The Rise of Xueyue
524 On Your Knees
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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524 On Your Knees

Li Xueyue shrank into the corners of the pool, as Yu Zhen took off his clothes. Her eyes lingered on his body, hard as a stone, with ridges and contours that warmed her cheeks. She always knew he trained early in the mornings, but it was difficult for her to fathom his body. She had to look away, but found her eyes wandering back to him.

His skin was kissed by the sun, golden like flowing honey. When his blazing eyes met hers, she knew what was to come.

"The bath oil smells nice," she blurted out. "Perhaps we can do it afterwards?"

Yu Zhen settled into the water. His lips curled into a smile. She was on the other side of the pool. The steam from the hot water covered the curve of her hips, and the water covered her legs. Even so, his senses were heightened. He focused on her and nothing else.

"Sure, we can do it afterwards as well."

Her eyes widened, like a deer before an arrow. She licked her bottom lip, unsure of what to say.

Yu Zhen's attention instantly went to her lips, captured by the small action. The small dart of her pink tongue reminded him of how sweet she always tasted. Whether it was from the sweet teas she tasted, or the pastries, he did not know. But she was his addiction.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it," she grumbled out.

The water sloshed as he confidently crossed over to where she was and closed the distance between them. In a fluid motion, he caged her with his arms. Her back was pressed against the large, smooth stones.

"Is it so wrong to love my wife?" he teased.

Yu Zhen grabbed her chin, tilting it up for him. He lowered his head and pressed a chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth. She shrank back, but he wrapped his arms around her petite form and trapped her against him.

"When you try to run, I want to love you even more," he breathed upon her lips, only to gently kiss it again.

Her heart skipped at his words. It was frightening. Yet, her stomach churned and pooled with warmth that was not influenced by the hot water. 

"You're so precious to me, Sunshine," he gently said. He stroked the strands of hair away from her eyes, revealing her soft cheeks. He pressed his lips upon the smooth skin, kissing down to her jawline.

"I only want to make you mine, over and over again." He nipped the side of her neck. When she yelped, he licked the spot and suckled upon it until her fingers gripped his biceps, and she quietly moaned. His mouth was soft and moist, his hair tickling her.

"And mark your pretty little body," he said and pulled back, just as his hand gripped the back of her head. In an instant, he captured her lips in a deep, passionate kiss. His tongue entered her mouth, exploring it as she shivered.

He tasted sweet, like fragrant white wine. She clung onto him subconsciously. One hand settled on his biceps, the other snaking up his ripped back. She pulled him close, their bodies molding perfectly into each other.

"So why don't you?" she boldly responded, as they pulled apart.

His gaze instantly darkened. He yanked her head back by her hair and kissed her harder, deeper, until she finally succumbed to him. She trembled at the rough kiss, as his other hand trailed down the side of her body. She jolted against him when his calloused thumb brushed against her breast, his hand cupping it.

"You shouldn't have said that, Sunshine," he softly chuckled.

His actions bewildered her. He was aggressive, like that of a beast, but he caressed her as if she was glass that'd shatter any moment. With how he teased, she might as well shatter in his hand.


"I only wanted to tease you a bit, but now, it seems we have to do more than that," he mused whilst pressing her small back close to the stone. With his plans for her, she'd need the stones for support. That is, if she could even hold herself up afterwards.

She quietly trembled at his words, goosebumps dancing upon her exposed shoulders and chest. 

Even when he said such things to her, she was not afraid of him. When he was rough and cruel, edging her, and forcing her to beg for release, she did not fear him. It was impossible to do so, despite his dark, sinister glances, and mischievous smiles.

"Yu Zhen…" she trailed off, hoping he would find it inside of his heart not to push her to the edge today.

He merely smiled down at her and cupped her womanhood, his thumb teasingly brushing upon the bud. She gasped, her hips jerking. 

"Yes, love?" 

She gripped the stones and tried to pull back, but his hands firmly gripped her waist.

"P-please—" Her lips parted as he fondled the bud, her head instantly rolled back in shock. Not a second later, he inserted two fingers into her so slowly that it was torturous. She felt her insides were burning, as she instantly clenched upon him.

"I-I'm still tired from yesterday, and this morning—"

"Nonsense, you're walking and on your feet, aren't you?"

"Yes, but—"

"Though I prefer you on your knees."

She did not have the time to respond. Her lips parted, as his fingers pressed upon a sensitive spot that made her entire body tense. Her eyes were closed shut at his sensual touch. The sensation of his rough fingers upon her soft insides were enough to drive her insane.

"I-I can't," she gasped out, her head leaning back, exposing her neck to him. He bent down and kissed her whilst curling his fingers until she loudly moaned. Her eyes rolled back and her toes curled.

She was soaking, and it was because she was in the pool. Her legs trembled, her fingers digging into him, as he brought her to a familiar peak.

She cried out his name and released the tension. Her chest went up and down as she gasped for air.

"And you say you're tired," he softly chuckled upon her neck, sending vibrations down her shaking body. Her head fell back onto his shoulder, her soft breathing tickling his skin.

He had never wanted her more than now. "Please wait—" 

He did not. 

When she was sensitive and weak for him, he slid into her with a quick thrust. 

"Ah!" she held back a sob, whilst moaning into his shoulders.

Despite reaching her ecstasy previously, she wanted more. Her hips rolled against his, just as he ground his teeth.

"Sunshine, don't bite more than you can chew," he growled whilst holding her hips in place. Disobedient as always, she clenched him tighter, and brought her lips to his ears.

"Y-Yu Zhen, please…" she mewed whilst softly gasping.

She was fully aware of her effect upon him. Like the clench of his muscles when he gripped the stones behind her, caging her between his firm chest, and the pool. But she had forgotten, just how enticingly rough he could be. Until he gently slid outside, only to thrust forward with strength and speed that made her thigh quiver, and her eyes water.

"No, wait, I regret it—" she pleaded, but it was too late. He was no longer going to restrain himself tonight.

"You're the one who provoked me, Sunshine. Don't complain about your regrets," he growled into her ears. He had her exactly where he wanted her to be. 

The pleasure was too much for her. She was struggling to even breathe whilst sucking in gasps of air. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as his large body slammed into her. She tried to hold back the moans, but it was impossible. She could not even think straight.

The only thing she could do was desperately cling onto him. He lifted one of her legs, and she wrapped it around his waist on instinct. But it was a mistake, for he went deeper until she was a mess.

"Breathe," he growled into her ears, knowing she was muddled by his coarse actions.

She clawed at his back whilst hugging him tightly. Breathing was difficult, for her body attempted to escape from the pleasure. 

"I'm going crazy from you," he groaned whilst thrusting harder into her, demanding as always. He dominated every part of her, as she choked back a moan. With every push, his breathing became ragged, and his actions more fervid. Soon, warmth swept into her body, and the water softly stilled, no longer slapping against their bodies.

Li Xueyue was finally able to breathe. Though, it was shakily like a leaf falling during autumn. Her vision was speckled with black dots. Her insides were hot, with him, and he kept himself inside her.

"My goodness, what are you doing to me?" he murmured whilst gently kissing the tears away. He knew it was not from pain, especially when she peered up at him with glazed eyes, and parted lips.

"You should take responsibility for this," he gently laughed upon her lips, kissing her again, but a lot more gentle this time.

"It's alright, I've got you." He chuckled as her legs gave out. She groaned against his wet skin whilst tiredly wrapping her arms around his large body.

Yu Zhen's arms tightened around her waist, hoisting her up. Her skin was warm and soft, slick with sweat, but that was fine. He was going to take proper care of her afterwards. 

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