The Rise of Xueyue
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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Li Xueyue shifted back a bit, wanting to see what he was doing. Their eyes met and he continued the motion. It was then she realized he was cleaning her with a cloth. Slowly, he brought the cloth down her back. Her breath hitched. 

Li Xueyue was mesmerized by his stare. Like the gentle flicker of a burning candle, he was watching her every move. His other hand grasped her thigh. She pressed it together, hoping to conceal the warmth pooling below.

"What's wrong?" Yu Zhen whispered. Her pupils had dilated. Her cheeks were beginning to stain pink. He could see the desire dripping her eyes.

"Don't tease me…" she trailed off.

Yu Zhen moved the cloth to her lower stomach. His fingers grazed the soft flesh. She clenched it as her hips naturally jerked forward.

"Yu Zhen…" she mumbled, wanting more than just a simple touch. 

"Yes, Sunshine?" he asked.

Li Xueyue's eyes shut tightly when he slid the warm cloth to her breasts. His knuckles grazed the buds of her breasts. Her chest was rising faster than normal. Her body hummed with want.

"Please," she whispered. 

"You're too tender," Yu Zhen responded. Yet, he bent his neck and kissed her shoulder blades, enjoying the shiver of her body.

"I don't care."

Li Xueyue didn't want his kisses there. She wanted it elsewhere. Her eyes shot open when the cloth brushed her private part. Pleasure jolted through her body as he slipped a finger inside. 

Yu Zhen curled his finger and inserted another one. She instantly clenched onto him, her nails digging into his shoulder. 

Slowly, he pumped his fingers, watching as her eyes closed. Her lips were slightly parted and her hips began to move on its own. He captured her lips and swallowed her pleasured cries. 

Li Xueyue couldn't even think straight. His kisses were addictive, and his touches were intoxicating. She rolled her hips against his fingers as he picked up his pace. 

She began to see stars again. Her toes curled and the next thing she knew, his name left her mouth.

Li Xueyue let out a shaky breath. Was it always going to be this pleasurable? 

"Still tender?" he teased.

Li Xueyue instantly shook her head. "No." 

Yu Zhen smiled in response. He lifted her trembling hips and she did the rest. 

Li Xueyue was hesitant. It would be the first time she rode him. She didn't know what to do. Nonetheless, she slowly lowered herself onto the tip of his manhood. Her mind went blank with the arousal that was beginning again.

"Does it hurt?" Yu Zhen asked her as she tested the waters. 

Li Xueyue shook her head. And without warning, he roughly pulled her hips down. Her back arched at the full length of him pulsating inside of her. 

"You can't just—" She didn't finish her sentence when he thrust into her. 

A moan left her mouth, one after the other as he forced her to match his rhythm. His fingers dug into her waist, pulling her down with each of his upward thrusts. She was forced to take all of him. Her cries of pleasure only fueled him more.

Yu Zhen passionately kissed her as her hands clawed at his shoulders. He swallowed all of her pleas that begged for more and more. Soon, her eyes rolled back and her body tensed. He, too, had reached the peak of climax. And up they went, only to come down together.

- - - - -

Li Xueyue wondered if Heaven was unfair. Her energy was depleted as she sat at the dining table whereas Yu Zhen's skin was glowing. He seemed full despite not taking a bite.

"Drink this," Yu Zhen said whilst blowing upon the steaming bowl of soup. He lifted the spoon and waited for it to cool down some more. He fed it to her and she drank it without complaints.

"How can you look so energetic?" Li Xueyue asked as he lifted another spoonful to her.

"You didn't even have your meal yet," she added on.

His eyes flashed with amusement. He smirked. "Trust me, Sunshine, I've had my meal."

Li Xueyue narrowed her eyes.

"And it was delicious."

She didn't even want to humor him. 

Li Xueyue diligently ate her meal whilst encouraging him to take a bite. He was simply watching her with an easygoing smile. Her heart flipped every time she snuck a peek at him. Why was he just watching her?

"Aren't you going to eat?" she asked.

Yu Zhen reached a hand out. Li Xueyue thought he would caress her cheek, but he actually picked a piece of rice from the corner of her lips. 

"Don't eat it!" she groaned when he placed it into his mouth.

"Like I said, I've already eaten."

Li Xueyue suppressed another groan. She settled down her finished bowl of rice and picked up a clean bowl. 

"I can do it for you," Yu Zhen said when she picked up the ladle. She scooped the soup into the bowl.

"The food is getting cold, and you're not eating," she said. 

Li Xueyue brought the spoon to him. "So what else does it look like I'm doing?"

Yu Zhen wanted to kiss her right then and there. Only she would be bold enough to feed the future Emperor of Hanjian. She stared at him expectantly, gesturing to her raised hand. It was an adorable sight.

Yu Zhen chuckled when she impatiently glared at him. He grabbed her wrist and drank the soup.

Li Xueyue peered at him expectantly like a puppy waiting for her treat. He held back a laugh.

"It's good," he curtly said.

"Then drink more," Li Xueyue urged.

"Only if you feed me."

Li Xueyue pressed her lips together. If that was the only way he'd eat, then she'd diligently do so. 

- - - - - 

"You're not busy today?" Li Xueyue asked when he joined her in bed. It was late in the afternoon, and she was worried about distracting him.

"I won't be busy for the next three weeks," he gloated.

Li Xueyue was puzzled by his words. She was lying upon his chest whilst staring out the window. One of his hands was lazily playing with her hair.

"What do you mean?" she questioned.

"You don't have to worry about it," Yu Zhen reassured her. He didn't want her to be concerned with the logistics. She would surely overthink it. 

Yu Zhen enjoyed how long her hair was. It was similar to other girls and reached down to her lower back. But something about the way she wore it pleased him more. He enjoyed gathering strands of her hair and watching it fall down.

"What about the days after the three weeks? Will I still see you as often?" she asked, her voice growing fainter with each word.

Yu Zhen had a way with his hands. This time, it was lulling her to sleep. There was something about him that made it easier for her to close her eyes.

"Of course," Yu Zhen whispered.

"You promise?"

"We don't make promises," he reminded her.

Li Xueyue smiled against his chest. 

A comfortable silence settled in between them. As the curtains fluttered, a gentle breeze danced throughout the room. Their breathing became steady, and soon, they fell into a slumber.

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