The Rise of Xueyue
482 It Has Begun.
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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482 It Has Begun.

Lady Ge Beining slipped under her blankets, ready to fall into a blissful sleep. She let out a small sigh from the warmth of the blankets. Her fingertips were cold, but it was slowly beginning to heat up. She pulled the blankets to her shoulders with a tired frown. It was such a long day…

Lady Ge Beining did not think she would be subjected to such horrible torture. It would've been better if she was able to get her hands on a tonic that would help quell the heat, rather than let herself be drowned in cold water. But she did what she had to do.

"It was the only way for me to maintain my innocence," Lady Ge Beining told herself whilst closing her eyes.

Soon, sleep overtook her. It was an effortless transition, and she would have a peaceful sleep, free of terrors, for the only problem in her life would soon be gone.

- - - - -

Lady Ge Beining was startled awake by a loud commotion outside. She looked towards her windows where it was firmly shut. But through the paper screen, she could see the sun was still out. 

"What's going on?" Lady Ge Beining murmured when she heard something clanging in the background. She looked towards her doors, awaiting her servants to come in and inform her of the cause of the commotion outside.

Soon, she heard the quiet click of the entrance doors. The footsteps were loud and powerful, a thud that shook her heart. It was a familiar sound that made her heart race with anticipation.

Lady Ge Beining sat up from her bed—curious and trembling. She knew this presence even behind closed doors. 

The doors opened, revealing a face that sent her heart into a frenzy. Finally, he set foot into her bedroom.

The Crown Prince was mesmerizing. He calmly closed the doors behind him, revealing the bloody sword in his hand. His icy gaze surveyed the room before it finally settled upon her.

"Y-Your Highness…" Lady Ge Beining breathed out. She shakily slipped out of her bed and grabbed the edges of her nightgown before dipping into a beautiful curtsy for him.

Lady Ge Beining was in awe of him. It had been a while since she was physically so close to him. He was handsome despite his frigid presence. A dark aura surrounded his ethereal features, but she loved him nonetheless. 

Lady Ge Beining heard his footsteps brush past her. She raised her head and admired him from afar. He was everything she had ever wanted. Her heart yearned for him. Just a single gaze would be enough. Just a single smile would kill her. She loved him to that extent.

"What brings you here at such odd hours?" Lady Ge Beining asked. She watched him casually walk around the room before turning to face her. 

When Lady Ge Beining met his brooding stare, she nearly swooned. His eyes were aloof and cold as ice. She wanted to see it melt with warmth and adoration for her. She wanted to see his eyes soften, and his smile gentle. She begged the Heavens, pleading with them one last time. 

Lady Ge Beining would be willing to sacrifice everything just to hear him call out her name. Wasn't that why he came to her bedroom? Was he finally disgusted with his wife, whose legs were parted for another man that was not him?

"I heard you were poisoned," he finally said.

Lady Ge Beining's heart skipped a beat. She could not believe this incident inclined him to come here. It was killing two birds with one stone! 

It seems the Crown Princess truly had disappointed her husband! It would not be long before her chastity was questioned, and she was tossed aside. The Crown Prince must've lost all feelings for her.

It would explain his presence inside of her bedroom.


Lady Ge Beining blinked when a glass bottle the length of her palm was presented to her. She glanced down at the strong, calloused hands that held it. She longed to touch him, thus, took the bottle, her fingers brushing on his skin.

Lady Ge Beining shivered. He was warm. "What is this?�� she hesitantly asked.


Lady Ge Beining warily glanced down at the brown liquid. It looked like a herbal tonic. She uncapped the bottle and took a whiff of it, her brows raising in surprise. It smelled…sweet?

Lady Ge Beining lifted her attention towards the Crown Prince. When their eyes met, she saw a flash of emotions. He was watching her every move, with a burning gaze. Her fingers trembled with delight, believing it was desire.

He had brought her medicine…just the thought of that was enough for her to shakily smile.

"Thank you, Your Highness," Lady Ge Beining shyly said. She brought the bottle to her lips and hesitated. The blood-stained sword in the Crown Prince's hand was catching too much attention. But when she glanced towards the doors, it was firmly shut. 

"Whose blood is that?" Lady Ge Beining asked whilst pointing towards his sword. Fresh blood trickled down the silver blade, dripping onto her wooden floor.

Lady Ge Beining's heart ached. She wished he did not look so devilishly handsome. He presented her with a slow, lazy smile. 

"Do not worry about it," he said in a calm, composed voice.

Lady Ge Beining pressed her lips together. She was hesitant. But then he stepped closer to her. She felt her heart giddily race like a horse on an open field.

Lady Ge Beining's breath hitched when he grabbed the bottom of the bottle and brought it to her lips again.

"Drink the medicine."

