The Rise of Xueyue
523 Please
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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523 Please

Li Xueyue was shocked at his appearance. There were dots of red splattered across his face. His hands were pink from bloodstain. The white parts of his black outfit were stained with blood as well. 

She instantly rose to her knees. Without warning, she yanked him towards her. "Is this your blood?" she asked, horrified at the thought of him getting hurt. 

Li Xueyue shakily reached a hand out to touch his face. Instantly, he captured her hand. He gripped it tightly, as a haunting look crossed his sharp features.

"Are you scared, Sunshine?" he cooed in an eerie voice. It was a balance of deceitful tranquility.

Anger simmered in his eyes. His lips were curled into a slight sneer.

"Of course, I'm scared!" Li Xueyue exasperated. She pushed his hand away and gripped his jaw. With force, she turned it to the left, then the right, and centered it again.

"Are you hurt?" Li Xueyue worriedly said. "Why is there so much blood—"

"It's not mine."

Li Xueyue blinked. "Oh—"

Before she could finish her sentence, he captured her lips. Her eyes widened, but he did not give her time to protest.

Yu Zhen grabbed her neck and tugged her towards him until her body was flushed against his firm chest. His hand snaked behind her lower back. His lips moved urgently, kissing her ferociously with no remorse.

She was growing dizzy with his affection. He left her breathless. He let her pull back to take in a gasp of air, only to kiss her again. This time, his fingers gripped the back of her head, holding her in place as he ravished her mouth. She let out a quiet moan, her fingers gripping his collar.

She clung onto him, her other hand sliding up his arm to rest upon his firm bicep. His muscles clenched under her touch. He pulled her closer, as if it was humanly possible. He licked her bottom lip, as it parted for him. He stuck his tongue inside, and hungrily kissed her.

"W-wait, Yu Zhen, the blood—"

He stiffened.

Yu Zhen had never lost control like this. He instantly pulled back, just as her head fell upon his chest. She sucked in ragged breaths, hoping her heart rate would go back to normal.

Hearing her heavy breathing, Yu Zhen's groin stiffened even more. He slid his hands down to grip both sides of her waist, squeezing it. He wanted to caress her soft skin and do much more than simple kisses.

"A-at least tell me whose blood it was," she mumbled out.

Yu Zhen did not respond. Instead, he gathered her in his arms and lifted her in midair. She yelped and instantly wrapped her legs around him. 

"Good girl," he murmured into her ears.

Li Xueyue's cheeks burned. She was grateful for the riding pants she wore, or else it would've been difficult to hug him like this. His large hand rested on her back whilst the other pressed her body to him.

"You didn't answer my question," she said.

Li Xueyue worried she was too heavy for him. But he walked with ease. He didn't flinch or falter when she relaxed her legs and it swung under his elbows. 

"It's best that you don't know," he said.

"Is it the Marquis?"

Yu Zhen turned his head. She was resting her face upon his shoulders, her cheeks adorably squished. Both of her arms were wrapped around his neck, hugging him close. 

He could only respond by kissing the top of her head. Only she would see her husband covered in blood, and worry it was his. Yu Zhen was certain he looked like a crazed man when he walked into the room earlier.

Instead of flinching back, she rushed to him, wondering if he was harmed.

If possible, he loved her even more.

"Yes, it is."

Li Xueyue warily peered over his shoulder, where her hand was. There was nothing on her fingers. She feared she had unintentionally smeared blood on Yu Zhen's face. She didn't want to dirty his features.

"Do you want to see what I've done?"

Li Xueyue's throat dried. Did she want to stomach that sight? Warily, she leaned her head back onto his shoulders.

"L-let me think about it," she responded.

Yu Zhen nodded. Fair enough. He'd let her decide when she would be ready.

His attention drifted back to their position. She was so tiny in his arms. He had always known his figure was twice her size. He enjoyed carrying her. She always had the best reactions, whether it was hugging him, or nuzzling her face upon his shoulders.

"Where are we going?" Li Xueyue finally asked softly. She was getting sleepier by the minute. It felt so comfortable in his arms. She could do nothing but close her eyes.

"You better not fall asleep on me," Yu Zhen muttered. He had thoroughly enjoyed their passionate night in the bathhouse. He wanted it again.

"I'm not…" she yawned.

"Sure, you're not," he wryly said.

Yu Zhen picked up his pace. By now, the guards were no longer surprised to see them out and about in the dark of the night.

"If you fall asleep, I won't be so kind to you later," he softly said.

Li Xueyue's face was stained red. She hid her face in the crook of his neck. Memories of their wet bodies molded together flashed in her head. The water sloshed, as their bodies clapped against each other. Heightening their senses were her quickened breathing and his occasional grunts. 

It was hard enough as it was to escape him in bed, but the bathing pool made it even more difficult. She'd reach for the stones lining the pool, hoping for a distraction. But he'd pin her hands down and grab her thighs, widening his access to her.

"P-please be kind," she finally squeaked out.

Yu Zhen let out a throaty laugh. His chest rumbled and vibrated. She shivered in response and hugged him tightly.

"We'll see about that."

Li Xueyue hid her face on his shoulders. She liked it rough but it was too promiscuous of a thought to be voiced out. If she had told him that, it would give him the satisfaction. 

"P-please?" she added on, just as they reached the bathhouse.

With one hand, he opened the door and carried her inside.

Li Xueyue's heart raced at the humidity inside the bathhouse. It was warm and wet. Her body tingled as her mind recalled what they did in the bathhouse recently, especially when a familiar pool came to sight. 

"Hmmm…" Yu Zhen settled her onto the ground. He gingerly gripped her chin with his thumb and forefinger. Upon seeing her reddened lips, and large eyes, he instantly made a decision.

Yu Zhen bent his head and kissed her lips.

"I think not." His breath fanned her lips, still moist from his kiss. 

Li Xueyue's eyes widened. Before she could say anything, he unhooked the belt of her robes, then effortlessly undressed her. She yelped, as the cold hit her skin. She clung onto him for warmth, not believing he could be so mean to her.

Yu Zhen's lips curled into a satisfied smirk. It was the exact reaction he wanted. "You're clinging onto me so desperately, Sunshine." His hands slid down her back, tracing the curve of her arched spine.

"When you react like this, I can only return the favor." With that said, he lifted her and brought her towards the pool. 

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