The Twins in Naruto
33 Return to Konoha.
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The Twins in Naruto
Author :Tsarck
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33 Return to Konoha.

As they entered Konoha, the team separated while Asuma went to report to the Hokage, or actually to the twins who were always in the Hokage's office, even though Asuma didn't found that weird because they were pretty much helping his father with everything.He was truly grateful to them and as such never questioned their actions.

As he did that Sasuke went directly to his clan compound.Ino wanted to sleep a little before going to see the Hokage so Irio and Sato went to Raiko in order to ask him for the favour.

"Start your training in two days?Just to help that little girl?"Asked Raiko with a glare but the boys galred at him too and he chuckled.

"Of course you can!Boys for the last time, i'm not some kind of monster!I didn't saved you to later make your live a living hell, you can do whatever you want!"Said Raiko with a smile which made them relax as they laughed with him and departed soon after.Raiko sighed and looked to the sky.

'*Sigh*It's really complicated since i joined those twins.First they want me to join Akatsuki and then they want to betray it?Seriously i would've never thought that Pain and Zetsu were ploting with the twins to betray Obito and do.....THAT!'Thought Raiko as he jumped on a tree branch and slept.These days he didn't even slept in a house or an appartment , he was always in the forest so the boys could find him here while the ninjas from Konoha wouldn't be able to.

'Plotting is all those dumbass can do, but the twins may become more interestings when they start their real plan.Even though i still don't know what they meant by divine energy.....MEH!Too weird for me!'

With that he went to sleep peacefully.Ino had already woke up so she dressed up and followed the boys.After they arrived at the Hokage tower they saw a pretty unusual sight.

Fugaku Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha were talking to Shikaku Nara who seemed to be too lazy to really talk to them.

"Yeah, yeah don't worry.I'm not really stupid enough to team with the loser, i know you're suspicious because of my allegiance to Konoha, but honestly i just want to protect my clan.The will of fire long disappeared with Hashirama Senju, the only remnants are people like Hiruzen who keep believing in it blindly, not even seeing all the flaws in it."Said Shikaku as Shikamaru walked behind him.

"Dad, we should get going, Mom is going to be furious."Said Shikamaru as Shikaku paled when he heard the word 'furious'.In his whole life he always remembered one thing, never anger a Nara woman.NEVER!

"Well, seems like i need to go!See you soon Fugaku!"

Shikaku ran with his son as Fugaku sighed.

"We're lucky your mother isn't like that."

Itachi smiled but it suddenly turned into a frowned.He immediately turned his head towards one of the corner of the hall.He could see a shadow coming from behind the wall, and smirked when he activated his Sharingan.He was able to sense the presence of the people behind, and even though he couldn't perfectly see who they were, he knew it.He already suspected those three since Sasuke said that while he talked to Pain he heard a female voice gasp near him.He recognized it thanks to his sharingan and thus suspected the little blond girl.Many people seemed to underestimate the power of the Sharingan, it wasn't just a doujutsu that boosted the Genjutsu of the users, it also enhance his senses and allowed the user to discern many things around him with his instinct.

It was something that many people overlooked since they just remembered the Sharingan as a cool doujutsu that would allow the Uchiha to copy other techniques and launch powerful genjutsu.How foolish those people were.Thanks to Obito, Pain, Orochimaru and the twins, the Uchiha had become even more proefficient in the use of the Sharingan, albeit it being still at the first level.

"Father, Sasuke's teammates are spying on us.You should return to the compound and send spy to make sure they can't destroy our plan.They can't count on the Hokage since the twins are with him at the moment."Said Itachi discreetly as his father nodded and said a last thing before walking away.

"Itachi, go search for your mother, she should be at the market with Hitomi hyuuga at the moment.After you come back home, we have much to talk about."Said Fugaku.Itachi nodded and walked in the other direction, leaving three confused and scared genins.

'The twins are really playing with fire right now.I don't have anything against their plans but betraying Obito and Madara can truly become dangerous.Atleast i understand that they want to have us in control instead of those monsters obessed with revenge and power.With how the clan has become we can rule on Konoha peacefully and help Pain.'Thought Itachi while he exited the building.

Ino looked at the two boys besides her who just shook their heads.

"Don't need to ask what just happened, we don't know too.Let's just talk about what you heard to the Hokage and the twins.They should know what do to, compared to us they're more experienced and more powerful."Said Irio while they walked towards the Hokage's office.

They were allowed inside and saw the two smiling twins.Their smile was warm and recomforting but for some reasons, the three genins felt like it was the most false thing in the world.This feeling quickly disappeared when they remembered just who were the twins.In all the history of Konoha , there never was such people.They helped the people with all they had, which certainly explained why they were so appreciated.

"Oh!If it isn't Team 7!What brought you here, kids?!"Asked Sana with her gentle expression that made the boys blush, while Ino looked at her in awe.It wasn't a secret that Sana was the role model of many girls in Konoha.Kais, however, was the ennemy of all the males in Konoha.No one had proof but everyone suspected him of having sex with married women, of course it was only jealousy but.....Who knew, maybe it was true.*Wink*

"H-Hi miss Sana, w-we are here to talk to y-you about an important matter!"Said a stuttering Irio as Ino chuckled.

"You're so red!"Whispered Ino which further embarassed him.

"Oh?An important matter?"Said Sana as she looked at the Hokage who snapped his fingers.Many shadows disappeared from the room while Kais smiled.

"Now that the Anbu are gone, what do you want to talk about?"

Irio and Sato looked at each other, none of them wanting to talk and surprisingly it was Ino who talked.

"T-The Uchiha c-clan is planning to rebel!Sasuke works for the A-Akatsuki!I saw him in the forest talking with their leaders, P-Pain!"Said Ino as Irio and Sato began to tremble when they sensed the crushing pressure coming from the twins.

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