The Rise of Xueyue
511 Under The Stars
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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511 Under The Stars

Li Xueyue had never felt this type of thrill in her life. She was on her back whilst gazing up at the stars. They shimmered like diamonds, but their beauty was no match for Yu Zhen. Her breathing became labored when he pulled her dress lower, and lower, until her breasts were revealed to him.

She gasped when he gently kissed her breast and rolled his slick tongue upon an orb. 

"Yu Zhen, I-I'm worried…"

Yu Zhen caressed her pale body, cold from the gentle breeze. His warm, calloused hands slid down the side of her body, heating everywhere he touched.

"Of?" he murmured upon her skin.

Her eyes were wide, but tender with adoration. His heart was squeezed. Instinctively, he lowered himself upon her and pulled her against him.

"Will I catch a cold?"

Yu Zhen suppressed his laughter. Her voice was trembling. He knew this was not her actual concern. 

"I'll keep you warm, Sunshine." Yu Zhen's hand traveled to her lower spine. He bowed his head and kissed her breast. A ragged sigh escaped her mouth.

His other hand touched a familiar spot. She jolted. His rough fingers fondled the soft skin. She was wet. His fingers effortlessly slid inside, and she instantly clenched upon him.

"W-wait—" she gasped out, but her head still rolled back.

He slipped another finger inside of her, curling it. She pushed against his muscular chest. Her attempts were futile, as he slid his fingers in and out, in a rhythm that made her legs tremble. 

"Are you still cold?" he teased.

Her body was flushed with pleasure and her face was burning. She couldn't think about anything else but his fingers thrusting in and out of her. The sensation of his rough thumb twirling around the pearl of her womanhood was enough to silence her complaints.

"Y-yes, I am…" 

He was humored by her words. It stoked the fire within, as desire burned in his chest. She grasped his thick shoulders, her fingers digging into his ripped muscles.

When his middle finger pressed upon her walls, she jumped. She struggled and attempted to escape from him, but he pressed against the same spot and a loud moan escaped her.

"N-not there, please."

Her nails scratched at his back, as she softly pleaded. His body tensed at the sound. He wanted to hear more.

His lips nibbled at the side of her neck. His fingers picked up speed, his thumb rubbing more urgently upon the pearl. Her body was burning with heat. Her cries were sweet, and he wanted to do nothing but provoke her more.

She struggled against him, her legs thrashing about. But his body—firm and strong, pressed her down, preventing her from running. 

She squeezed his fingers, her eyes shutting, and her lips parting. She was so close… 

He kissed the tip of her ears. "Come for me, love." His voice was smooth, yet rough and dark. 

Not a second later, he captured her lips. Her body tensed, and she came undone whilst screaming his name. 

Her voice was muffled against his mouth that kissed her ruthlessly. She melted against him, as her body relaxed. 

Yu Zhen pulled back from the kiss only to undress himself. Once he was unclothed, he instantly came back to her. He captured her in another kiss. Her skin was warm and slick with sweat. Their tongues clashed, but he pinned it down and tasted her. She was sweet and covered in his scent.

"Breathe, Sunshine." 

Li Xueyue's head was spinning. In her daze, her hand clung onto his muscular biceps, as the other dug into his upper back. His body tensed underneath her fingertips.

With her distracted by his kisses, Yu Zhen spread her legs wider. He slammed one hand on the ground, steadying himself whilst the other kept her open.

His shath sank in between her parted legs, as her eyes snapped open. His jaw tightened, his eyes narrowing. 

"Fuck, Sunshine," he groaned. 

She clung onto him for life when he picked up his pace. His chest pressed her down when he pushed deeper. She cried, moaned, and pleaded with pleasure. 

"P-please…" she whimpered.

She struggled in his arms, attempting to run from the pleasure. It was the only thing she could think of despite how much she wanted him.

Escaping from him was impossible. He kissed her passionately, his body fiercely entering her. He slowly pulled out, as her body went limp with relief. But he would arouse her again and push deeper into her. 

"Why are you so beautiful, even when crying?" Yu Zhen murmured. 

Li Xueyue didn't know she was crying. The pleasure was so intense that her eyes were squeezed shut. 

Yu Zhen grasped her hips and kissed the tears away. In the process, he yanked her closer to him until she took his full length. Her lips trembled in shock, as she panted underneath him.

Each time he moved inside of her, her eyes would roll back. She was seeing stars, and it was not because of the night sky. She clung onto him, her legs wrapped tightly around his toned waist.

"D-don't stop, please," she whimpered whilst pressing her breasts closer to his heart. She buried her face into his shoulders. 

He gritted his teeth. "You're going to be the death of me, love." 

Each time he pushed into her, she would blissfully cry into his ears. Her warm breath tickled him.

Soon, he let out a low groan, as warmth gushed into her.

Her eyes went wide. She could feel his heavy breathing, quite literally. His chest heaved up and down, his body looming over her. He lowered himself onto her, and kissed the side of her neck. 

"Are you still cold?" he breathlessly chuckled.

Her cheeks burned, knowing exactly what he meant. "Don't tease me."

"It was a genuine question, Sunshine."

Yu Zhen lifted his head. He smirked down at her. Where did all of her fear go? She was looking up at him in awe. Her face was scarlet red and her chest was flushed. He thoroughly enjoyed this sight of her.

"Still afraid?" he mused.


He raised a brow.

"Of you," she mumbled.

Yu Zhen loudly laughed. He bent down and softly kissed her on the lips. "But you still love me so."

Li Xueyue struggled to hide her smile. She looked away, but his fingers curled under her chin. He brought her attention back to him. 

Li Xueyue could not look away. His gaze was brooding and dark. But it glistened with mischief and a fire that burned solely for her. She shivered at the intensity.

"Right?" he pressed on, in a deep voice.

Her toes curled. "You big fool," she mumbled.

Li Xueyue clung her arms around his muscular shoulders and brought him closer to her. 

Yu Zhen was surprised by the abrupt hug. He embraced her deeply, his arms clenching her to him. He would never let her go. Not even if she begged him to. She was his in this lifetime. And he would have her in every single lifetime.

"The stars are above us, it's a full moon, and fireflies are dancing. Despite all of its beauty, I could look at nothing but you."

Yu Zhen could not describe how much he adored her. Her words warmed him to an extent unlike any other.

"When you say it like that, Sunshine… You leave me with no choice, but to love you under the stars, yet again." 

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