The Story of a Protoss
50 Eva“s Registration
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The Story of a Protoss
Author :Ren0Zero
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50 Eva“s Registration

[Guard Captain]

Once again my day is a simple accumulation of concerns and worries that are so insignificant that I may just use them to fire my stove at home.

I am the guard captain!

Why should I take care of your missing cat?!

I have to take care of the town's security and in case you forgot:

Our town is next to a beast and monster-infested forest and in the other direction, a calculating and cruel Margrave is eyeing our territory.

I think your cat is my least worry!

And I, of course, cannot say this. 'Public Image' of the Guard Station. The general feeling of security and the happiness of the citizen has to be ensured. Bla Bla Bla!

I have to work with what I get and that is not much.

Equipment must be repaired, outposts renewed, spies have to be hired and paid and the guards as well. Some more than others.

Hell, I am already cutting back on my own wages!

And now Madelyn is pushing some brat onto me!

I have better things to do! She can just send them to the registration office and they'll get it done.

No reason to have me do it. I don't have the time for this!

Ok. They are gonna come in now. Remember! Business face and calm and friendly attitude!

I do owe her for that favor...

As the door opens I hastily smooth the frown etched onto my forehead and put on, what I think to be, a calm and friendly smile. I still don't know whether or not it helps but till now I avoided any kind of hard discussion with it. No complaints or anything so I think I'm doing it right.

The first person to enter the room is Mina. I already know her since she is the main proxy Madelyn uses to send messages and information.

The second one is Dua. I don't know much about her but I can say the same about Mina. Both are pretty mysterious. They are not reclusive or anything. I just don't know anything about them aside from the fact that they serve Madelyn and are her personal disciples.

I can only estimate their strength since one of the techniques Madelyn teaches her subordinates is a formula for energy control and I have to admit, I'd love to have it myself.

The tactical advantages, the improved assassination and spy work I can get done with this!

But I already asked her and she declined. She told me that she is not allowed to spread it to anyone outside her personal influence and I will not take an oath for this!

Today Mina and Dua seem tenser than usual. I guess it must be because of that brat Madelyn send. If Mina and Dua are slightly nervous than it must be very important.

I guess I have to rethink my assessment. It is not just a favor. If these two are nervous then that brat must have a terrifying background.

Right behind Dua, a small girl enters the room. She's small but from my height, very few people are not small. What I first notice is her beautiful hair. It flows like a river down her shoulders all the way to just slightly above her hips. The beautiful silver-blond color makes it look like a bright blond waterfall that turns silver as it reaches to above her hips.

The next thing I notice is her body. She's wearing cute clothes and all but they are unable to hide her muscles from my eyes. For a trained martial artist and a fervent believer in the concept of strength, her body is the epitome of bodily cultivation. At least for her level. I can feel that she is in the First realm of Mana Refining and her breakthrough happened not so long ago. The rampant energy around her is a definite indicator for that.

I can almost feel the movement of her muscles below her skin. The tense contraction! The desire to unload their capability!

As of now, I am interested! I think I know why Madelyn sends her to me and not to the registration office! She probably wants me to guide her. I do not wish to pride myself needlessly but I can confidently say that no one in the surrounding area comes even close to my achievements in terms of bodily cultivation. No one can say that their techniques are capable of rivaling mine!

And I am tempted. I have been searching for a worthy student for the last three years. Till now I had quite a few students but no one I could take as an inheritor.

But my gut is telling me that she is the one. I can also see that she is untrained. She probably trained normally and had a bit of guidance along the way but it looks like it was a natural process. No artificial muscle development. No supplementary medicine or magical interference.

A purely natural development!

I will make her mine! She'll be my student! I will make her the strongest bodily cultivator there is!

Perhaps she can reach further than I can...

I have to snap back! Don't get lost in your thoughts!

Aside from her body and her hair, her face is the epitome of beauty. As beautiful and attractive as a young girl can be. I must admit that someone of weak character would be lost in her beauty.

Even I feel drawn to her!

But as I notice her face I also notice her eyes. The first one I notice is her right eye. It is hard to overlook the bright red pupil with a black iris and the silver sclera around them. It doesn't look menacing. Not like the red pupils, some of the demon folk possess. Those radiate bloodlust and hunger for battle. Those berserkers are just crazy!

