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Chapter 1234 – Cleansing with Many Aftershocks

After discussing the matter of establishing the court of law, Ouyang Shuo asked Jiang Shang, "Toward the elite players, what ideas does the elder have?"

As Jiang Shang was already instantiated, Ouyang Shuo did not hide anything.

"Based on what your majesty has said, that Old Zhang has a son who worked in the Federation, right?" Jiang Shang asked.

"That's right."

Jiang Shang said, "Since that's the case, I recommend you to recruit him into the Imperial Court."

Ouyang Shuo was stunned for a moment, but a smile slowly appeared on his face as he said, "Elder really has methods; let's follow your idea."

"Your majesty is wise!"
Gaia 7th year, 2nd month, 25th day, under Ouyang Shuo's heavy support as well as the work of Jiang Shang, Zhang Liang, and Wei Yang, the court of law was finally set up.

Ouyang Shuo personally wrote the, 'Even if the son of heaven commits a crime, he will be punished like a commoner,' which was carved into a stone steele and placed in front of the court of law to show his determination and will.

Democracy and dictatorship did not mean testing the law on yourself and breaking the law system. The two were opposing presences but could be combined together.

To be a dictator under the constraints of a law system was the best description of the ruler of the new generation.

This was both helping to restrict Ouyang Shuo and the officials and any inheritor so that they could not be unrestrained; he would use this to set up the foundations of the Emperor dynasty.

Looking at the five thousand years of Chinese history, a royal family that consolidated power but was not restrained and saw the world as their personal assets and the people as dogs would not be able to last long.

The thousands of years of Chinese history was just feudal rule over and over, and the entire society basically did not have any improvements and even went backward during some dynasties.

In the end, China was torn to shreds by western powers that had risen up in less than 200 years.

What a painful lesson.

If it were not for Chinese civilization being resilient and having the magnanimity to coexist and learn, how would it be able to rise up again in modern times in such a short amount of time?

With the past as a lesson, Ouyang Shuo did not want history to repeat itself.

Ouyang Shuo definitely would not be so arrogant to think that he could build a feudal dynasty by himself on Planet Hope while ensuring that the dynasty would last forever.

He did not let the victories get to his head and the power corrupt him.

The chief justice of the court of law would be the dean of the law college of the imperial university, Han Feizi, who would be a primary Grade 2 official.

The role of dean of the law college would be taken over by the deputy dean.

As the person who consolidated the knowledge of the legalism school of thought and participated greatly in the creation of the Great Xia law system, he was not that interested in politics and stayed far away from it, so he was the best choice for chief justice.

Apart from the Chief Justice, there would be four other justices.

The five of them would be appointed by Ouyang Shuo. In theory, if Ouyang Shuo did not fire them, their appointments would be indefinite until their death or retirement.
Although they had done a lot of groundwork, the setting up of the court of law caused a lot of uproar and the Imperial Court situation was chaotic.

It would take a period of time to calm it down.

Due to that, Ouyang Shuo was not in a rush to adjust personnel. He was waiting for a chance to cleanse them.

As the 3rd month arrived, the chance that Ouyang Shuo was waiting for finally appeared. 3rd month, 3rd day, Meng Tian led troops to conquer South Sudan. 5th day, Baiqi led the army to attack Kenya.

Great Xia's first operation in East Africa had yielded such great results.

The moment the news spread out, the world shook.

Great Xia taking down two countries successively greatly provoked the American and European dynasties. Without an exception, they quickened their invasion of Africa. The entire Africa continent was wrapped up in the flames of war.

Compared to the global tremors, the Great Xia post war work proceeded in an orderly fashion.

3rd month, 10th day, the Imperial Court ordered to upgrade the North Africa Protector general house to the Africa Governor-General House, promoting Mulan Yue to Governor-General, making her the third one in the Emperor dynasty.

Apart from that, they also established the South Sudan and Kenya Provinces.

Along with these two provinces being set up, a series of personnel adjustments followed, and this was what Ouyang Shuo had been waiting for.

The officials that were listed by the court of law on a blacklist were all kicked to Africa.

The Imperial Court removed Pei Yun from his role. He would be moved to South Sudan as a Provincial Governor. It seemed like a promotion going from secondary 3rd grade to primary 3rd grade, but it was a hidden demotion because he went from the core of the dynasty to the distant Africa continent.

This was Ouyang Shuo's wake up call for him.

Replacing him was Old Zhang's son, Zhang Bangxin.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo took Jiang Shang's suggestion and handed an olive branch to him. As expected, he was not like his father, and he was instantly tempted.

Under Ouyang Shuo's persuasion, he finally agreed.

He went from an outsider to a core member of the Imperial Court directly, much to the envy of everyone. The reason Ouyang Shuo did this was to pry open the gates of the elite players and buy their hearts.

Ouyang Shuo did not believe that with such a good start, the others would not be tempted.

As such, around the civil affairs director position, Ouyang Shuo both suppressed Pei Yun and bought the hearts of the elite level, killing two birds with one stone.

Even Jiang Shang was impressed.

The Imperial Court decreed for Cao Can to be moved to the position of Kenya Provincial Governor. Without a doubt, he was also one of the officials who made the most noise out of all of them.

After this matter, Ouyang Shuo also analyzed why Cao Can had the courage to send a memorial to scold Jiang Shang in such an intense and confident manner.

There were only two possible reasons.

First, as a West Han official, he still had the 'officials cannot be punished' idea in his bones, so he instinctively opposed.

More importantly and more terrifyingly was the second point - he had become arrogant because he was the helper of Bai Hua.

If not, why would Cao Can who was not a rash character dare to have the courage to go against the Imperial Court's policy?

Cao Can had probably forgotten who was the one who pushed him up to the position of Yunnan Provincial Governor.

If it were not for him giving Bai Hua face, Ouyang Shuo would not have moved him to Africa and would have just crushed him to the bottom and sacked him to warn the rest.

Replacing him would be the original Somalia Provincial Governor Pei Ju.

Pei Ju also came from the Pei family and was one of its representative figures. Ouyang Shuo promoting Pei Ju while demoting Pei Yun was something others could not understand.

The reasoning was really simple.

First, it was to prevent problems. Pei Ju needed to be moved away from Africa, if not, the two of them both working there as Provincial Governors might cause problems.

Secondly, during this storm, be it because it Pei Ju truly had foresight or him hiding deeper than Pei Yun, all in all, he did not step out to create problems.

To Ouyang Shuo, that was enough.

Moreover, Pei Ju had been in the Emperor dynasty for so long. He had contributed a lot so bringing him back from Africa was a logical decision.

This could also calm down and appease the Pei family, so why not?

As for the empty Somalia Provincial Governor spot, Ouyang Shuo did not appoint anyone to the position because the Imperial Court had decided to merge it into the Ethiopia Province.

Great Xia was expanding in Africa. In the future, it could not just set up a province for every country it took down.

Hence, logically merging was needed, just like what they did in Nanjiang.

Apart from the Provincial Governor level appointments, to support the newly established South Sudan and Kenya provinces, the Imperial Court decided to move some officials from the provinces and Imperial Court.

Without a doubt, a large portion of these people moved were people who were creating problems during this storm.

As such, the adjustments were really discrete, and it was tough for outsiders to spot a thing.

As for those officials that were moved, some of them should know what they had done. Even so, they could only listen to the instructions, or else they would never rise up in Great Xia.

Toward those who did not follow the orders, the Great Xia law system had clear ways to punish them.

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