He was so close… Lady Ge Beining's gaze flickered. His scent had changed. As a young boy, he smelled of the wind and earth. But now, his scent was that of a forest the day after it rained.

Lady Ge Beining wanted to please him. She could not find it in herself to disobey him. Everything that she had worked so hard for was right in front of her. All of her efforts were not in vain. It bore fruit. 

"As you wish, Your Highness…" 

Lady Ge Beining took a sip of the medicine. In an instant, she tried to move it away. She knew that familiar taste. But then, he grabbed her by her nape and forced the bottle into her mouth.

"Y-Your High—!" She choked as he forced the medicine down her throat. She tried to fight him, her palm pushing at his chest. But he was strong. His grip was tight. He tightly fisted her hair, forcing her to take in every last drop.

Eventually, he tossed her to the ground. Lady Ge Beining loudly coughed, banging at her chest for air. She sat on the ground, trembling in response. 

The Crown Prince had given her a taste of her own medicine.

Lady Ge Beining didn't have enough time to react when a sword was a hair away from her throat. She gasped out, as the cold blade touched her chin, staining it red.

The Crown Prince lifted her chin with the tip of his sword. He cocked his head, with an eerily calm smile.

"I should just kill you right now."

Lady Ge Beining's eyes widened. Her heart was gripped with fear, but her body felt like it was burning, and it was not the pleasurable kind. Instead, it was as if a fire was ignited within her body, attempting to crawl out of her skin. She gasped at the intensity of the pain, her eyes watering. 

Her body felt like it was licked alive by an intense fire. But that was not the end of it. Her muscles were aching, and simply holding up her body hurt her. 

"Your Highness…" she weakly pleaded whilst glancing up at him with moistened eyes. Even so, she couldn't help but swoon at the sight of him. She craved his touch. She craved for his fingers, his lips, and his seed. Perhaps then, her pain would not be so intense. 

"But that would be too easy, wouldn't it?" Yu Zhen coldly said. 

Yu Zhen stalked towards her. Slowly, he lowered his sword and pulled out a scroll from his sleeve. She crawled towards him, panting and whimpering with lust. 

"Why did you do this, Your Highness?" Lady Ge Beining pleaded. "I am a victim as well… I was assaulted from behind and also fed aphrodisiac. The Crown Princess was not the only victim!"

Yu Zhen raised a brow. "You've mistaken me for someone who cares."

Lady Ge Beining grasped onto the ends of his robes. But her fingers felt as if it snapped in half. She howled in pain, her body collapsing forward. She fell flat on her chest, writhing and gasping out of pure shock. It felt like every bone in her body was snapping into two.

It was the most intense pain she had ever felt. 

But then, the Crown Prince took her by surprise. He gently grasped one of her hands. In an instant, her fingers curled around his palm. Just this tiny touch was enough for her to seek the slightest bit of relief.

Without a doubt, when he made love to her, she would be overwhelmed with relief. "I do not understand…your Highness."

The Crown Prince wordlessly brought the sword close again. She tried to pull back, but his palm seized her wrist in place.

"Your Highness!" Lady Ge Beining cried out with wide eyes. She attempted to run from his blade, but he slit her forefinger. Blood gushed out from the cut, as he forced her forefinger to rub against her thumb.

Lady Ge Beining watched with pure horror as he flicked the scroll open with one hand. Then, he brought her thumb to the scroll and forced her thumbprint on it.

Not a second later, she was tossed to the ground again. "What was on that scroll?" she weakly asked.

The Crown Prince rolled it shut and slipped it back into his pockets. He nonchalantly looked down at her.

His eyes were lifeless and frigid. It was dark and obsolete. Lady Ge Beining cowered back in fear, terrified of his vicious aura. He looked like he was ready to kill someone.

"To think I would abandon my Wangfei over this simple incident..." The Crown Prince coldly chuckled. 

"You should be grateful my beloved Wangfei is alive."

The Crown Prince's lips spread into a cruel smile, just as her face paled in horror. "After today, you will wish you had drowned in your cold-bath treatment." 

"Your Highness!" Lady Ge Beining shrieked as he headed for the door. Her body was burning with unspeakable pain. Each step felt like she had stepped in shards of glass. The agony was too hard to describe.

"Your Highness, help me, please!" she loudly cried out for him. She writhed on the ground, gasping and screeching in pain. It felt like a thousand knives were plunged into her body, and her inner organs were melting into a puddle of flesh. 

A horrid sound came out of her mouth, like a monster being strangled. She began to violently cough as snot dribbled down her nose, followed by blood. 

"…" she wheezed out, before her voice turned into a gurgle as the pain intensified.

The Crown Prince did not even spare her a glance. He stepped out of the room. The doors were closed behind him. He took a single step and heard it—a bloodcurdling scream. 

His smile widened. So it has begun. 

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