. When she glanced up at him like that, how could he not want her? 

"Don't." Yu Zhen grabbed her hands before she could reach for him. He held her wrists captive.

Li Xueyue stared up at him wide-eyed. Her heart was racing. And there was an unfamiliar ache down there. She couldn't understand it. But he seemed to. 

She didn't know what had happened. All rationality had left her at that moment. She lifted her gaze and shivered upon seeing his expression. The heat in his eyes practically scorched her skin. 

"We can't do this," Yu Zhen warned her. Yet, he raised her wrists and kissed each of her knuckles. He leaned down and brushed the hair away from her forehead.

He placed a chaste kiss upon her forehead.

Li Xueyue melted from the kiss. It happened yet again. She had lost herself in his passion. 

"Let's stop here," Yu Zhen stated. He was frustrated, both sexually and physically. His control had nearly slipped. She was too tempting. A simple kiss from her and he already wanted more.

Yu Zhen lifted himself off from her. He helped her into a sitting position whilst standing up himself.

"But your little friend says otherwise," Li Xueyue innocently said. She pointed to the large tent that had grown itself.

Yu Zhen glanced down and noticed their height difference. He fought the urge to grin at her words. He curled a finger underneath her chin and used his thumb to lift her chin up, bringing her gaze upwards.

"I can promise you, Sunshine. It's far from little." 

Li Xueyue's eyes widened at his suggestion. His lips curled into a devious smirk. His calloused thumb brushed against her lips. His pupils dilated, but he tore his gaze away from her. It settled upon her exposed upper chest. The dip of her breast peeked out.

She was surprised when he had the courtesy to adjust her clothes and close it properly. As he pulled his hand back, she boldly declared, "Why don't you prove it?" 

Li Xueyue lifted her gaze to see his eyes had snapped to hers. She shivered at the look he was giving her. It promised a long, restless night.

Yu Zhen caught her by surprise when he pushed her onto the bed. With one hand upon the side of her breast and the other upon her hip, he gave both a promising squeeze.

"Don't worry, Sunshine," he teased. "On our wedding day, we'll go all night long."

Yu Zhen gently pulled strands of her hair towards his lips and smelled it. His burning eyes met hers—dark desires swirled from within. "And I won't stop, not even if you beg me too."


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