The Rise of Xueyue
388 Gentle
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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388 Gentle

Warning: The following content contains 18+ material.

"I'm covered in sweat." Li Xueyue tried to reason with him. She shivered under his burning gaze. Wherever he looked, her skin would heat up, already craving his touch. 

"And I don't smell good," she added on. 

Eventually, her lower back came into contact with a large piece of furniture. His arms came on either side of her, gripping the wood. His muscles flexed from the small action. He was so close that she could feel each exhale of his.

"Nonsense," he said. 

Yu Zhen swooped down and kissed the corner of her mouth. Her heart skipped, wishing it was her lips he kissed instead. His lips skimmed her jaw, trailing to her neck. He found the spot that made her suck in a breath.

Yu Zhen nipped the area before pressing an open mouth kiss upon it. "Everything about you is always so intoxicating," he murmured against her skin before suckling on the sensitive spot. The mark he made on her in the morning was fading.

Li Xueyue trembled, grasping his arm for support. 

"Like alcohol?" she joked.

He chuckled at her words, not expecting the humor. 

Li Xueyue could feel his smile against her skin. He lifted his head and brushed his lips against hers.

"A lot more addictive than that," he corrected her. Not a second later, he kissed her.

Li Xueyue's eyes fluttered shut. He settled a hand upon her buttocks and effortlessly lifted her up. All the while, their lips remained interlocked. Her hands rested upon his cheeks, grasping him desperately.

He lowered her onto the bed, allowing her to breathe in once before kissing her again. He nibbled at her bottom lip, tugging it before diving his slick tongue into her mouth.

Li Xueyue was beginning to see stars. Whether or not it was intentional, he took her breath away.

Yu Zhen settled himself in between her propped up legs. He pulled away for a brief minute and stripped off his clothes effortlessly.

Li Xueyue watched as he did so, gulping upon seeing his honey-tanned body. His muscular abdomen always captured her attention. It clenched when he leaned down.

"Please be gentle," she whispered when he came for her lips. 

Yu Zhen slid his hand under her head. His long fingers grasped her hair, bringing her up to him.

"You shouldn't have provoked me then, Sunshine."

Li Xueyue didn't get to protest when he captured her lips again. Her fingers brushed upon his hard chest. She felt a strange pulse below her stomach. 

Yu Zhen loved to push her to her limits, even in bed. 

When his hot tongue explored her mouth, she couldn't stop a moan from escaping. He grunted in approval and slid a hand down her body, enjoying the way her belly clenched.

"I… I didn't mean to," she gasped out when his hand stopped directly upon her womanhood. His thumb parted the folds, finding the orb without troubles.

"Didn't seem like it." 

Li Xueyue moaned when he drew circles on it with his thumb. Pleasure coursed through her. Her eyes shot open when he inserted a finger, then another, all the while fondling her clit.

"I-I won't do it again," Li Xueyue lied as her legs writhed. She tried to push him away, but he let out a dark chuckle and gripped her inner thigh.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Li Xueyue squeezed her eyes shut. His fingers did wild things to her. He curled it, pressing against a sensitive spot. She could feel herself reach a familiar peak. He thrust his finger, watching her body flush with pleasure.

Li Xueyue could feel it. She was so close now, the heat spreading everywhere. She clenched upon his fingers. But then, without warning, he stopped.

"Yu Zhen…" she whispered, her attention fully on him.

"Yes, love?"

Li Xueyue nearly cried. Damn him. He was giving her a taste of her own medicine. She was unfamiliar with this type of torturing arousal.

"Why did you—"

"Hmm… Did you want something, Sunshine?"

Li Xueyue rapidly nodded her head. She gulped when he leaned down and brushed his lips against her mouth.

"Please," she whispered, wanting him inside her. She could think of nothing else but him. She wanted to feel it, the force of his body, and his occasional grunts of approval.

Her body was so warm, and only he could give her salvation.

"Please, what?"

Li Xueyue pleaded with her eyes. She hoped he would spare her mercy. Yu Zhen merely smirked at her. A jolt went through her body when he teased her clit.

"What do you want, Sunshine? I don't know if you don't tell me." His voice was a seductive lull that churned her stomach.

"I… I want…" she trailed off, unable to finish her words as he continued to fondle the pearl. It was so difficult to think, much less speak.


"I-I want you inside of me," she finally breathed out.

"That's a good girl." 

Li Xueyue didn't even have enough time to register his words as something hard slid into her. She covered her mouth, suppressing a moan. 

"Don't," he warned. "I want to hear all of you as you take all of me."

Li Xueyue's eyes widened. Before she could say anything, he slid out slowly, only to quickly thrust into her. She clenched the blanket, hoping it would distract her. 

But Yu Zhen was cruel. He grabbed her wrists, pinning it on her sides as he pounded into her. She cried out, both in pleasure and shock. The sensation was too much for her. 

Without warning, he turned her around, her breasts pressing onto the bed. Yu Zhen lifted her hips, his large hands tightening around it. 

"I-I-I don't think I can—" Li Xueyue didn't get to finish her sentence as he slid deeper into her.

Li Xueyue's legs gave out, but he didn't mind. Yu Zhen had her where he wanted. He continued thrusting forward, faster and harder the more she begged for him.

The only sound that could be heard was flesh against flesh and her pleas. It was music to his ears.

Li Xueyue could feel it. She was reaching the peak of pleasure, her palm sliding up the blanket, attempting to run from it. She held her breath, for each gasp of air shocked her with even more pleasure.

"You're not getting away from me this fast," Yu Zhen growled. His hand covered hers, pinning it down, as the other kept her waist in place. 

Li Xueyue could no longer think properly. Her eyes rolled back as she tightly clenched. Not a second later, she started seeing stars. 

His name left her mouth, the exact time as something warm filled her. 

Li Xueyue let out a sigh. Her hips were finally lowered onto the bed as he came down with her. She felt his lips upon her shoulder, kissing and nipping. She was beyond exhausted as her eyes fluttered close.

Yu Zhen moved her hair away, exposing more of her neck. He enjoyed branding her with kisses and seeing the rosy marks on her pale skin.

"The banquet…" she whispered, believing they should return.

"Can wait."

Li Xueyue's heart raced when he suddenly turned her around. She was met with his piercing gaze, burning with intensity. His hands ran down her sides, stopping at her thighs.

"You have lovely legs." Yu Zhen leaned in, pecking her softly upon the lips. He parted her legs.

"I'm tired," she weakly protested.

"But not exhausted."

"You insatiable beast." She groaned, he laughed.

"I will be more gentle this time, Sunshine."

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