No. Her eyes are...captivating. They radiate mystery and a sense of...profundity. It feels weird but comfortable. I do not feel repulsed or uncomfortable.

Her left eye is what makes me feel pity. Her left eye seems to be blind. Her eye is a beautiful green color. It resembles the color of emeralds. A beautiful deep green color the only blemish is the dimness. Her eye is so dim that she can only be blind. But her eye is still beautiful and based on her eyes movements I can guess that her right eye must be able to see.

Perhaps it is an implant? Something to compensate her blindness?

I heard that they did develop something similar in the capital.

It was so big that even we heard of it.

Aside from that, she appeared to be your average young girl. When she walked into the room her gaze instantly wandered around the room and she seemed to be slightly amazed by my room.

Haha! I am immensely proud of this room's decorations! Till now no one was able to hide their awe inside my room.

Normally I do not like to have a room filled with decorations but I found out that I can work better when I am surrounded by my weapons and trophies I hunted.

A wyvern's head, a griffin, a Chimera Queen and a Drake's head. The Drake is said to be the strongest of these four but that's bullshit only those uneducated fools spout.

A Drake is strong as an individual but to hunt a Chimera Queen you have to fight her whole tribe as they will gladly die to ensure her survival.

It is similar to Ant beasts. Just that an Ant Queen is even harder to get.

Just try to fight a few million worker ants, some tens of thousands of soldier ants, a few thousand guardian ants and up to three king ants before getting to the Queen which, by the way, is capable of wielding several types of magic!

It was quite the achievement back then. I remember that even Madelyn was impressed and she is not easily impressed. I did not get a single reaction out of her when I hunted the Drake.

Similar to most people, the girl's eyes whirled around the room, expressing not astonishment but interest towards the gigantic and impressive beast and monster heads.

It is an interesting reaction. It is not the first time that a child or young boy or girl entered my office but most of them were unable to stay. Even if these beasts and monsters are dead it does not mean that they lose their aura or natural terror. Something every being has is [Natural terror].

When you advance in stage you also advance your soul. Your soul is what gives you the ability to surpass your limits, which would normally be Stage 5 for almost all humans, and is the reason as to why we can use the elements and energy.

Once you advance and surpass your opponent by at least three stages you automatically radiate an aura that was deemed as [Natural Terror]. The oppressiveness of a being that can easily end your life will make most people fear you and retreat.

Humans and other races can suppress this aura at will.

Beasts can do so as well but for them, the [Natural Terror] is something like a status symbol. The stronger your [Natural Terror] the more other beasts will worship your strength and they are more likely to submit to you.

The aura that radiates off dead beasts and monsters is minimal compared to when they were alive but they have all been Small Step Powerhouses at one point! Their aura is not something just anyone can disregard. Most people either flee in terror or just freeze where they are.

The girl is different. It is not like she is unaffected but she endures it. It also seems like the effect on her is much weaker than it is on most people. Some people have accused me of being a sadist or simply having poor taste for hanging these heads in my office but very few know the reason.

If the aura of [Natural terror] is something that relies on the soul of a being the what about people who can endure said pressure?

They have a bigger soul! The size of your soul is equivalent to your potential in the arts of cultivation and magic! So what better way is there to find worthy students if not to test them by calling them into my office? Just a look at their reaction and I can deduce their willpower, determination and roughly estimate their soul strength!

What sadist?! It is you that are too stupid to understand this!

Her reaction is very nice. She is obviously influenced by the [Natural Terror] but it does not influence her ability to think and move. Ever since she entered the room she followed Mina to the couches placed in front of the small table I deem [The Business Table].

Once they arrive in front of me I stand up and muster them. Right at this moment, my secretary enters the room. Sarah has been with me ever since I took up the position of Guard captain. It has been a long seven years, ever since I started to work as the Guard Captain.

She has been a massive help ever since. I am not stupid or anything. I am even a bit smarter than most but when faced with the mas of formulas, documents, and petitions that I have to sign and check every single day I only want to go and slaughter a few beasts in the forest.

Without Sarah, the population of the forest would have been halved a long time ago.

"Good Morning, Captain. As you can see, Mina and Dua have arrived and have brought the young Miss, Miss Madelyn has informed us about."

Sarah went straight to the point as always. No time wasted.

"Thank you for bringing them in."

After a short thanks, she instantly left the room.

