The Rise of Xueyue
395 How Horrendous
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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395 How Horrendous

A few minutes later, the Imperial Physician knocked on the door. He was told to wait outside of the bedroom. 

The Imperial Physician recognized the Crown Princess. Who wouldn't? It would be difficult to forget such a mesmerizing face. 

Even he had heard of the rumors about her despite his old age and wrinkled ears. There were hardly any bad things to be said about her, and the majority of the issues were always resolved by her, one way or the other. It was truly applaudable.

However, there was something that made everyone a bit embarrassed. It was the visible love marks on her neck. And her obliviousness towards it made her even more endearing.

"Get out," Yu Zhen commanded the servants. 

The Imperial Physician waited a second and everyone flocked out of the room. His apprentice stood by the side, carrying a large case of things ranging from medicinal herbs to tools.

"Including you."

The apprentice blinked in surprise. He wanted to protest for there were duties to be fulfilled. Then again, this was the Crown Prince. Telling him no was asking to see the Underworld.

He placed the case onto the table and ran out of the room, tail tucked between his legs.

"I expect the utmost loyalty."

The Imperial Physician didn't question the order. He simply bowed his head. "Understood, Your Highness."

"If word gets out about today's check-up, your family will be tortured before you."

Li Xueyue gawked at Yu Zhen. Must he terrify every single soul in this palace? By now, who had he not threatened? Or were they promises? She couldn't tell.

"O-of course, Your Highness," the Imperial Physician stuttered out. He knew, without a doubt, that the Crown Prince meant every word. The rumors of his cruelty were not all baseless. They were retellings of the truth.

"My Wangfei is curious about her fertility."

The Imperial Physician nodded his head. He finally understood the reason for this summon.

"If I may then, Crown Princess," the Imperial Physician stated. He gestured for her to take a seat to make things easier.

Li Xueyue approached the chairs, but a hand stopped her. She stared down at the familiar, calloused fingers in confusion. They gripped the back of the chair, pulling it out. Bewildered, she approached the other chair and sat down.

"What is it?" she said when he threw her a brooding glare.

"This chair was meant for you." He gestured to the one that his hand was upon.

"Oh, I thought you were going to sit there."

Yu Zhen sighed. "You make it seem like I've never treated you well."

Li Xueyue smiled. "Don't be so melodramatic, dear husband. Sit." 

To emphasize her point, Li Xueyue patted the pulled out chair. He continued glaring at her. Nonetheless, he begrudgingly sat down.

"You may examine me now," Li Xueyue said to the Imperial Physician, wondering how it would be done.

"Do not worry, Crown Princess, it will be a few questions and a quick examination." 

Li Xueyue slowly nodded her head.

First, he checked her pulse. It was a bit faster than normal, but since she was a bit nervous, it was expected. Next, he examined her tongue, checking the color and health. Finally, he began asking the questions.

"If you do not mind, Princess, please allow me to take out a parchment so that I can take notes. It would be easier for me to remember—"

"You are to remember it in your head." Yu Zhen's intense glower left no room for any arguments.

To become an Imperial Physician was no easy feat for they specifically served the leaders of the nation. It took more than skills and expertise to earn this honorable title. 

The tests for this position were demanding, and it often took half a decade to pass them all. The selection process was rigorous.

Having a good memory was expected of any physician. If the current Imperial Physician lacked it, then it meant he had to be replaced. 

After all, the Palace only employs the best; the rest are dispensable. 

"As you wish, Your Highness," the Imperial Physician answered. He cleared his throat and opened the wooden case of supplies, in case it was needed.

"I will inquire about your monthly cycles of bleeding," he began. Bowing his head, he added on, "This conversation might not be suitable for the ears of husbands. If Your Highness wishes to not hear—"

"I don't care. Just ask the damn questions," Yu Zhen snapped. He was irritated by the Imperial Physician's flowery language. 

Was it so hard to get the point? It was exactly why he liked the military more. Everyone was blunt and straightforward. There was no need to overly complicate things and delay time. 

"My sincere apologies, Your Highness," the Imperial Physician quickly said in a lowered voice. He was astonished that the Crown Prince was willing to stay behind and listen.

Often, discussions of a woman's menstrual cycle were taboo. No man wanted to hear about the gross things that came out of their woman. 

It was a known fact that the husbands who witnessed the birth of their child were often too repulsed to touch their wives ever again. This was precisely why men were forced to wait outside, as the midwives did their thing.

"Have your cycles been regular, Crown Princess? As in, the bleeding happens on the same day every month? Additionally, when was the last time you bled?"

Li Xueyue shook her head. "No, it's quite irregular and difficult to predict." For the latter question, she touched her chin and tilted her head.

"I… don't really remember when. Often, my maidservants keep track for me," she added on. It had been a few weeks since her marriage to Yu Zhen. But she was still uncertain of when her last cycle was.

