The Rise of Xueyue
353 Swee
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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353 Swee

Warning: the following scene contains 18+ content.

- - - - -

In silence, Yu Zhen's fingers worked to remove Li Xueyue's clothing. It didn't take long for him to reach the last layer of her clothing that was held together by red strings. 

Yu Zhen finally did what he always wanted to do when he played with her ribbons. In one rough yank, the strings came undone and her dress parted in the middle, revealing her bare body.

But she was too self-conscious and she immediately hugged her body.

"You're very beautiful, love," he murmured, bringing her closer. 

Yu Zhen brushed stray hairs away from her face with one hand as the other hand gently cupped her nape, angling her head towards him. The lit candles by the bed accentuated her soft features, the exact ones he tried to memorize by heart.

Li Xueyue blushed at his compliment and glanced to the side, but he forced her to look at him. 

"We don't have to continue if you're uncomfortable," Yu Zhen reassured. He saw her eyes widen with surprise as if saying no wasn't an option. 

He brought her hands to his lips, kissing each finger until her heart was squeezed with the action.

Then, she took him by surprise. Li Xueyue leaned up and kissed him. 

Her stomach fluttered when a deep chuckle rumbled from his chest. She felt his hand squeeze her nape as he closed the small distance between their bodies.

When she didn't pull back, Yu Zhen pressed his lips firmly against hers and slid his tongue into her mouth. Her quiet moans were enough for him to continue. 

Li Xueyue was familiar with his addictive kisses as her tongue met his in a fiery dance.

"I will thoroughly love you tonight," he muttered as he slowly lowered her on the bed. With a flick of his sleeves, the candlelights were blown out. 

They were supposed to be lit longer, but he couldn't care less. Traditions didn't faze him. He didn't need imaginary luck from random objects. Though, she must've mind, for her eyes snapped up to him.

Moonlight seeped through the open window as a breeze drifted into the room. He could see all of her features perfectly.

Yu Zhen's warm body covered hers before he stole another kiss from her. He kept their mouths locked together as he slowly pushed her robes apart. 

His large hands thoroughly explored her body, enjoying her smooth skin. Her back arched when his hands teasingly brushed against her exposed breasts.

"Now is your time to say no," he whispered against her skin. 

Li Xueyue simply responded by pulling him closer. Their lips met again, and soon, she was lost in the sensation of their kiss. Warmth pooled in her lower stomach. She could feel it, the heat of his skin, and his tense body.

Her fingers quivered as she began to undress him, but he grasped her hand.

"No, love," he stated. "Tonight will be about you."

Yu Zhen pulled back briefly to slip off his clothes. She touched her lips, as her head slowly tilted to the side. She could not meet his gaze despite being straddled by him.

Yu Zhen took off his clothes in record time. He tossed it onto the ground where her bridal dress laid in heaps. 

In the small amount of time, she had subconsciously covered herself. Her arms covered her breasts and a blush spread across her chest.

He licked his lips. Without warning, he grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them above her head. Her eyes widened in surprise, her body trembling with anticipation.

"Don't be scared," he whispered, leaning down to softly peck her lips. "I will take my time."

Li Xueyue's cheeks heated up and grew redder. He was staring down at her with hungry eyes as if he was going to devour her. And he was.

Li Xueyue couldn't stop her wandering eyes as she took everything in. From his beautiful body, chiseled and hard, to the carved lines of his abdomen. She gawked at the length of him, thick and powerful.

Almost as if he was reading her thoughts, he smirked. "It'll fit." 

Li Xueyue's head snapped up at him. 'There was no way—' Her thoughts were interrupted when he gently cupped her cheeks and pressed a kiss upon her chin. 

"At any time," he murmured as his hands slowly traveled downwards, exploring the sides of her body.

"If you'd like to stop, tell me."

Heat spread everywhere he touched as an unfamiliar sensation coursed through her. 

Li Xueyue gasped when he cupped the side of her breast and dove down. His lips latched upon her neck, pressing open mouth kisses upon the exposed skin. He nipped and suckled, creating even more marks. 

When Yu Zhen found the previous one fading, he paid more attention to it.

Even when her legs shifted in protest, he continued to kiss on that faded spot until a bright red mark could be seen. 

Li Xueyue could feel the curl of his lips when he smirked in satisfaction. She let out a shaky breath when he cupped her breast, gently squeezing it. 

Then, without warning, his mouth was upon her. He twirled his tongue upon the pearl, her body warmed in seconds. 

"Yu Zhen…" Li Xueyue moaned when he teased the orb with his teeth, gently pulling at it. She clung onto him, hoping to suppress the pleasure, but it was impossible.

"You just love to tease me, don't you?" Yu Zhen rasped when their eyes met. Her eyes were so tender, so moist, that he couldn't stop himself from teasing her other breast.

His hot, wet tongue was simply too much. Her body ached for him, wanting more and more. She couldn't stop the moans that came out. She tried her best to suppress it, but he'd suck harder when she did.

"Don't hold it in," he warned. "I want to hear all of you."

Li Xueyue shakily nodded her head. He smiled at her obedience as his head moved lower. Her stomach clenched when he kissed a path downward. His lips were warm and slick. 

"W-what are you doing?" she whispered when one hand gripped her waist and the other grasped her inner thighs.

"Getting a taste of my wife."

Li Xueyue's eyes widened when he settled in between her legs. She tried to close it, but he didn't let her. He spread her legs, his thumbs pressing into the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs.

He kissed both of her knees, humming as his lips wandered to the side of her legs. It was ticklish and it distracted her from her fear. 

He slid forward and made eye contact as his tongue rolled over her clit. 

Li Xueyue gasped, the sensation too surreal for her to say anything. Her breathing became labored as he twirled his tongue and without warning, took the bead into his mouth. He hummed, as if he tasted something sweet.

"Such a good girl," he growled when she attempted to close her legs in fear.

"Yu Zhen… I… I can't…" she moaned as the vibration of his growl drove her crazy. 

Yu Zhen sucked and licked until she was a writhing mess, her fingers tightly clenching the sheets. She was beginning to see stars as he swirled her clit in between his heated lips.

"P-please dont," she begged when he lazily dragged his mouth lower. 

Her eyes widened when the tip of his tongue slipped inside. His tongue, hot and wet, dove inside whilst his thumb circled around her clit. He picked up his speed until she was shaking, her eyes going wide. 

Li Xueyue felt her body reaching the peak of her high. Her mouth was agape as she panted.

"Yu Zhen!" she cried out his name, her hips jutting against his mouth. A rush of euphoria crashed through her, her body tensing. 

Yu Zhen smirked in satisfaction as he lapped the juices that flowed from her. 

"So sweet…" he groaned.

Li Xueyue's body fell flat on the bed. Her chest heaved with each pant. But he didn't stop there. She let out a whimper when he greedily licked her clean and began to spread her legs fully.

Li Xueyue's lower body arched when he licked his lips as if he had enjoyed a great meal. She didn't think it was possible for him to look even more handsome. But the desire dripping from his eyes said otherwise.

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