Now faced with just Mina, Dua, and the girl I deemed it appropriate to start the conversation.

"Welcome to my office, I am the Guard Captain of the Central guard Station of Rias and responsible for the cities defense and public security."

My introduction was solely dedicated to the girl as Mina and Dua obviously already knew me.

The girl nodded her head at me and introduced herself.

"Good day. I am the new personal inheritor of Miss Madelyn. I hope you treat me well."

Oho? Personal inheritor? Now I know why she sends her to me. No wonder she demanded me to take care of her. At the same time, she is already taken. A pity. I would have loved to take her as my own student.

Aside from that, she is polite. Nowadays these brats have no respect for those stronger or older than them. When I heard that Madelyn send some child to me I already thought it would be the son of some noble from one of the surrounding kingdoms. These brats are always spoiled and rude. Some have manners but those are a rarity.


"Now. How can I help you? I heard from Sarah that it is about registration for this girl?"

I addressed Mina as I thought that she would be the one to lead the group.

"That is right. She is the new personal inheritor of the Mistress but her background is somewhat...complicated. Normally a thorough screening process would be needed to allow her into the city but that would be hard here."

"Oho? In which way would that be problematic?"

The way the direction went is not what I expected. I doubt that this girl has committed a crime or anything like that. I am more concerned about her being a runaway child from some noble family.

Those brats always make trouble for us. When these brats get hurt it is me that has to take the blame.

I mean, please! How is it my fault if your child runs away and enters a forest infested with beasts and monsters! If you're too dumb to take care of your children then learn from it but don't push the blame on me. My job is public security and not to play bodyguard for kids who enter a forest.

"Don't worry. She is neither a criminal nor a runaway. It is just that she used to live in the forest."

Mina instantly guessed what I was thinking about. She might have seen the shift in expression or she simply knows me well enough. I am not exactly a schemer.

"Wait for a second! She used to live in the forest?"

Ok, this one caught me off guard. It is not hard to live in the forest. For someone like me!

A child like her would not survive a week!

"Young Miss?"

Mina looked at the young girl and the girl sat upright and looked at me. I guess he will explain this.

I think she will need a bit of time to explain everything so I lean back into my seat and fix my eyes onto hers.

"Ahem. As Mina said, I used to live in the forest. Grandpa said that he found me in the forest and since nobody was close by he took me with him. He took care of me for seven years but he was ill and died. He said that I should continue to train and leave the forest once I am ten. When I left I meet Emma and later I meet Madelyn."

Another one of those, huh? Sadly it is not rare for girls like her to appear. until some years ago there was a severe famine in the surrounding areas and many parents had no money or food to care for their children. Some of them abandoned them in the forest or near orphanages.

Many of them decided between keeping their boys or girls and sadly most decided to keep their boys. Till now this kingdom is mostly patriarchal.

For some time my patrols found many dead bodies of small girls and boys in the forest or on the streets. Some of them survived but it was hard. Not many wanted to take care of them. At the same time, I can only be glad that our town was spared from the worst. Not many were faced with such a choice and most of them were able to receive help from Madelyn. I still think that she was strangely emotional back then.

I also had to sentence a few parents for abandoning their children in the streets or near the forest.

Till now I still cannot understand their actions. Madelyn helped every single one who came to her.

No one had to hunger or suffer during that time. Only those who choose to.

I still don't understand how they would rather abandon their children instead of accepting Madelyns help.

The girl seemed to be another one of those. I am amazed at how she was able to survive for so long.

I threw a questioning glance at Mina and I think she understood my intention.

"When Emma found her she was sleeping atop the [Eternal Tree]."


I am thankful that I did not scream aloud! My whole image would have been ruined!

But the [Eternal Tree]?! Many think of the tree as simply a special tree with powers or a basic sentinence but I know more!

I too once tried to get close to the tree. When I entered into the inner area of the tree I was not rejected like most. At that moment I was really excited and went further towards the tree.

The closer I got the stronger the trees pressure became. Just in front of the trees inner radius, I broke down. Back then I was a Late Stage Exalted expert but in front of the trees pressure, I felt similar to an ant.

