The travels of a Nymphomaniac
1 A monk with a limb that is anything but humble.
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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1 A monk with a limb that is anything but humble.

"Mortals have sank into madness which allowed the underworld to open its doors. We will take advantage of this man's trying to summon a being from another world to send you in the Lower Kingdoms."

Of her past life, she has no memories. One morning she woke up by a river, and she's been wandering aimlessly ever since.

She doesn't know who she is, but sometimes a few images pass through her mind. Images of a world very different from this one.

A world essentially made of light, where people live in white cities so huge that towers which devour the sky were erected to welcome them all.

In this world that she sometimes travels in dreams, carts are pulled by winged creatures, and for many people it is enough to think to move around.

In order to communicate with each other, these beings, similar in every way to the Human beings of this world, do not need to open their mouths. They are able to understand each other through simple exchanges of thoughts.

Over there, all the children spend their days with their eyes immersed in thick immaterial books. Like sickness, in these upper cities, old age does not seem to exist.

This world where complete silence reigns seems utopian and yet very real to the beautiful young blonde woman with the short red warrior's outfit.

It's only a dream, so it's just as well to concentrate on the hard reality as to lose oneself in one's imagination, however fertile it may be.


This morning, she was preparing to cook the rabbit she had just hunted, when the earth began to shake.

Hidden behind high thickets a few feet from a small mountain road, the young woman placed her hands on the pommels of her two swords that hang down to her waist.

Less than thirty seconds passed before she saw a thick cloud of dust appear from the road.

The dust was not enough to hide the infernal beings climbing on their enormous four-horned horses.

Knowing this new type monster that recently made its appearance to this Kingdom well, the young woman waited for the small army of about fifteen of them to move away before discreetly cut through the mountain to follow in their footsteps.

It did not take her long to climb the various rocks blocking her path, but once on the ridge overlooking the small valley, when she saw the thick smoke coming out of the burning wooden houses, she knew that she had not yet been fast enough.


Wishing to know if the young monk will finally wake up, the young blonde woman leans over to him, revealing in passing two enormous breasts ready to pounce out of her short red and black warrior outfit. With the tip of her index finger, she presses gently on the boy's cheek, but apart from moaning slightly, the young monk only turns to one side.

The young woman, tired of waiting for the lazy man, is about to straighten up when she sees something that catches her attention.

Staring with her big blue eyes at the thing that the monk's wide robe released as he turned to one side, the beautiful blonde decides that to protect the monk from the danger that might come his way, sitting close to the sleeping young man would be a good idea.

Full of good intentions, as she takes a step to the side, her tongue slowly caresses her lips which for some unknown reason had suddenly become very dry.

Without ever taking her eyes off the very attractive thing, she takes a seat next to the young monk and, driven by curiosity, she decides to see a little more than that ridiculous little piece offered to her eyes.

Without a sound, she directs her little hand towards the thick cloth, but fearing to be caught and in order to take up the challenge, the young girl bites her lower lip.

Despite the apprehension that creeps into her heart, listening only to her courage, the beautiful girl does not give up and, when her thin fingers make contact with the austere dress, she closes her big blue eyes and throws its right part on the sleeper's thighs.

When she hears nothing and does not perceive any movement, she sighs, then knowing that all danger is for the moment removed, she opens her eyes. Fortunately, he did not wake up, otherwise it would have been quite difficult for her to explain her gesture...

Still as curious about the thing that showed a tiny bit of her nose but also played hide and seek with her, the beauty immediately directs her gaze towards a very localized part of the young defenseless monk.

This beautiful boy with long black hair, seems fragile, but on seeing his muscular thigh, the young woman involuntarily drools in her bodice. The relatively thin legs of the monk, devoid of hair, are very tonic as to the teasing thing...

"How the hell, can a monk possess such a huge cock?"

A little ashamed of her reaction but fearing above all to wake the young man, she immediately closes her thin lips which have just betrayed her most intimate thoughts. Yet isn't it written that monks must above all else know how to be humble? Where is the humility in that enormous erect rod that points to heaven and seems to pray to the gods?

Humble or not, the girl is hypnotized by this manly gift that nature has given her as a reward for her good deed of saving his owner.

Feeling that it would be very wrong to reject a divine gift, the girl extends her hand again toward the young monk's crotch. When the tip of her index finger touches the beautiful sex, this half-colossus jumps up and fearing again that the young man will wake up, the beauty turns her eyes to his face.

Reassured by the fact that the sleeper has no reaction, without further ado, she grabs his sex in her right hand and lets it slide gently inside.


"Oooh, my head! It's so painful! What has happened?"

The young monk who felt spied upon immediately opens his eyes, but apart from feeling a draft running across his face, he can't find anyone near him.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》