The Imperial Physician thoughtfully nodded his head. "I see, Crown Princess." He rubbed his long, white beard and hummed.

"And the pain? How horrendous is it?"

"It's not that horrible. I'm still able to take small walks in the garden."

The Imperial Physician made a mental note, though it was getting difficult for him. The skill had deteriorated with age. Sometimes, he would forget what he entered a room for.

"Pardon my wording, but what is the color of the blood, Crown Princess? Bright like roses, or dark? Also, are there any clotting?"

Li Xueyue tilted her head. She couldn't remember it quite well. "I'm not sure."

"Do not worry, Crown Princess. How often do you have to change the cloth?"

Li Xueyue understood what he meant. The more often a woman changes their cloth, the heavier the bleeding. 

"I would say it's at the normal frequency as most women."

The Imperial Physician nodded. He continued stroking his beard. It helped him think. "Do you experience any pain during the process of making love, Crown Princess?"

Li Xueyue flushed at this question. She could no longer meet his gaze as embarrassment filled her. 

Yu Zhen smirked at this. "She does not," he answered for her.

Li Xueyue discreetly nudged him with her elbows. The least he could do was be less shameless about this! 

Yu Zhen threw her a pointed look. Did she want to hear something worse? For he had a lot of ideas… 

"That is fantastic news, Your Highness," the Imperial Physician respectfully said. 

His wrinkled face showed no signs of surprise or bewilderment. Everyone knew the Crown Prince always lavished his wife. Attention or adoration, she received it all. And many knew…the most of his love occurred at night.

"And the final question," the Imperial Physician stated. "Is there a lot of pain prior to the cycle? For example, near the lower stomach, Crown Princess."

Li Xueyue touched her stomach, suddenly feeling a bit queasy at the thought of cramps. 

She slowly nodded her head. "Sometimes, there is a sharp pain, but it's similar to the ones I receive during the cycle."

"Hmmm…" The Imperial Physician stroked his chin. "It is quite difficult to determine your fertility, for your responses tick off a few problems, but the majority of it also doesn't."

Li Xueyue couldn't understand him. Did that mean she had a higher possibility of being infertile than most women? 

"Have you ever recounted moments where wounds might've been inflicted upon your stomach or… pardon me, your womanhood?"

The air turned chilly. The question was right on the mark.

Li Xueyue's heart dropped. She hugged her stomach and scrambled her brain for an excuse. "Yes, in my adolescence and childhood, I…was an energetic child. There were many occasions that I took martial arts training and sword fighting too far," she lied.

The Imperial Physician was alarmed. The Emperor and Empress of Wuyi had allowed their daughter to run amok like that?!

Well, it would certainly describe the widely spoken events of yesterday. One couldn't raise such a talented daughter without sacrifices.

"For now, Crown Princess, you might have a higher chance of infertility than most women, mainly because of the injuries, whether minor or large, sustained by your body."

Li Xueyue expected as much. Yet, her shoulders still dropped in heavy disappointment. A cloud of somberness suddenly drifted over her. 

"Despite the uncertainty of this, I will still prescribe you herbal tonics to aid fertility, Crown Princess. The tonic is concocted from herbs known to increase—"

"Just make it and get out."

The Imperial Physician wasn't alarmed by the Crown Prince's temperament. He had treated this young man from birth to now. 

At this point, not much would faze him. Besides, the Underworld must've frozen over if the Crown Prince was suddenly kind. It was not a behavior that people expected from him.

Kindness does not move mountains. Brute force does. 

"As you wish, Your Highness," the Imperial Physician said peacefully. 

The Imperial Physician quietly gathered the herbs. Luckily, he had expected these types of requests. He had come prepared with the right things. 

Working quickly, he packed the right amount of medicinal herbs. Everything was neatly wrapped to perfection in small parchment pouches.

"Please have the servants boil two of this every day. Once in the morning, and once at night. Preferably, take this tonic a few minutes before an act of love."

Li Xueyue nodded her head. She saw the large quantity of pouches and cringed at the thought of its bitterness. 

"The taste will be nasty, so it is recommended to drink it with something sweet and sour, such as dried plums coated in sugar, Crown Princess." 

The Imperial Physician neatly organized everything before her, separating the medication to be taken by day and night.

"Is this all of it?" Li Xueyue asked.

"We will have to wait for the results. If there is none, even after a month, then I will prescribe a stronger prescription."

Li Xueyue slowly nodded. By results, what did he mean? Could it mean pregnancy?

"Do you have any other concerns, Crown Princess?" the Imperial Physician asked.

Li Xueyue debated the idea of asking for sleeping tonics. But lately, falling asleep was not a problem. Especially when all of her energy was drained and she felt beyond comforted.

Li Xueyue smiled. "That will be all." 

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