At that point, I also thought that the tree was more than just a special tree. It was sentient. Fully sentient. I was sure that the tree took pity on me. It stretched one of its branches and tapped my forehead. Everything after that is similar to a blur. I know that energy rushed into my body and my body was filled with vitality. I think the tree appreciated my effort. I don't know it exactly but I believe so. When the branch touched my head I am sure to have heard it say "You are promising.". I am sure.

After getting lost in my thoughts I noticed that Mina had continued explaining.

"...and so we found her after Emma tried to take her back to the city. Sadly the Black Reaper appeared and nearly killed her. The Mistress saved her and while she recuperated in our facility she noticed her talent. She took her as her personal inheritor and that's also the reason as to why she requested you to take care of her."

I hope I did not miss anything important!

"No problem. I will take care of that."

I stood up and went to my desk to get one of the formulas for an aspiring citizen.

After getting it I took it back to the Business table and started to question the girl.

"So first off. What is your name?"

"Madelyn calls me Eva." (AN: I needed a temporary name. This is not the final one.)

"Eva it is. What age are you?"

"I am ten years and a week old."

"Ten then. What about your religion? Was your grandpa member of a church?"

"I don't think he was. He never prayed and I never did so as well."

"Can I write down [Atheist]?"


"Then your Cultivation. Am I right in assuming that you are at the First Stage of Mana Refining?"

"Yes, I just broke through."

I wrote down Mana Refining First Stage. The other questions were miscellaneous. Some basic questions as to whether or not she knows where she came from. Perhaps her Grandpa knew, which was negative.

I had to write down some information about her appearance. Her silver-blonde hair, her peculiar eyes, and her body condition. Prior diseases or sickness. Any form of disability aside from her left eye being blind.

For the last steps, I needed an address in the city where she will live who her custodian will be and her mana signature and a drop of her blood.

The address was provided by Mina. They will live in Madelyn's mansion near the city center.

A nice place. I was once invited there and the training fields are very extensive and I had a lot of fun.

Madelyn was slightly annoyed after my visit but what did she expect when she showed me those?

I simply took a drop of the girl's blood and contained it into a vial. Her mana signature was imprinted into a blank citizen's pass. In a few days, she will get a finished pass delivered to Madelyn's mansion.

Right now she will get a form that allows her to live in the city for one month. This form is more of a formality as most people only get this certificate if they want to stay for slightly longer and most simply get a citizen's pass. Much easier and not as time-consuming. Since she will get the pass in a few days this pass is only for the guards to know that she has entered the city legally.

"Well, with this I have everything I need. Then, Eva, please send my regards to Madelyn and tell her that I will visit her once she's okay with that. I will also come to deliver the pass myself so expect me to visit in the next few days."

"Thank you very much as always. I will tell the Mistress that you wish to visit her."

Mina stood up first and Dua followed suit and gave a short bow. Somehow I can't get her to open up to me...

After Dua, Eva stood up and also gave a short bow.

"I hope you'll learn to treasure and love this city. It is a nice place to live in, despite the forest and the annoying nobles. We have a lot to offer. And remember to visit from time to time."

"I will make sure to do so, Miss Captain."

"Ah just call me Vera. No need for the formalities!"

"Then goodbye, Miss Vera"


So. I have to write this here since it does not fit into the AN.

As I already somehow mentioned in the chapter, Eva is not the MC's final female name. Right now it is only a temporary name. I quite like the name but I am still waiting for recommendations from the readers, you!

I just need a name now since it was quite hard to refer to her without a name. It will also make it easier for now.

For her evolution, she will either take on another name or keep her current one.

Depends on my mood and your active participation in finding a name for her.

You can also go into the comments and tell me your opinion.

Should she keep the name or get a new one?

Aside from that, you might have noticed that I wrote a Side Story.

It was the 47th chapter and was more of a spontaneous decision.

I think I wrote in the AN that I had no clue where I got the idea for that.

Anyway. I think you will get a few more of those. Some of them will probably appear just like that but I have an idea for some of them. They also have the effect of helping me in finding a focal point which helps me calm my thoughts as sometimes, while I write, I get overloaded with ideas and thoughts that I have no idea on how to continue.

Yes. Aside from that, I am thankful to you for reading this and I hope for you to enjoy this as much as I do.

PS: I will be swarmed with homework and what not in the next days and I will have less time to write.

I can also guess that I won't be in the mood, cause as much fun as this is it can't beat a good game with friends or meeting somewhere. I will write less but you'll get your updates.

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