The World Conqueror
8 Chapter 8: She cried on my chest...
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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8 Chapter 8: She cried on my chest...

Chapter 8: She cried on my chest...


we are dead! fucking dead!


turning around to look at my partners, making eye contacts with each other, as we silently talked, we bitterly smiled, why we smiled you asking?

Well,....because we all undersrood that we are fucked today, we all understood that we are going to get our asses kicked today, and kicked hard!

No saving!

How did we end up in this situation, you ask again?

Well, you see the captain is a... aaaee little bit protective when it come to the boss and his affairs. We were tasked to get in contact with this woman that the boss is interested in, without scaring her at the same time removing all who is interested in the boss's woman,...quitly.

Then how did we screw up? Dudes you have a lot of questions don't you! You enjoying our misery you fuckers! Go To Hell! won't answer anymore questions!

hemp, you dare laught at this daddy here!


"You dare to daydream when im talking to you!"

"No, Captain! I dare not!"

"You dare not!"

"Aaaiii, [that hurt, you fucker if you are not my captain, nor stronger than me. I would have fucking kicked your ass! What are you looking at you little fuckers! did you imagine a hulk beating an elephant ! Aaaiii that hurt] Sorry I won't do it again captain!"

"I told you to do it quietly, so you hospitalised him in a car accident! You fucking morons! People know that he is a good driver so how in the fuck did he get in such stupid late brakes accident !! If it wasn't for agent Aisha managing to get in contact with the future first woman, I would have killed you all!

You know the punishment, go to the camp and get beaten by the new recruit ! Make this humiliation a lesson for you all, and turn it into a motivation so next time don't fuck up, Fucking up in the Boss affairs in UNACCEPTABLE !"


"Now disperse!"




entering the boss chamber, i saw him lazily laying on his bed, I couldn't help myself smiling.

Moving closer toward him, i saluted before speaking

"Boss, a date has been set up tonight at 8pm in the biggest 5 stars restaurant, The Shadows restaurant."

"*Yawning* a date? with whom?"

"The soon to be first lady."

"First lady? what crap are you.... YOU MEAN HER!"

Ah, love can make people childish.

"Yes, Boss. You have about an hour to get ready before we depart."

"Aaahhh, fuck what do I wear !!"

"Do not worry,Boss. *Clap,Clap* These are professional people I brought to help make you the best looking man tonight!"

"*faking a sob* I can't do anything without you brother!"

and thus the misery of the poor dressers started, rip the bastards!



"Welcome to the shadows restaurant, built by the shadow king for the shadows. What can I do for you my lady?"

"I had a table booked yesterday."

"What is the table number?"

"Ah, let me check my phone. It's S.K.E.I.P.L 01."

"Let me see S.K... !!"

Seeing her weird expression on her face, I couldn't help but ask" Is there any problem with my table number?"

"N-No me lady, please this way!"(God dammit! I almost screwed myself so hard! Shadow King Extremely Important Person level 01! the highest !"


Is she sick perhaps ? what's with her face?

Anyway, she took me into an elevator all the way up, to the highest floor. This entire floor had only one room in it? This person looks rich to book this room. Who is he?

I was told by this young lady that her boss want to invest a huge project in her, weird hen? So, I came to see maybe i can do something big, bigger then where I am!

"Please sit here me lady,and I hope you will enjoy your time here!"

"Thank you!"



I waited for almost half an hour, I looked at those cute fluffy fishes l, from the window at the sleepless Kolea. seeing the view I couldn't help myself mutter "It's Beautiful !"

"Indeed isn't it."

"Aaahhh !!"



"Ah sorry, I didn't plan to scare you!"

"Ah sorry I didnt notice you..."

"It's okay, I'm your host, Mr.Imad. Please have a seat."

"Ah Mr.Imad? Thank you."

"Sorry for arriving late."

"No, it's okay."

"Shall we eat first, before we talk?"

"Yes, thank you."

