The Rise of Xueyue
434 Another Tantrum
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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434 Another Tantrum

Li Xueyue's mind was in daze, cloudy and incoherent. She could not speak in between his rough, punishing kisses. She tried to run from his cruel, yet passionate lips, but he had her wrists pinned on the bed. Her breathing came out shaky when he released her mouth, only for his lips to skim along the collar of her hanfu.

"You look lovely in this dress."

Li Xueyue did not get to respond when his middle finger ran down the center of her breasts, parting the hanfu open for him. The cold nipped at her skin, her orbs tightening. She bit her bottom lip, stifling a moan when his slick, wet tongue latched upon it. He rolled it in his mouth, the hot sensation of his twirling tongue sent her eyes rolling backward.

"I-I haven't recovered," she lied, despite the ache that pooled in her lower stomach.

"Too bad."

Li Xueyue tried to protest, but his fingers were already travelling lower and lower, until it stopped on her moist opening. 

"Brute," she gasped out when he inserted his middle finger into her. Her hips jerked against him when he curled it, pressing upon a sensitive spot.

"Yu Zhen, p-please, I—"

He inserted two more fingers, watching as she writhed and heavily breathed out, her mouth slightly open. She let out a moan when he began to move his fingers, repeatedly hitting the same spot that made her cry out in pleasure. She gripped the blankets, her head tilting back in pleasure.

Li Xueyue was beginning to see stars. Her lashes fluttered as he let out a dark chuckle of approval. She could barely keep her eyes open enough to see his dark, taunting smile that did wild things to her heart.

"What happened to not recovering?" he muttered, his voice low and seductive.

Li Xueyue tried to respond, but he only increased the speed of his fingers, bringing her to the peak of ecstasy. He bent down and captured her lips, sealing a moan that sent jolts down his body. She could feel it coming, building up from within her, a release that she had anticipated the second his hot mouth was upon hers. 

Just as her hips lifted off the bed, he stopped. The pleasure, his fingers—everything disappeared.

Li Xueyue's eyes snapped open in protest, filled with accusations. He pulled out his fingers and tilted his head, as if he had not just brought her to the peak, only to let her down. Her chest was flushed, heaving with frustration. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes, highly entertained by her reaction.

"What's wrong?" he taunted. 

Yu Zhen was heated by her burning gaze, filled with aggravation at what he had just done to her. She was so enthralling when angered. 

"You irritate me, that's what's wrong!" Li Xueyue hissed. She propped herself up with her elbow, but was pushed back onto the bed.

"Stop teasing me—" Yu Zhen captured her mouth hungrily, like a man starved of touch. Their lips feverishly moved against each other, as she attempted to match his pace. The kiss was so suffocating that she could no longer think properly. She couldn't form sentences by the time he released her mouth.

Yu Zhen grazed his moist lips on her neck, teasing yet another sensitive spot. She unknowingly turned her head, giving him more access. He lowered himself onto her, pressing something warm and stiff upon her lower stomach. 

Li Xueyue was intoxicated with him. And he knew it. She pulled him closer, wrapping one hand on his nape. 

"I don't think so, love," Yu Zhen murmured, grabbing her hands, but she rested a palm on his chest.

"Why not?" she mused, her fingers parting his clothes.

Yu Zhen narrowed his eyes at her. Her hands teasingly lowered itself. He watched her with hawk eyes, distracted by her teasing smile. His skin warmed with her touch, and it did not take long for her to find the source of his large tent.

Yu Zhen hissed when she suddenly wrapped her fingers on it. Her touch was cold, yet he was on the brink of euphoria.

"My fingers aren't closing around it," she softly whispered, tilting her head.

"Really, Sunshine?" he gritted out, "I couldn't tell."

Yu Zhen nearly lost it when she accidentally grazed the tip. 

"I'm surprised it even fits."

My god, she was trying to kill him. Yu Zhen was sure of it. She locked eyes with him, licking her bottom lip. And he swore, it took everything within him not to yank her onto her knees.

"Li Xueyue," he growled. "I swear if you—"

She dropped her hand.

Yu Zhen gawked at her in pure disbelief. The rush of his blood should've died down, but it didn't. She had turned the tables on him, but forgotten exactly who she was dealing with. A dark, cruel laugh escaped him.

"So, this is how you want to play."

Li Xueyue did not understand his words, until he suddenly flipped her around. A gasp escaped her when she was brought to her knees. His rough actions only sent a thrill to course through her, her body heating from his touch.

When he brought his hard tip towards her opening, she pleaded, "P-please wait, I—"

"Oh, Sunshine," he cruelly said. "You shouldn't have tempted me then."

And without warning, he thrust into her. Li Xueyue sucked in a breath, nearly passing out from his taking his full length. He was never this rough to her, forcing her to take all of it in one go, when he usually started off small. 

And before she could say anything, Yu Zhen rolled his hips, hitting the exact spot that made her cry out in shock. 

"Y-Yu Zhen, I'm sorry—" he thrust harder, deeper, his pleasure growing when she tightly gripped him. Her arms gave out, but he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back as he pushed into her, then slowly pulled out, only to slam right back into her.

"Love, you should've apologized a lot sooner," he cooed as he firmly grasped her hips, thrusting faster, quicker, matching the pace of her erratic pants.

Li Xueyue couldn't even register his words. She was focused on nothing but his thrusts, her eyes rolling backward. She felt more pleasure than pain. It felt so good that tears gathered in her eyes, as she rolled her hips, desperately trying to meet his speed.

"I-I can't—" she whispered. He chuckled at her words and sank deeper into her until she had forgotten her own name.

Yu Zhen leaned down and grasped one of her breasts, softly fondling it, his fingers pinching at her pearl. 

Li Xueyue could no longer hold on. His hand was much more gentler than his stamina, the contrast bringing forth much more pleasure. She felt too good to even say anything else. Her legs gave out before he could finish, but he released her hair and placed his palm at her bottom, holding her up.

"Not so fast, love."

Li Xueyue could think of nothing but him and his occasional grunts of pleasure. When he groaned in pleasure, she knew he was close, much like her. And together, they climbed towards their peak. Heat rushed to her face as her eyes went wide. Her insides gripped him tightly, as he released inside of her, the same time she found her relief. 

Li Xueyue collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, her face pressing into the blankets. Her vision was blurry with tears, but not from pain or fear. She felt his lips brush against her shoulders, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Are you trying to kill me?" she weakly asked. He kissed her shoulders. Then, moving her hair aside, he peppered her back with kisses, gentle and completely different from before.

Then, without warning, Yu Zhen suddenly flipped her onto her back. She peered up at him, her throat went dry. His eyes were ignited, burning with desire for her. He was far from satisfied.

LiXueyue did not realize a tear had rolled down her cheek until he brushed it away, softly smiling down at her.

"Is this another tantrum?" he teased.

Yu Zhen brushed her messy hair away from her eyes. She was a mess, but he loved it. Her legs were still trembling as they tightly pressed themselves together. He was highly amused. As if that could ever work on him.

"How can you have so much stamina?" Li Xueyue whispered when he bent down to gently kiss her bruised lips.

"There is no limit to my greed for you, Li Xueyue. You should've known…" Yu Zhen murmured as he slid his fingers down her body. Goodness, he loved the color of rosy pink against her flushed body.

"Now, be a good girl, and part your legs for me." 

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