The Rise of Xueyue
375 Run Away
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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375 Run Away

A few other suggestions were approved, though a majority of them were denied, but that seemed to be the norm especially when the group was big—it wasn't easy to get the support of everyone. 

The entire time, Li Xueyue was observing the tactics being employed by these people. It wasn't that she wanted to learn from them or copy their methods—she was just curious.

Once the meeting was concluded, everyone left without another glance towards each other. It wasn't difficult to see that the relationships formed amongst the people in this group were strictly business and nothing more. 

Li Xueyue was heading down the hallway in the opposite direction of the meeting room when she felt a presence behind her. Before she could turn around, he was already in her line of sight.

"Yu Zhen," she mused, knowing it was him before she even saw him.

"You could've waited for me Sunshine," he said.

"I wanted to wait around the corner where there is more privacy."

Yu Zhen smirked at her words. He grasped her chin and pulled her close. "Privacy to do what?"


His thumb brushed her jaw. "Just talking?" he teased.

Li Xueyue tried to look away from him. His eyes were too alluring. It mirrored his emotions, darkening with desire. 

"Preferably not," she said, catching him off guard.

Yu Zhen let out a deep chuckle. He wrapped an arm around her and took a step towards her. 

"I went easy on you yesterday night," he whispered, brushing his lips against her mouth.

"So you'd have the energy to walk." Yu Zhen caressed her cheek with the back of his finger. Her lashes fluttered at his words, remembering the passion they shared last night.

Her palms rested on his chest, her fingers gripping his robes in anticipation. 

"Let's change that," he murmured. His voice dripped of sinful promises, all of which, she'd gladly accept.

Yu Zhen captured her lips. Before she could protest, he deepened the kiss. 

Li Xueyue's lower stomach clenched with familiarity. His fingers dug into her waist when he kissed her harder. Not a second later, his lips were skimming the side of her jawline. Her eyes widened in surprise as realization sank in.

They were in public.

"Yu Zhen—"

"I know."

Yu Zhen lifted his head away from her neck. He was amused by her high collars which evidently hid one of his marks. 

"You look lovely today," he said whilst adjusting her hair in place. It didn't matter to him but it certainly did to her. It was enough reason for him to soothe her racing heart.

"It's not too simple?" she asked.

"No." Yu Zhen shook his head. "It is the perfect balance between grace and wealth."

"I was hoping for that look," Li Xueyue stated. "So that it wouldn't give anyone the wrong impression."

"Many were in awe of your performance, Sunshine. You did very well," he reassured.

Li Xueyue was conflicted. With how critical everyone's statement was, she began to doubt his words.

"Trust me," he said whilst lifting her chin. She was forced to meet his burning gaze.

"They're usually a lot worse than today. Silence rarely happens, but it occurred on more than one occasion with you."

Li Xueyue nodded. "I thought they were quiet because they didn't like my suggestions."

"Nonsense. Everyone was caught off guard by you."

Li Xueyue could do nothing but trust his words. She knew he was kind to her, but he wasn't the type to lie for false reassurance.

"Now," he whispered, bringing her fingers to his lips. "Let's finish what we started."

- - - - -

They had barely made it past the doors before his lips were onto hers again. She stumbled on her footing but he caught her with ease. 

"I-in the afternoon?" she whispered when he pulled her dress lower, revealing her neck. His kisses trailed a path from her jaw down to her collarbone.

Li Xueyue felt hazy. She couldn't think straight as his mouth and tongue worked magic upon her skin. Her breath hitched when his teeth grazed a sensitive part on her shoulder.

"And night time," he promised.

That wasn't what she meant, and they both knew it. 

Yu Zhen lowered her onto the bed. Before she could say anything, he captured her mouth again. His hand wove into her hair, fingers spread when he gripped her head. He angled her neck, deepening the kiss.

Li Xueyue stifled a moan when his fingers slipped underneath her dress. He softly touched her thigh, purposely teasing the skin. His featherlight touch was ticklish, but ignited a fire within her.

"Don't hide that sound from me."

She couldn't respond. A gasp left her mouth when he inserted a finger. She clenched, but he inserted another finger and her hand flew to cover her mouth.

"You love to disobey me, don't you?" Yu Zhen murmured, grabbing her wrist. He pressed it onto the bed and curled his fingers, pressing inside of her before picking up speed.

