The Rise of Xueyue
526 Let Them Watch
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The Rise of Xueyue
Author :liuxin
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526 Let Them Watch

True to his words, Yu Zhen took Li Xueyue out for a quick run in the fields behind the palace. Together, they had ridden their horses before he took her back to the palace—to feed Xiao Juzi. Next, he taught her some tricks and techniques for sword fighting and gave her some pointers.

"Your skills have deteriorated a bit," Yu Zhen informed her whilst putting his sword aside. 

She was wielding a wooden sword, just like him, for he was worried about injuring her since there was their first combat together in a while. But she teased him, saying he should be more worried about her injuring him.

"Yes, I haven't been able to practice in a while." Li Xueyue sighed. 

Li Xueyue placed the wooden swords back onto the rack, together with the other wooden equipment. They seemed like toys to her, especially when she had wielded swords sharp enough to slice a person in half.

Li Xueyue did not forget about the beautiful rose sword he had crafted for her. Since it was underutilized, she planned on having it displayed in their bedroom for her to admire every morning.

"That will change now," he reassured her.

Yu Zhen lifted his gaze and nearly cursed. Her robe had stuck to her body in all of the right places. They had trained hard, and the sweat caused her robe to cling onto her like a second skin. He could not tear his eyes from her.

"Hopefully it will, now that we'll be training together. But you should be careful."

"And why is that?" he retorted.

Yu Zhen blinked back to reality when she turned her back to him and adjusted the swords on the rack. In an instant, he was standing behind her, his figure looming over her.

"I might become better at you," she teased.

Li Xueyue turned around and nearly gasped. He was standing so close to her now. Her breasts brushed against his chest. He struck out a hand and grabbed her elbow, pulling her even closer to him. His other arm wrapped around her waist.

"Sure thing, Sunshine."

Li Xueyue was surprised by his agreement. She expected an argument.

"Maybe when I am dead, and you have no competitor."

Li Xueyue rolled his eyes. "You'll have to teach me Hanjian's sword fighting techniques."

Yu Zhen smirked. "What happened to asking nicely?" 

Li Xueyue snorted. "You bullied that out of me."

Yu Zhen heartily laughed. He tightened his hold on her and kissed the crown of her head. "I love you so much, how could I dare to tease you?"

Li Xueyue scoffed, but could not hide her smile. She liked his kisses, especially in places that surprised her. When he bent his head to kiss her neck, she immediately pulled away.

"No, I'm sweaty," she complained.

"It adds flavor."

"Yu Zhen!" she gasped in surprise, mortified at his words.

Yu Zhen merely laughed. "You smell fine to me, Sunshine. I should be the one complaining about my own odor."

Li Xueyue scrunched her nose. She wondered if there was something wrong with his sense of smell. She did note his scent had grown more masculine, now that he was also a bit sweaty. It irked her that she was drenched in sweat whereas he barely sweated.

"Let's just take a bath," she finally said. "It's almost time for you to tend to your court duties." 

Li Xueyue was hoping this would distract him. This morning, they were entangled under the blankets in yet another passionate session. But he had been a lot more gentle, for he knew she needed to be able to hold herself up on a horse. Though, he didn't mind having her ride something else.

"I've already addressed the documents. The court can wait," Yu Zhen deadpanned. 

He cupped her face and captured her lips. The kiss started off slow and sensual, reminding him of the morning she writhed in his arms. Her tiny actions only enthralled him more.

Stirred by the memories, a spark shot through his body. He kissed her deeper, harder until her knees were weak and she was breathless. When he pulled apart, she was gasping for air and buried her face into his chest.

Yu Zhen's hands roamed down her small back and settled on her leather belt that held the robes closed. It would take one rough yank for him to take her against the wall.

"Not here," she complained.

"Then where?"

"T-the bathhouse?"

Yu Zhen let out a dark, taunting laughter. Was that her favorite spot now? He did not mind. He liked the prospect of her attempting to escape from him in the pool, but she would have nowhere to run. 

- - - - -

"I can't believe you took me seriously..." Li Xueyue moaned out when they reached their bedroom. Her thighs were still tingly and her legs would shake when she tried to stand.

Now, she was seated on the edge of the bed, as he was dressed by servants. She had to look away despite having seen every inch of his perfect body countless times. 

It was difficult to hide her blush behind her wet hair and damp cheeks. There were love marks all over her body, pink from his attention. The ones that had faded from yesterday were now bright and lively again. He made sure of it.

Yu Zhen's possessive claim never failed to amaze her. He did not show it often, except in bed, when she was all his. He branded her with his mouth and loved her until she was puddy in his hands.

"Don't pout, Sunshine."

Li Xueyue blinked in surprise. He was suddenly in front of her again. He hooked a finger under her chin. His thumb brushed her bottom lip lower.

"Or else I'll kiss you again."

Before she could even respond, he bent down to kiss her. She dodged him by turning her head to the side immediately. His lips landed softly on her cheek, but he did not mind. She, however, certainly did.

"There's an audience," she whispered to him, knowing the servants hadn't left.

"Let them watch."

"Yu Zhen," she groaned under her breath.

Yu Zhen chuckled at this. He straightened up and noticed the servants were intently staring at the rug. Good.

Before he could say something unpleasant, she instantly spoke for him.

"You're excused," she informed the servants. 

Without another word, the servants hurriedly left. They walked like their tails were on fire. The doors were hurriedly shut behind them, softly too, despite their urgency.

"Not again…" Li Xueyue yelped when he pushed her onto the bed. Her back was pressed onto the mattress, as his body came over her.

"You're too delectable," Yu Zhen whispered. He bent his head and captured her lips again. He probed his tongue inside and explored her wet mouth. She tasted like chrysanthemum tea. A familiar fire burned from within his body, as his shaft instantly hardened.

Yu Zhen only meant to tease her, but it seemed, there would be more than just teasing. And with how much she clung onto him, he knew she felt the same. But then, she pulled back and turned her head away from him.

"W-we just took a bath," she whispered to him. "L-let's wait until tonight."

Li Xueyue noticed his darkened eyes and burning gaze. He was already aroused. He could not possibly wait until tonight. 


Yu Zhen softly laughed. He pulled her into a seated position, as he climbed off of her. 

"If that is what you wish, Sunshine, then I will oblige."

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