The supreme sovereign system
361 David-part one-
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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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361 David-part one-

"Okay, What's the plan now?" Asked Alfonso.

"Wait, he should be here right at any moment" Said Dante.

After a minute or so, something could be seen from far away.

"Is that… a ship?" Asked Alfonso.

"There is it… the old man" Said Dante.

The ship came closer as a silhouette could be distinguish.

The person inside the ship was a tall man with blue skin and a long white beard.

"Is you…" Said the person on the ship.

"Hey Caronte, old friend, how are you?" Said Dante.

"Who are you calling your friend? You still owe me for using my ship!" Said the old man.

"Come on men, stop being so pity, it was just one trip" Said Dante.

"Nobody goes without paying in my ship, nobody!" Said Caronte.

Alfonso saw Caronte.

 "So, he is the boatman of Hades, what to do, I don't have a golden coin with me" Though Alfonso.

"And who do we have here?" Asked Caronte.

"Here are my friends, we want to cross the first circle as fast as we can, so… we will need to go through… that" Said Dante.

"Forget it!" Said Caronte immediately.

 Dante smiled bitterly after seeing the face of Caronte.

"Actually, I don't want to go through that either… but~ my friends here are busy… so…" Said Dante.

"That site is too scary, even for me, I won't profit from that trip, so forget it!" Said Caronte.

"Come on, old buddy, tell us your price" Said Dante.

"5 gold coins" Said Caronte.

"What!? Five gold coins!?"

"Each" Added Caronte.

"Fifteen gold coins!? Why don't you just go rob the monarch instead!?" Said Dante.

"Take it or leave it, anyway If you want to roast in this sun, be my guess!" Said Caronte.

"Kuh! This cunny old man!" Said Dante.

"Hey, Cerberus, how did you cross this sea?" Asked Alfonso.

"I didn't, I was teleported directly to the third circle" Said Cerberus.

"Okay… so, what to do now?" Though Alfonso.

"Come on old man, I don't have that amount of money" Said Dante.

"Then I will be on my way" Said Caronte.

"Wait! Let's discuss this" Dante stopped Caronte.

"System, is there a way for you to give me those coins?"

[Gold coins of the Underworld can be exchanged with the Drachmas that host has] Answered the system.

"Nice!" Though Alfonso.

Alfonso exchange half of the Drachmas that he has earned and had roughly thirty gold coins.

"Wow, the gold coins sure are expensive" Though Alfonso.

"Look old man, I only have 5 gold coins, let's settle in five gold coins"

"I told you, fifteen or nothing! If you don't have it then fuck off! I don't have all day, there are literally hundreds of souls waiting for me" Said Caronte.

"Wait, I have the money"

A voice interrupted Caronte and Dante who turned to look at the owner of the voice.



Alfonso looked on his pocket and took out a couple of golden coins.

"I think that this can covert our travel fees" Said Alfonso.

In an instant, the eyes of Caronte sparked while he quickly took the coins.

"Oh my piggy ban- I mean, my friend, come on, please, I am sorry if it's a little dirty" Said Caronte with a smile.

"…" The trio was speechless by the sudden change of Caronte's attitude.

The trio boarded the ship and parted towards the first city of the Underworld.


[Wasteland Valley]

The sun has risen and the battle has finally ended.

Although they won, nobody was happy.

Everyone was exhausted.

What's more, it wasn't a flawless battle.

There were loses, and, in an army that had few numbers, every number was a heavy lost.

Deferio and Cease were currently reporting to Dionisius.

"My lord… this are the numbers" Said Deferio.

Dionisius grabbed the paper.

"In total, one hundred men and ten wolves died in battle" Said Deferio.

Dionisius made a small sighed.

"I want every single family of this soldiers to receive a letter of merit and one year of free food, what's more, the widows will have a special privilege when applying for a job" Said Dionisius.

"As my lord says" Said Deferio.

"You two can go, the army need their leaders now" Said Dionisius.

Cease and Deferio made a salute and went on their way.

Just as Deferio and Cease walked out, someone else enter.


"White fang" Said Dionisius.

"How many" Asked Dionisius.

"Wuu" Said White fang.

Dionisius turned to Artemis who nodded towards White fang.

"Ten" Said Artemis.

"Thank you for your services, as Alfonso had said, you are also part of these community, fellow brothers, and we will give you a good compensation" Said Dionisius.

White fang looked at Artemis.

"He says that he only wants one thing" Said Artemis.

"What is it?" Asked Dionisius.

"Revenge" Said Artemis with seriousness.

Dionisius looked at the eyes of White fang and, after some seconds, he nodded.

"Let's go" Said Dionisius.

Dionisius, Artemis, and White fang walked out and went towards the cells that were under the manor.

Inside the cell, five soldiers, including the captain and David were sitting on the ground.

Dionisius looked at the five men.

"Okay, time to speak" Said Dionisius.

"…" The five men didn't answer.

Dionisius looked at the five men and opened the cell.

He grabbed David from his collar.

"Okay, you, speak" Said Dionisius.

"Who sent you here?"

"I won't say anything" Said David.

"Are you sure?" Asked Dionisius.

"…" David didn't say anything.

Dionisius looked at Artemis and then at White fang.

"Auuuuuuuuu!" White fang howled and he took a step forward.

Immediately, five wolves appeared from the back of the room. They were hidden in the shadows and only the cold eyes of the wolves could be seeing.

"Let me introduce you" Said Artemis.

"The five wolves over there are the brothers and sisters of the wolves that died in the war that your lord started"

Artemis grabbed another man.

"What is he to you?" Asked Artemis to David.

"…" David didn't answer.

"Vice-captain…" Said the soldier.

Artemis looked coldly at David, and, without hesitating, throw the soldier to the wolves!

"NO!" Shouted David.






The sinister sounds of bonds and flesh being ripped could be heard in all the room. 

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    《The supreme sovereign system》