"N-no… I just…" She moaned when his mouth was upon her neck again. He smiled against her skin, enjoying the sight of her breathless pants. 

His mouth, hot and wet, trailed to her chest still covered by her clothes. With one yank, she was exposed before him. Her eyes shot open and he inserted another finger.

Li Xueyue writhed underneath him. Her hips moved on its own. It rolled against his fingers as it entered her deeper. She felt a familiar ache in her lower region. His movements were merciless, much like his wandering mouth.

It didn't take long for her to see stars. Her eyes rolled back. Her back arched.

Li Xueyue's body tensed as ecstasy rushed through her. She let out a shaky breath, slowly coming down from the high.

"Good girl."

Through her hazy vision, she saw him bring his fingers to his mouth. Her heart skipped when he licked it.

"Sweet like honey." 

Li Xueyue flushed at his words. He didn't give her time to react before diving back down for more. But she was surprised when he flipped their position.

Confusion filled her. She was now on top of him, her knees straddling either side of his large, powerful body. She rested her palms against his chest.

"Ride me."

Li Xueyue's lips parted. She was nervous. This was all too new for her. But he didn't seem to mind. His hand gripped her hip whilst the other traveled up her thighs. 

Yu Zhen enjoyed this sight of her. Her hair cascaded down her back, a few strands escaping forward. He could see her clearly. Her flushed face enthralled him, much like her reddened lips. She was glorious. Every adjective of beautiful was meant to describe her.

He didn't think such a cliche thought would run through his mind, but it did.

"Will you teach me?" 

Yu Zhen's heart trembled at her voice. She stared down at him with wide, curious eyes. She looked too innocent for her own good. He felt an urge to take control of her instead of giving this leverage.

"Do as you please. Whatever feels right," he reassured.

Li Xueyue didn't need to hear anything else. She parted his robes until her hand rested upon his bare chest. 

Li Xueyue removed his clothes. He lifted his shoulders to slide it off of him. And before she could run away, he captured her hips. Yet again, she straddled him, but this time, there wasn't a barrier.

Yu Zhen's mouth went dry. Layers of her clothes had slipped off her shoulders. It pooled at her arms and waist. Her breasts were revealed. He reached up to caress it, but she caught him by surprise.

"You're only allowed to watch."


Yu Zhen stared in surprise when she pushed his arms onto the bed. She raised her hips and eased herself upon him.

Li Xueyue remembered the last time they were in this position, he was in charge. This time, she wanted to be the one who leads. Before he could say anything, he was inside of her. She could feel his length, pulsating and warm, much like the heat pooling in her stomach.

Confidence burst forth within her when he sucked in a raspy breath. "Sunshine, you—"

Li Xueyue slowly rolled her hips forward, testing the waters. He squeezed his eyes shut, lost in the pleasurable sensation. He was being tortured by her slow movements until she abruptly swirled her hips and increased speed. 

Yu Zhen grunted in pleasure, agreeing with whatever she was doing. "Goodness, what are you doing to me?" he breathed out as his body burned to control her. 

Li Xueyue drove him insane. She would ride him at an adequate speed until he couldn't breathe. Each time he was near, she would slow down, forcing him to match her rhythm.

"That's it," he growled.

In an instant, he grabbed her hips and brought her down onto him. She couldn't help the moan that escaped as he lifted his waist and thrust forward. 

"T-this is unfair…!" She couldn't finish her sentence when he flipped them around. 

Yu Zhen had his way with her. He thrust deeply into her, fast and rough, but it was what she loved. She struggled to say something, her breaths coming out in pants. 

Li Xueyue's heart lurched when he grabbed the headboard above her. His muscular arms flexed. She couldn't even think straight now. He pumped faster into her until her legs buckled and rose on its own. Her back arched off the bed.

Yet again, she reached an ecstasy that only he could give her. And when she came tumbling down, her mind was in shambles.

"You damn brute…" she said.

Yu Zhen laid beside her and laughed. "You shouldn't have teased me, Sunshine."

"I only wanted to torture you," she innocently said.

Yu Zhen smirked at her words. He brought her closer, wrapping his arms around her body. He held her tenderly.

"Trust me, Sunshine. Everything you do to me is torture as it is." 

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