*clap clap*

Rows after rows of maids arrived with carts of all kind of food, drinks and fruits.

"Sorry, I didn't know what is your taste so i had them cook different foods."

"Ah, that's a lot of food..."

"Don't worry about it, just eat what you want, the rest will be donated to shelters and hospitals. So no need to feel guilty !"

"Ooh, ok. give me this and this, that.."




We had a lot of fun while eating, he seemed like a great guy, dressed elegantly, clean and simple. Generous and even kind, he said he will donate the rest which looks like a lot and costly. After we finished eating he invited me to a table in an open balcony, which I didn't know existed.

"Drinks, coffee or tea?"

"A cup of tea will do, thank you."

After serving us both a cup of tea, the maids excused them selves and left us only me, him, and what looks like his bodyguard or secretary standing at the balcony door.

"Can't guess yet who am I?"

"No, I can't yet. Can you at least give me a hint or two?"

"Sure, look below the sky, look below you. What do you see?"

"Below the sky, below me...Lights?"

"Lights of what?"

"Lights of a sleepless Kolea!"

"Yes, can you guess now"

"S-Shadow King...?!"

"Hello, lady Amira. My name is Imad Eddine Kharchi, or as known as the Shadow King! Nice to meet you!"

Oh my god! I'm meeting the big deal here!! The Shadow King is this Young!!

"Ah...ehh..Nice to meet you Imad I mean Shadow King."

"Hahaha no need, just call me Imad."

"Ok...Imad. Didn't think you would be this young."

"You thought the Shadow King is an Old man hahaha. Just for you, I'll tell you that most of if not all of the higher ups are young people like me."

"Woah, You don't mind telling me that? I might share it in the news."

"Yes, you can. I don't mind. What I called you here for is to help me."

"Me, help you? How can a small journalist like me help you?"

"What if you aren't small anymore? What if you became a big news reporter? Do you think you can help me then?"

"Are you for real now? you are not kidding with me Imad, right?"

"No, I'm not. I'll help you become one of the well known and influential journalists in our country not only that. When our influence reaches the outside of our border your fame and influence will spread out to the world with them."

"Oh my god....I'M..."

"I'M offering you a chance, be the face and the spoke person of the Shadow Guards and don't just dream what you want, get what you want.

Be my spoke person, my trusted ally."

"This is,... I don't know...I'M shocked and..."

"I know people might think you are rich, but I know that You have a big dept, and you have been getting harassed all this time for it in both your work and personal life. they are all done. The dept is gone and those people won't dare bother you anymore. Think of this as a way of me showing you my sincerity."

"Oh my god..."




She started crying, and I looked confused and worried. Did I do or say anything wrong here?

I was confused till she...

"Oh my god...thank you! Thank you!"

she hugged me...she started crying on my chest...she is crying... my hands moved on their own and embrassed her back while pating her slowly.

I was I don't know the feeling, my heart was shaking, beating like never before, my smart mind that can imagine and think of stuff twenty-four hours non-stop was...blank. Yes it was empty, stopped working. The fuck is happening here?

"Ah..It's okay...stop crying."

"Since I was young wuwuwu I wanted to be a wuwuw journalist wuwuwu but those bastards made me their wuwuwu slave with money wuwuwu for 8 years I've been forced to do all wuwuwuw kind of stuff wuwuw get humiliated wuwuwu thank you wuwuwu thank you..."

I told her it's okay so stop crying, but why did she start crying more and holding me tighter that my heart is about to drill a hole inside of me from beating too fast? Why I can't think?

and why my mouth is talking on it's own?

"It's okay, since it's for you this is nothing"




Lokking at them hugging and she crying on the boss's chest, I felt happy, and I couldn't stop smiling when I saw that stupid silly smile on his face. As long as the boss is happy....I'M happy.

Turning around, I left the room and closed the door behind me, when she gets her self together again she will feel less embaressed without me there.

Now, time to get these little rats, daring to try put poison in his food hehe....
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    《The World Conqueror》